Cosume Play Part 3: The God
by Snow Tigra

The room lit up of its own accord as the small figure stepped into the shrine. In the farthest area of the room a tall figure perched on his throne, his smooth skin glistening in the sudden candlelight, which didn't quite manage to illuminate him. He stirred and watched in interest as the boy moved and the room went silent. The god frowned at the young boy.

"Who disturbs me? Show yourself, mortal."

The small boy stepped farther into the light and immediately gained the god's full attention. The boy was small, willowy to the point of almost feminine gracefulness. Creamy pale skin covered his entire body, perfectly smooth and perfectly tempting. A pleated skirt circled his waist, falling just far enough to cover all the forbidden areas but tempt as well. The top the boy wore clung tightly to his body, almost too small and showing off every curve and turn of his delicious body. The smooth and angular face turned up to the god, soft lips pursed together in nervousness.

The god couldn't help but smirk in a devilish sense, he could only imagine what this sweet little innocent would ask for.

The boy swallowed and fidgeted under the god's intense stare. "Are you... the god of this world?"

The god chuckled; a low and threatening sound despite his amusement. "I am."

"I'm here to... request your help."

The god leaned forward, his eyes focusing on the boy's delectable body. "I'm listening, proceed."

The boy tried his best not to tremble under the god's intense stare. He took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. It bugged him that he couldn't see the god but he would have to live with it.

"I appeared in this world, from Tokyo Tower and the people of this world said you could send me back home."

The god nodded. "I can, but I always demand a price."

The boy shivered at those words. "I am willing to pay, I just want to go home and be a normal... girl again."

The god chuckled once more and stood up from the throne, stepping into the torchlight. The boy's breath caught in his throat as the heavenly being stepped into sight. The god wore nothing, no clothes at all, serving to show off his divinely perfectly body. His skin was a darker tan color; a light bronze which matched with the sparkling body long plaits of hair which cascaded down his back. The boy couldn't help but stare, his throat growing dry and his body reacting. He felt his cheeks grow red in a deep blush as he noticed that the god was very... excited to see him.

"You're willing to pay anything?" He asked with a sexy smile.

The boy nodded, still staring at the god with wide eyes.

"Bow down, kiss the floor. You stand in the shrine of a god and you must pay proper respect."

The god watched, barely able to hold in his moan of delight as the boy dropped to his knees, touching his nose to the ground. This resulted in the boy's ass being raised slightly into the air, causing the skirt to slip back and reveal the creamy globes for the god to see. The god moaned softly at the delectable sight. Stepping down from the throne he circled the boy and traced his long fingers along the edge of the boy's underwear, dangerously close.

"Mmm, yes. Delicious."

The boy shuddered under the light touch. He closed his eyes and gasped as those fingers slid over his ass. It was all he could do not to pull away, but he had said he was willing to pay any price, he just wanted to go home.

"I name my price," the god murmured in a passionate breath. "I wish to take you as my mate."

At that the boy jumped up and spun around to face the god, his entire body shaking in fear. He stood frozen and watched in awe as the divine being stepped toward him and slid his hand over the front of the boy's skirt. The boy moaned as the god licked a thin line along his neck.

"Do you object?" he whispered huskily into the boy's ear, nibbling on it lightly.

"N-nooo" the boy moaned back, his eyes sliding shut as the pleasure slid through his body.

The god smirked and pushed away the skirt, his hand travelling up under it to rub against the boy, drawing a long moan for the boy. Carefully, holding back his lust, he pushed and urged the boy to the ground, running his hands against the smooth skin until the boy found himself lying on his back on the soft carpet.

The boy watched the god with wide eyes as he began to undo the school uniform, pulling off the scarf and unbuttoning the top at a frustratingly slow pace. He pushed the top back, using it to trap the boy's arms from moving. Then, smirking devilishly he brought his head down, slipping his tongue around the sweet tasting nipples and nibbling them lightly. The boy whimpered and squirmed under the touch, his breath quickening as the god continued to tease with mouth, tongue and teeth.

While the god distracted the boy one hand slipped, much like a snake, back under the skirt. Smirking to himself he slipped his fingers into the boy, earning a high pitched gasp and the boy arched his back, his body trembling from the sudden, but pleasurable, intrusion.

"Should I take it out?" The god teased, slowly pulling his finger out.

"Nnnoo," the boy choked out.

The god chuckled and pulled the finger almost out, then slammed it back into the boy, joined by a second. The boy cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. The god didn't wait for permission and added a third finger, pulling vocal cries of lust and pleasure from the boy below him.

Pulling his fingers away the god pushed the skirt up and positioned himself, moving into the boy slowly at first, after giving the boy a small, loving kiss.

The boy wrenched his arms out of the uniform skirt, ripping it apart. Reaching up he wrapped his arms around the god, hold tight as he rode higher and higher, his throat growing dry and scratchy from his own cries. Pleasure rocketed through his body with each penetration and he suddenly felt himself clamping down.

The god gave a possessive growl and pushed in one more time, climax taking hold. Both boys cried out each other's names and crumbled to the ground, landing beside each other gasping for air.

Duo eventually rolled over and pulled Heero into his arms. "Still want to go home?" he murmured breathlessly.

"Baka," Heero coughed out, his voice still scratchy from being so vocal. "I am home."

"Good answer." Duo chuckled and snuggled closer. "You know He-chan, you look good in a school girl's uniform."

Heero snorted. "I think playing a god has gone to your head."

"Perhaps, but you're enjoying it."

Heero's lips curved into a small smile. "Every time."


The next night


Duo glanced up after attaching the large, soft, white mass over his face. His eyes widened and he burst into giggles so hard his stomach hurt.

The former gundam pilot was dressed from head to toe in green leather, pointed shoes and a long pointed stocking cap which hung almost to his ankles. As he stepped closer to Duo, his eyes narrowed to thin angry slits, bells jingled from his outfit.

"This time you've gone too far!" Heero grumbled.

Duo just laughed, sitting down in the large living room chair. His thick and furry red and white outfit seemed to swallow him up and the large beard started to tickle his nose.

"Come here, little elf," he said in a low voice, trying to hold back his laughs. "Come sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas."

Heero just groaned.



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