Cosume Play Part 4: The Summoner
by Little Manga Neko

Sniffling slightly as he remembered the way his friends had screamed, Heero reminded himself he must be strong. The rain pounded him in sheets from above but the smell still lingered in the air. The smell of fire and burning flesh. He desperately hung on to the last bits of his strength needing to reach the ruins in time. The Hunters had come burning down his village in a desperate attempt to destroy the last of the magic users. He knew no one had survived this time. They had slaughtered woman and child alike. He still could hear his mother's screams while they tortured her before death just because she was beautiful. He still remembered the begging in her eyes as they did those things to her. She had mouthed him a command "Do not die." And he had known she had withstood the pain just to give him the chance to get away.

Now he was the only one alive. He did not regret what he was about to do. Vengeance was worth it. From a young age he had been trained to take over his mother's role as the village summoner. Now he would complete the forbidden spell. It was called such because it called upon the god of death and his price for revenge was your eternal soul. No heaven, No hell, and No rebirth he could choose to destroy you forever as he did to the last summoner who had called upon him. Relena.

Reaching the meadow where ancient upright marble stones stood in a formation of power he made his way to the center. Taking his knife he cut his finger. Only a drop of blood was needed. It was a simple spell really. Archaic words older then time tumbled from his lips and screamed silently through the air in their frenzied rush of release. The droplet of blood grew from its source following the movement of his hands and painting the very air with words that burned his eyes to gaze upon. Together they meshed into a surge of power which lit symbols upon the towering stone as the rain disappeared into a mist to hazy to break through and utter silence descended. The strain was too much and his body retreated into blessed unconsciousness. Heero awoke feeling revived laying on the dewy grass of the meadow. The ancient stones had crumbled like fine ash in their place was a protecting circle of rowan trees. Confused he looked to his finger the cut appeared to be completely healed. What was going on? Had he failed?

"There there, don't jump to conclusions young summoner. Your spell succeeded and on such a busy night too. So many souls have been harvested full of fear, anger and pain."

Looking around but seeing nothing Heero gathered false courage and shouted into the wind, "Who are you? Show yourself!" A soft chuckling sound surrounded him,

"Really youngster. You know who I am; I am Shinigami. And I take orders from no one. The last three who dared summon me made that mistake and paid greatly for their presumptuousness. Now shall we start again?"

"H... Hai!"

"Awwww your kinda cute, what's your name young summoner and you are aware of my price, right?"

"I am Heero Yuy. First summoner and only living survivor of the Maho Village. I want you to destroy the Hunter clan. In return I am prepared to offer you my eternal soul."

He shivered as he felt invisible hands caress him.

"You know Heero Yuy... I never listen to them. I usually laugh at the summoner's gall at believing they could bargain with Death then I kill them."

"Nani?" Heero shouted was all this for naught? Would his people's deaths go un-avenged?

"But for you... I think I'd like to keep you for eternity."

On those words there was silence and he felt alone in the clearing again. Moments passed then a sound from his right caused him to pivot on his feet. A young man in black robes was approaching. Heero watched wide eyed as he threw a bloodied scythe to the side and his blood stained robes were next.

"Aye! The whole hunter clan's obliterated not a single soul left. Now I've come for my reward."

"Your reward?" Heero asked the half dressed beautiful stranger in shock as a strong callused hand caressed his cheek.

"Ne Heero, I gave you your vengeance now it's not nice to keep Shinigami waiting." With that He found his lips captured in a deep, hungry, soul searing kiss. Shinigami, the god of death was this frail looking pretty boy?

"Mmm Heero you taste better then I expected. You'll need a name to scream shortly and that's Duo. Shinigami is just a title." Giving the dazed boy a violet wink Duo wanted to taste every inch of Heero inside and out. But he had all of eternity for that. Right now Heero was standing before him still dripping from the rain wearing a thin cotton nightshirt and nothing else.

Gently lowering him to the ground Duo ripped the thin fabric off of the trembling boy. Surveying his prize he frowned. Cupping the soft flesh of Heero's unaroused genitals he whispered, "This won't do at all!"

Suckling the tawny flesh of one nipple then worrying it with his teeth before moving to the other before it could feel neglected. Duo smiled into Heero's chest as he felt the rapidly hardening length beneath his palm. His lover was very sensitive; it would make him a perfect student. The boy began to moan softly and Duo let his mouth wander lower softly lapping at the dewy tip he so wanted to taste. Not one to deny himself he took the pulsing head of Heero's cock into his mouth swirling his tongue wetly around the tip as he firmly held Heero's hips to the ground preventing him from thrusting up too soon. Mouth still concerned with tormenting Heero's cock head Duo whispered a few words around his salty mouth full.

Suddenly Duo's hands were in more then one place. Holding his hips, pinching his nipples, tangling in his hair, caressing his full bottom, and thrusting past Heero's lips. Each touch felt identical as he drove his lover insane. Heero was trying to match touch for touch as he eagerly suckled each digit hoping he could encourage Duo to take more of him into the delicious warmth of his mouth.

Pleased, Duo simultaneously took the entire length in to his mouth as he withdrew his slippery fingers. Taking no time, he slipped one finger through the impossibly tight clench of Heero's sphincter.

Accurately prodding his prostrate Heero came quickly feeling Duo's mouth with spurt after spurt of warm sticky seed. Pulling back as his partner feel bonelessly to the wet grass Duo spat his mouthful into his palm. He slicked his own neglected erection and whispered a few words. Heero's hips were suddenly pulled up as invisible hands spread his legs. Duo slid home with one thrust.

Groaning as Heero's tight wet heat clutched his sensitive cock firmly Duo whispered, "I took too long baby, sorry if you're sore tomorrow." And began to pound into his lover fast and hard making no pretense of any kind of control as they both moved in a rhythm more ancient then magic. Duo came first sobbing his lover's name as he filled Heero's channel with his seed, making small thrusting movements with his hips to empty himself completely. Those gentle thrusts sent Heero over the edge a second time and he bit his lip hard enough to bleed to keep from shouting the name on his lips and rocking the building to its foundation.

"See Heero, I told you just 'cause I'm away on a mission doesn't mean we had to give up our special game."

Panting slightly as he withdrew a sticky hand from his pants Heero collapsed against the bathroom stall door.

"Yes but next time don't call me while I'm undercover at work!"

"Hey Heero?"


"Look up."

"What?" Heero frowned then looked up. A very familiar smile was shining down at him from the vent above.



"Omae o korosu!"



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