Note: Thanks to Mina for giving me freedom to write this *chackles maniacally* Heero torture is the best!!! This part is for Snow. Happy Birthday Snow!!

Cosume Play Part 6: Doctor Duo
by Akuma

Knock Knock

The young doctor leaned against his chair and watched the door. "Come in."

A young teen with tousled hair and blue eyes walked in. The young doctor looked long at the boy with his wide violet eyes before turning to the paper on his desk. "Mr. Heero Yuy, I presume?"

"Yes." The Japanese boy sat down on the chair across from the doctor.

"What's seems to be the problem?"

"I get a headache every day, Doc."

"I see. Well then I need to give you a check up." The doctor stood up and walked toward the examination table, followed by the Japanese boy. "Undress and lie on the table, Mr. Yuy."

"Just call me Heero, Doc." Heero shed his shirt and was about to climb onto the table when the long haired Doctor interrupted.

"I want you to undress totally, Heero."

The boy startled. "Nani? But, it's only a headache, Doc."

"It maybe only a headache, but I won't underestimate it. We better do a complete examination, Heero. Now undress please."

The boy hesitated for a second before complying with the doctor's order. Within a minute, he was lying on the examination table with the Doctor standing next to him, looking over his naked body.

"Hmmm, you have a good body, Heero." The long haired Doctor placed his hands on the boy's chest and kneaded it softly. "Nice muscles. I take it that you are keeping your body fit everyday?"

"Uh...yes.." The Japanese boy moaned slightly when the Doctor's hands caressed his stomach. "I play sports every day, Doc."

"Good then. Let me check your body thoroughly, Heero." His hands *accidentally* brushed over the boy's nipples, causing the said boy to jerk up. The Doctor's hands stopped. "What's the matter, are you hurt here?" The hands brushed against the Japanese boy's nipples again.

"Ah!" Heero moaned loudly and jerked up at the Doc's touch.

"I think I have to inspect this particular area are more carefully." The Doctor put the small pink nub between his thumb and forefinger, doing the same with its twin, and then rolled them softly. The Japanese boy let out a loud moan and bucked up. "Does it hurt, Heero?"

"N... no..."

"Okay, how about this." The Doctor pulled the pink flesh up and twisted it slightly.

"Ah, it hurts, Doc!" Heero jerked up again. His hands were gripping the sides of the table tightly now.

"I see. How about this one, then?" The Doctor pinched the boy's pointed flesh and earned a loud yelp and another jerk up from his young patient. "Good, it's a normal reaction. Please lie still while I check you further, Heero." With an innocent look, the Doctor kissed the abused flesh and then resumed his kneading and prodding over the boy's body, purposely ignoring the hard on the boy had.

The said boy lay still on the table, panting slightly. "I'm getting hard, Doc."

"Don't worry, it's normal for a young man like you." The Doctor threw a grin to the Japanese boy and then straightened up. "I think there's nothing wrong with your outer body, Heero. We'll proceed with your inner then." He walked toward the head of table. "Open your mouth."

Heero complied and soon found three of the Doctor's fingers thrust into his mouth.

"I want to see how good your inner muscles and reflex are. Lick my fingers first, running your tongue along them and then suck them like a lollipop, Heero."

The Japanese boy looked bewildered at his Doctor before obeying the order. He ran his tongue over the digits, wetting them with his saliva and then sucked them like they were the most delicious thing in the world.

The Doctor's breath became harsh at the sudden display. "You're doing good so far, let's try it with something slipperier." He withdrew his fingers and bent down, pasting his mouth to the boy's one and thrust his tongue inside the moist cavern. Their tongue dueled inside the Japanese boy's mouth and soon moans came from both sides. It was a full good minute before the Doctor withdrew, panting slightly. "Good reflex. I think your health his nothing to worry about, but to make it completely sure, I think I'll do the last test."

"What... what's the test, Doc?" The Japanese boy was still panting when the Doctor walked around to the opposite side of the table.

"I'll do a rectal examination, Heero. Now hook your hands beneath your knees. Pull them up and spread them apart so I can see where I'll stick my fingers."

"But... but Doc, I'm only having a headache. Must we really do this?"

"Of course." The Doctor scoffed. "Trust me, I'm the doctor, Heero. Now do as I say, please?"

The Japanese boy looked hesitatingly for a second before obeying. He pulled up his legs and spread them apart, revealing his hidden entrance to the *very-thorough-and-dedicated-to his job* Doctor.

"Good boy." The Doctor smiled. "Now relax while my fingers do the work, kay." He held up his two slick fingers and caressed the boy's opening gently before slowly pushing one digit into the private entrance.

"Ah!" Heero tried to relax as he felt a slender digit enter him from the back. It wiggled and prodded against his inner tissue, causing him to moan slightly.

"Are you in pain?" The Doctor asked while he rocked his finger in and out of the slender boy.

"No.." The Japanese boy panted and then gasped as he felt two fingers entered him this time. They twisted and made a scissor motion inside him. "Aaah! Doc!!"


"No... just..." Heero gasped as the fingers withdrew, only to thrust back into him. "It feels... ah... good..."

"That's normal then." The Doctor smiled as he started thrusting his fingers in and out, adding the third finger in the process. "How is it now?"

"Still good." The Japanese boy panted.

"Hmm.... There's a problem, though." The Doctor frowned and withdrew all his fingers.

"Wh... what?!" Heero's voice was more like a growl than a question.

"I'm unable to reach your prostate with my fingers. I'll have to use my other body part to reach it."


"Lie still while I prepare myself, kay." The Doctor took a step back from the table, took out a tube from his pocket, and undid his trousers. He pulled out his cock and lathered it with the lube from the tube. "I'm ready now." He then stepped forward and grabbed the Japanese boy's waist, pulling him until the boy's bottom reached the end of the table and his cock was poised before the boy's entrance. "Put your knees on my shoulders, Heero."

The Japanese boy complied quickly.

"Good boy." The Doctor chuckled. His violet eyes radiated lust and amusement. "Now let's do your last examination." With that he pushed forward and entered the boy with a slow steady pressure. "Ah.. so tight.... so warm... you're in good condition, boy."

Heero gasped as the Doctor's cock passed his sphincter and sunk up to the hilt inside him. His arms reached wildly and closed upon the Doctor's braid. He gripped it tightly and tugged it.

"I think you're ready for the prodding hmm?" The braided doctor grinned and started moving. He thrust in and out lazily at first and then suddenly he slammed into the Japanese boy.

"AAAh!!!" Heero jerked up as the Doctor's cock hit his prostate.

"Ah, I think that signals that you're completely healthy, Hee-chan." The Doctor grinned and started thrusting into the boy harder and faster. Both moaned as the pleasure build inside them. "Now..." The braided doctor panted. "... let's finish this examination." He slammed to the hilt inside the Japanese boy and bent down to capture his patient's mouth, swallowing Heero's cries of release, at the same time as he filled Heero with his passion.


"Do you still have a headache, Hee-chan?"

"What if I say 'yes'?"

"I'll give you a treatment that will effectively rid you of it then."

"Oh? What treatment?"

"Having a full examination with Doctor Duo twice... no... thrice a day!"

"Pervert Doctor Duo who likes to sodomize his patient, you mean."

"Hmm, your mind isn't thinking me as the right person. I do believe I have to *examine* you again, Hee-chan."

"Nani? Duo, what are you.... OH! ..... baka... stop... it.... Aah......"



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