Note: Thanks to Mina for giving me freedom to write this *chackles maniacally* Heero torture is the best!!!

Cosume Play Part 2: The Devil
by Akuma

"What do you have for today?" An eager voice echoed in the small room from one of the two figures sat on the carpeted floor.

"Hn..." Sound of rustling paper was heard.

"You want this? A merboy can't be fucked and I have every intention of being inside you today so I think we'll have to pass on this one."

"Hn." Another paper was put over the first one.

"Vampire? That's too common, you know."

A growl and another paper came up.

"This? Hmmm great.... Hey, why do I always get to be the villain...."

The sound of gun cocking was heard.

".... I didn't say I minded it, did I?......"


The Devil grinned in victory as he walked toward his chamber, carrying his captive on his shoulder. "I never thought it would be so easy to capture you, pretty little thing." He caressed the soft round flesh of his captive's rear.

"Hmmph" The said captive, which appeared to be another male, grunted toward the gag in his mouth and wiggled to get away from the impolite hand, but the ropes on his wrists and ankles prevented him from doing anything more than wiggle.

The Devil opened the door to his chamber and wasted no time in throwing his captive onto his large bed. He stood next to the bed to admire his prize. A figure of a young boy with striking Prussian blue eyes, messy brown hairs, and ivory skin, wearing a loose white tank top and pants, sprawled on his bed, hands tied behind his back and his ankles tied together, preventing him from moving too much. The Devil felt his cock harden instantly, realizing this boy was his from now on. He leaned forward and took the gag out from the lips he bet were as luscious as they seemed.

"Let me go." The boy spat furiously as soon as the gag was removed.

The Devil just grinned and caressed the boy's cheek, who quickly turned his head away from the Devil's hand. "Don't resist me, my little Seraph. You know you belong to me since I saved you from being molested by the imps."

"You're the one who ordered the imps to molest me." The boy turned Seraph snapped. "You know Seraphs have to grant one wish from a person who helps them."

"And I wish you to be mine forever." The Devil laughed victoriously as he disrobed and then crawled over the bound Seraph boy. "I have wanted you since you were born. You're the most beautiful seraph ever to exist and I'm happy to be the one who will deflower you." The Devil purred as he ripped the Seraph's tank top. He looked down at the boy's bare chest and tweaked one nipple, causing the Seraph boy to gasp in surprise.

"So beautiful..... I have been waiting eighteen summers for this." The Devil purred in delight and took the boy's right nipple between his fingers. He rolled the pink nub and watched as the Seraph boy gasped and wiggled to escape his fingers. "Very responsive.... It will be fun to see the Arch Angel's face when he knows I have taken the seraph who is prepared to be his mate."

The Seraph boy closed his eyes and looked away in shame.

"Don't feel guilty about that. After all... you won't meet your supposed to be mate again. You'll stay here with me and become my sex slave forever." The Devil chuckled and ripped the Seraph's pants, revealing the boy in his naked glory. The Devil took time to admire the lithe body below him while running his hand over the smooth and soft flesh.

"So soft." The Devil purred in delight. His fingers trailed up and seized the twin nubs on the Seraph's chest, causing to boy to gasp loudly. Delighted with the boy's reaction, the Devil twirled and rolled the tiny flesh between his fingers, earning a louder gasp from the Seraph. "You're very responsive, little Seraph." The Devil grinned as he felt the twin nubs of flesh between his fingers harden. He pinched the said flesh and got a jerk from his captive, causing their bodies to brush against each other.

The long haired Devil moaned as the simple touch made him harden even more. "I can't wait to be inside you, little Seraph." He released the now hard nubs and searched lower, grinning widely as he noticed the half hard arousal the Seraph had. "You like my treatment, don't you?" He brushed one finger over the tip of the boy's arousal and chuckled as the boy became fully hard in an instant. "Very responsive indeed...."

Not being able to hold his lust any longer, the Devil untied his little Seraph's legs and spread them wide apart. The Seraph boy struggled and kicked wildly as soon as his legs were freed, but the Devil held his legs firmly, giving the boy no chance to get away. "You know it's useless to struggle. You can't go anywhere since my wish has bounded you to me and the bond will last forever... as I wish it will. You belong to me now, little Seraph."

The Seraph boy stopped struggling and lay there in defeat. "Don't do this..." He whispered weakly. All anger had dissipated at the truth of his captor's words.

The Devil just laughed, knowing the Seraph had stopped fighting him. "You know better than to plead with a Devil like me. I have been holding myself from ravishing you for eighteen summers and now that I have you in my bed, don't ever think you will leave this bed as a virgin, little Seraph." He bent the now unresisting Seraph's legs, spreading them wider aside and planting the soles on the bed. The Devil licked his lower lip in anticipation as he sat between the boy's spread legs and watched his little Seraph who now looked like a flower who had just bloomed and was offering its nectar to be taken.

"My beautiful little Seraph." The Devil whispered longingly as he retrieved a vial from his discarded robe and poured the contents over his aching need. He did it with eyes never leaving his precious captive. After emptying the vial and throwing it somewhere, the Devil leaned forward, hovering over the Seraph's slender body and positioning his arousal before the boy's virgin entrance. He brought his face down until their noses touched and he could feel the Seraph's breath brush against his face. He grinned at the anticipation the Seraph showed and licked the tip of the boy's nose. "I'm going inside you now, little Seraph." With that he pressed forward slowly.

The Seraph jumped as the Devil's arousal touched his entrance. He could feel the blunt tip pressed insistently on his ring muscles while the Devil murmured near his ear. "I can say I apologize for not stretching you first, but you know a devil never apologizes. Besides, I want to feel how tight you are." Another hard push and the Seraph gasped as his sphincter yielded and let the Devil enter his body.

"Yesss" The Devil hissed in pleasure and kept pushing until he was buried to the hilt inside the Seraph's tight body. "I'll have your body first and then I'll have your heart as well."

"You'll never have my heart." The Seraph panted as his body adjusted to the Devil's entry.

"Oh really?" The Devil chuckled as he started rocking within his Seraph boy. "You'll lose, my little Seraph. Within half an hour, you'll surrender your heart to me by kissing me, something a Seraph only does to the person who owns their heart."

"Never." The Seraph panted and then gasped as the Devil hit something pleasurable inside him.

"We'll see about that." The Devil grinned and gave a few quick jabs on the Seraph's prostate, causing the boy to moan and jerk up in pleasure. When he saw the lust and pleasure flash in the Prussian blue eyes of his captive, the Devil withdrew a little and changed his angle so now his thrust didn't hit the Seraph's vulnerable spot. He kept thrusting and nipped at the Seraph's neck, taking only his own pleasure from the pliant body beneath him.

"More..." The Seraph's plea for pleasure made the Devil grin. He ignored the plea purposely and withdrew a little more from the Seraph's warm haven. It was hard to accomplish since all he wanted to do was to pound the Seraph up into the headboard, but his pride to win the boy's heart prevailed. Now, he only had half of his cock inside the boy while he thrust in and out of him.

"More." The Seraph cried out his plea this time. His feet had moved from the bed and encircled the Devil's waist, trying to push the Devil deeper into him, but his captor didn't budge even a millimeter.

"You have to kiss me if you want me to give you pleasure, little Seraph." The Devil chuckled.

"Never." The Seraph replied weakly, already craving more pleasure from his captor.

"Have it your way." The Devil thrust lazily into the Seraph, caring for his own pleasure alone and ignoring the boy he thrust into completely.

The Seraph bit his lower lip in frustration at not being able to get his pleasure. He tried again to push the Devil into him, using his legs, but the Devil just smirked and refused to budge. The Seraph watched as the Devil closed his eyes in pleasure and moaned loudly, ready to come. The sight made the Seraph's resolution crumble, wanting to come together with the Devil. He tightened his legs around the Devil's waist and urged his upper body upward, seizing the Devil's lips in need and hunger.

The Devil chuckled victoriously and kissed back without hesitation. His tongue entered the Seraph's moist cavern and roamed inside it hungrily. The Seraph's tongue came alive and fought the intruder until both of them had to break away for air.

"So you finally surrender your heart to me." The Devil grinned.

The Seraph nodded weakly between his panting.

"Say it, my little Seraph." The Devil buried himself back to the hilt inside the Seraph. "Admit whom your heart belongs to."

The Seraph boy gasped as he was filled fully once more. "My heart belongs to you as well as my body."

"Yes, I own your heart and your body." The Devil spoke possessively. "You're forever my sex slave."

"Yes..." The Seraph gasped again as the Devil started rocking inside him and hit his spot with every thrust. He felt his hands freed from the ropes and automatically brought them to around the Devil's neck, pressing both of them closer to each other. The Devil thrust into him faster, not wanting to prolong their releases any longer. The Seraph thrust back with every thrust the Devil did into his body, wanting to draw the Devil deeper into him.

They rocked faster and harder, till the point where the Devil was nailing the Seraph against the headboard. Suddenly the Devil pulled out completely and before the Seraph had time to cry out, he was flipped onto his stomach and the Devil plunged into him again in swiftly. He thrust into the Seraph wildly for a while before tensing. "Come with me, my little Seraph." The Devil growled and threw his head back, spilling his white passion into the Seraph's warm body. At the feeling of something warm burst inside him, the Seraph boy tensed and arched his back into an elegant bow as he shot his release into the sheet beneath him.


"Wow, that's great." Duo whistled as he gathered his sated lover into his arms. "Never thought you could hold out that long before giving in, koi."

"Tease." Heero panted slightly, having not fully recovered from the strong orgasm he had.

"Hmm, and you love it." Duo nuzzled his lover's messy hair. "Gimme a couple of stories like this and I'll never want to release my role as the villain ever, especially if I get you as the prize."

"You made a lot of mistakes in your role, you know." Heero purred as Duo's hands caressed his body.


"I'm seventeen, not eighteen."

"Don't want to get jailed for ravishing a minor."

Heero snorted. "I'm not a virgin either."

"For me, you're always a virgin." Duo nipped at the back of Heero's neck, causing the Japanese boy to moan.

"You also didn't stretch me."

Duo snorted. "Putting that dildo in you for an hour before the play is more than enough stretching. I was amazed to find you were still tight after that."

Heero smiled and turned to snuggle into his braided lover. "I don't think it's a complaint."

"No, it's not." Duo purred and tightened his hug on his Japanese lover. "Did I make any other mistakes?"

"Hmm..." Heero yawned. "I'm not your sex slave...." He rested his head against Duo's chest and fell asleep within seconds like he always did after strong coupling with his American lover.

Duo chuckled and kissed the Japanese boy's forehead. He whispered softly, not wanting to wake up the sleeping boy. "I doubt I made a mistake on that one, koi."


Morale of the story : The Devil (Akuma) always wins!!! *chackles maniacally*


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