Notes: I have nothing to say other than the fact that I had to type this up THREE times -_-* There is both shounen-ai and lemon in this fic.

Cosume Play Part 5: Be Absolutely Sure
by Mina Lightstar

December 22nd. Two days until Christmas. Heero rubbed his eyes tiredly and sipped his coffee. Then he glowered at the Airway Bill on the table. His package was three days late. Not one day - *three* days late. There was two days until Christmas and the calendars he'd ordered from the U.S. hadn't arrived.

"I told them to rush the damn things," he muttered darkly. "'Whatever it takes', my ass." He set his mug down and rose from his chair, reaching for the information pamphlet on the counter. He checked the warehouse address. It wasn't too far from his house.

/Should I go...?/ he wondered. He checked his watch and winced. It was 3 a.m. He wasn't overly concerned of there not being anyone around to assist him - and thus make his trip pointless - because he knew that there was always at least one person around all night...or at least, that's what he'd been told. /Either way...I suppose it couldn't hurt to go check it out. I could find out what the hell they're doing with my package./ He needed to get them wrapped and prepared to give to Quatre, and there was only two days left. Why did he always wait until the last minute to do his shopping...?

When he decided, he took both the pamphlet and the Airway Bill, slipped on his coat, and went out the door. Maybe there was just a mix-up in the paperwork, and he could claim his parcel as soon as he got there.


It had been a lonely drive. The highway had been devoid of any and all vehicles. Heero had been a tad nervous as he'd sped along the road. The middle of the night was the ideal time for low-life to be prowling around. 3 a.m. was no hour to be wandering about alone.

He pulled his car off the highway, not bothering to signal his turn, and guided his vehicle down the road leading to the warehouse. He drove up past the parking lot designated for employees and the couriers, noting how the former was desolate and the latter full of trucks, indicating that no one was at work. Heero began to doubt his source. What if there was no one here at all and he was just wasting his time...?

He made his way to the visitors' parking lot and was pleased to notice that there *was* one car there. "Good," he muttered to himself. "At least there's someone around." He parked his car in a well-lit spot and looked around, ensuring himself that no one would suddenly leap out and attack him once he'd left his vehicle. Convinced that there was no danger, he got out of his car and locked it tight.

He walked quickly - very quickly - to the front door, his hands shoved in his pockets. It was chilly, and his jacket was little more than a windbreaker. He tugged on the door handle. It didn't budge. Heero cursed and tried again, just for the heck of it. Nothing. /Wonderful.../ Now what was he supposed to do? He'd just wasted his time coming all the way here.

His gaze fell on the door to the warehouse. He stared at it for awhile, and then decided that trying that one couldn't hurt. After all, there *was* another car here - obviously the driver had to be *somewhere*.

He noticed the security door and frowned. He didn't really feel like punching in a thousand different codes in an attempt to open the door. So, he decided to simply try ringing the bell.

For a while, no one answered. Heero tried again. This time, after a couple of minutes had gone by, the door opened a crack and a deep blue eye peeked out.

"May I help you?"

Heero nodded. "Yes. I'm here to inquire about a package of mine."

The eye widened. "Sir, do you have any idea what time it is?"

Heero nodded, feeling a little sheepish. "I know, and I'm sorry, but this is important. Can you help me?" He shivered for a moment, and then added, "And could we maybe head inside? I'm freezing."

The man behind the door nodded, and opened the door wider, revealing his navy, black and purple uniform. His eyes were somewhat shadowed by the cap he was wearing. He motioned for Heero to come in. He closed the door behind him. "Follow me, we'll head to the computers."

Heero walked alongside the employee as the man led him through the warehouse. He glanced around at the pallets on the ground and the shelves loaded with boxes, with rollers all around. The place looked like a kind of maze.

They stopped in front of the computers. The man held out his hand. "All right, usually we don't do this, but since you came all this way... Do you have the Waybill number?"

Heero reached into his pocket and handed the form over. The man typed in the twelve digit tracking number and stared at the data that popped up. "Sir, your package will arrive today. You'll receive it on Monday."

"Monday?" Heero sputtered. "But that's Christmas Eve!"

"Well, I'm sorry, sir," the employee said apologetically, "but you didn't sign for a Saturday Delivery, so your package will have a Stat 55 on it."

"A *what*?" Heero demanded.

The man blinked at him and then seemed to realize what he'd said. "Um, a Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay. I'm sorry - I'm just a warehouse agent, I don't usually deal with customers."

"And there is nothing you can do about that?" Heero asked desperately. He couldn't wait until Monday - that would be too late. He was supposed to be going to a party with the others that day. "Please, it's important. I can't wait until then."

The employee gave him a long look. "Well..."

"It's a Christmas present," Heero went on. "I was supposed to have it three days ago."

"... Okay, we'll look in the bunks, all right? Maybe it came in and was bunked."

Heero followed the employee as they went hunting through the bunks. He decided to try making conversation. "Uh, long have you worked for FedEx?" he asked.

The other man shrugged. "Oh, almost nine years, by now. Why?"

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, yeah." The man grinned at him over his shoulder. "Great pay, good exercise, and a killer benefit plan."

"Sounds neat," Heero commented as the man stared up at the boxes, studying the black numbers written on the sides.

"Here it is," the employee declared, reaching up and plucking a box from the shelves. He double-checked the tracking number and nodded. "Yup, right here."

"Thank you," Heero breathed. "Do you think I could take it?"

The man grinned. "Well, we aren't supposed to release something without having it cleared...but I'll just use another employee's number and let him get in trouble." He winked.

Heero chuckled. "Thanks. I appreciate it." He walked out of the bunks with the man, who set the box on the rollers and then pushed himself up to sit on them, motioning for Heero to join him.

Heero complied, sitting next to the employee and folding his hands in his lap. "So...why are you the only one here?"

"The sort starts later on Saturdays," the blue-eyed blue replied. "I just come in early to pull some releases and keep an eye on things. Usually no one's here at this hour."

"You don't get scared?" Heero asked curiously. "Or nervous that someone might try to break it?"

"Nah," the other man replied. "I mean, who'd steal something from the warehouse? All we have are dinosaur computers, boxes, and rollers," he laughed. "Besides," he continued, giving Heero what looked like a meaningful look. "I get to meet pretty boys like you."

Heero blinked and felt himself flush a little. Had the stranger just flirted with him? "Uh...thanks..." He shifted a little, uncomfortable under the other man's stare. "Um..."

"It does get lonely, though," the employee continued. The rollers made a little noise as he rolled himself slightly closer to Heero.

"...Oh? Well...what's your name?" Heero blinked at his own question. Was he flirting with the FedEx warehouse agent...?

"You can call me Duo," the other young man said. "And you...?"

"Heero." He swallowed when he realized what he'd done. Sure, this "Duo" was pretty enough to want to flirt with...but Heero didn't even know him! Why had he just disclosed some personal information?

"Heero, hm...?" Duo mused, rolling even closer. "That's...a very nice name."

Heero's thigh twitched when he felt something that could only be a finger trail along its side. "Uh...thank you..."

Duo grinned at him and gestured for Heero to lean closer. /Why does he have to whisper?/ Heero wondered even as he found himself complying. He leaned leftwards, his body practically touching the other's.

"You know what else is really great about being here when no one else is?" Duo asked quietly.

For some reason, the tone of Duo's voice made Heero shudder slightly. "...What?" he asked just as quietly, not quite sure if he wanted to hear the answer.

"...You can make as much noise as you want and no one will hear you."

Heero inhaled sharply as Duo's words were punctuated with a rather insistent stroke from his knee up, the hand curving as it neared his pelvic bone to slide around and touch his left buttock. "Uh, Duo..." He eyed Duo's other hand warily as it crept over to settle on Heero's waist. "I... I don't even know you," he reasoned. As kinky as this was, people just didn't fuck with strangers. It just didn't happen.

"Don't worry," Duo soothed, rolling over until he was nearly in Heero's lap, hands still on his hip and bottom. He rested his cheek against Heero's. "I have a condom, if you want," he offered.

Heero blinked. "You bring condoms to work?" he asked incredulously.

"When you come to work at this hour, yes." Duo rubbed their cheeks together and stuck his tongue out to touch Heero's earlobe. "Like I said, sometimes you get to meet pretty boys like you."

Heero allowed a tiny smile to play across his lips. "You really think I'm pretty...?" he asked, reaching hesitantly up to put his hands on Duo's shoulders.

Duo chuckled. "No, that would be a lie, I guess. I think you're *really* pretty. Quite sexy, even." He moved his head over and touched his nose to Heero's. "Very pretty," he said again, and then his mouth was on Heero's.

Heero surrendered eagerly, welcoming the invading tongue into his mouth. For the longest time, all he did was quest around inside Duo's warm mouth, running his tongue over the insides of his cheeks, licking the perfect teeth, and sucking on the other man's tongue, which was doing some exploring of its own.

The kiss deepened, and Heero overcame a bit of his shyness, winding his arms more securely around Duo's shoulders. He felt Duo inclining on him, little by little, and he allowed the other man to gradually guide him backwards to rest on the rollers. The kiss continued, Duo leaning over Heero while trying not to accidentally roll on him, but soon Heero frowned in discomfort. The bars of the rollers were uncomfortable against his back and were hurting his head. He made a small noise of displeasure and squirmed slightly. Duo broke the kiss and smiled sheepishly at him.

"Sorry - didn't realize how uncomfortable this would feel." Duo crawled over to the other side of the rollers, drawing Heero with him. "The floor is way too cold for this," he quipped, pulling Heero against him as they moved toward the pallets on the floor.

"Those don't look much warmer," Heero commented with an amused grin, leaning forward to kiss him again.

"Mm... don't worry," Duo mumbled around the lip-lock. "I'll make sure your back won't touch the cold plastic..."

They moved hastily toward the pallets, lips and hands all over each other, tugging at jackets and fiddling with buttons. Heero was vaguely aware of his jacket falling to the ground and his button-down shirt opening as he was turned to press his back against Duo's front. One of Duo's hands played across his chest, softly rubbing over his nipples, while the other skilfully unbuttoned his jeans and opened his fly so it could delve inside. Heero moaned softly, his chest and hips taking turns arching into the caresses. He threw his head back on to Duo's shoulder, sighing as the other man turned to feast on his neck. He turned his head to capture Duo's mouth again, and they kissed deeply, Duo's hands continuing their delightful teasing while his hips pushed into Heero's bottom.

They stayed that way for awhile before Duo released him, the hand on Heero's chest sliding down his body until it, too, reached his hips. Duo knelt, pulling Heero's pants down as he went. "On your knees for me?" he asked huskily, and Heero shivered as he felt a moist swipe of Duo's tongue slide over one cheek.

"That way, hm?" Heero mused, sinking quickly to rest on all fours.

Duo laughed and began kneading Heero's buttocks, making him shudder. "Well, I promised I wouldn't let your back touch the cold floor, didn't I?" he returned, and then ran his tongue teasingly up the inside of Heero's right thigh.

Heero chuckled and waited impatiently as he listened to Duo rise and struggle with his pants. He heard the slacks and belt hit the pallets and then an engorged erection was sliding up and down along his crack. Heero moaned and pushed his bottom back to rub against the other's member. "Oh...that's good..."

Duo groaned in agreement, and then added, "But stop rubbing on me, or I won't be able to wait any longer."

"Wait for what?" Heero asked, looking over his shoulder in time to see Duo coating his fingers with what looked like KY. "You bring lube to work, too?" he asked incredulously. /This guy is unbelievable.../

"I'm always prepared," Duo replied. He knelt, coating his erection with one hand while the finger from his other slid into Heero's passage and started moving in little circles, paving the way for what was to come.

Heero moaned loudly as Duo started sliding in, cutting off with a sharp yelp as he felt the other young man impale him. "Hurry..." he half-pleaded, half-demanded, wiggling his rear slightly in an attempt to compel Duo to give him what he needed so badly.

Duo was still for a moment, possibly gathering his bearings, and then he was moving, shoving in and and out...

/Ah... Ahn... Ahh.../ Duo's thrusts rendered Heero incapable of rational thought. He gasped with each shove, feeling himself rock forward from the force. It was good... He was hot...sweaty... His breathing was staggered, interrupted with the occasional moan when Duo touched him *there*. Duo's pace increased as the other young man approached his release, and soon Heero felt Duo's essence fill his body as the other man's cry of passion filled his ears.

He exhaled sharply in surprise as Duo fell over him after sliding his erection from Heero's body. For a few moments, they stayed still. Heero listened to Duo's ragged panting, and briefly wondered if Duo had forgotten about him. He winced as he was suddenly reminded of his own erection, which was yearning for release.

But apparently, Duo hadn't forgotten at all. Heero sighed in both relief and pleasure as the other man's hand found his hardened member and started pumping him slowly. "Ahhh... D-Duo..."

"Didn't think I'd forget about you, did you?" Duo asked, his voice still a little breathless. "It's your turn now..."

With that, Duo rolled under him and hooked his arms around Heero's thighs. He tugged sharply, and Heero fell closer to the pallets, keeping himself propped up slightly to give Duo room to work. It didn't take long for the other man to begin either - and soon Duo's lips, tongue, and even his cheeks were taking turns teasing Heero's erection. Heero moaned, the sound heightening in intensity when Duo engulfed his entire length and started suckling at it hungrily. He came with a keening wail, feeling the suction of Duo's mouth taking all he had to give.

When Duo let his erection slide from his lips, Heero rolled off of the other young man and collapsed onto Duo's chest. "That," he managed to breathe, "was incredible..."

"Mm-hm," Duo hummed, running his hands through Heero's hair. "You're very incredible..."

Heero sighed dreamily and rubbed his cheek over Duo's pectoral muscle. " *did* forget to use the condom..." He grinned. "That put me a little out of the fantasy..."

Duo chuckled. "Ah, well. One little mistake isn't bad, is it?"

"I suppose not," Heero lamented. "It was too good for me to care much."

Duo chuckled again and raised an arm to glance at his watch. "We should go soon. It's almost four-thirty. The cargo handlers should be arriving soon."

Heero snickered. "I wonder what they'd say if they saw this...?" He stood and started gathering his clothes.

Duo copied him, casting him a grin. "I'll have to thank Hilde again for letting me borrow a uniform and her ID card to get in."

"Don't forget to re-enable the cameras before we leave," Heero reminded him.

"I won't," Duo replied. "So, was this a good idea or what?"

Heero grinned at him. "Oh, yes. I'll admit it, this was a *very* good idea." He started buttoning up his shirt. "I can't wait to see what you have in mind for next time."


Author's Notes: *grins sheepishly* Oddly enough, I'm actually a FedEx Warehouse Agent when I'm not in school. I used the layout of my warehouse for the fic, and most of this was actually possible. In actuality, no one would be in at 3 a.m. to pull releases there, and there certainly wouldn't be any pallets on the floor at that hour ^_^;


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