Authors: Mina Lightstar, Akuma, Snow Tigre and Little Manga Neko

Pairing: 2x1

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Warnings: Shounen-ai, Lemon

Disclaimer: Not ours, not matter how much we drool over Hee-chan... Don't sue us, we're poor college students.

Notes: We both love Heero...we both love sex...we both have a thing for uke-Heero... It was really only a matter of time before something like this happened,ne? Needless to say, this fic will contain male/male and lemon.

N.B.: This is a Round Robin, beginning with moi (Mina). Since we'll each be writing our own parts, I felt I should add something here to avoid any possible confusion. I use a somewhat alternate labeling system. If the boys are in love, it gets a"shounen-ai" label. If they are just screwing each other for pleasure, it gets "yaoi". If there's sex, you get "lemon". You won't get any lime/orange/citrus/grapefruit/tangerine with me ^_~

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Cosume Play Part 1: Dragon Slayer
by Mina Lightstar

He crept through the labyrinth as silently as he knew how, holding his sword close to his body. The Dragon Master was close by--he could feel it.

He stepped over the body of the dead demon and continued through the dark tunnels. It was chilly. He shivered as he steadily made his way deeper into the lair of the Dragon Master. It would be dangerous, but it had to be done. He had volunteered to be the one to defeat the evil lord, and he had to keep hisword, no matter what danger he would be forced to face.

The air grew warmer as he sauntered deeper and deeper into the lair. The torches that lined the walls lit his way, as though guiding him to the one he sought.

He knew he'd reached the entrance to the Dragon Master's chambers when he found the door. He wasn't sure how he could tell, but somehow, staring at the wooden double-doors... he knew that awaited him on the other side.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, he reached out and pushed the doors apart, opening his way into the low-lit room.

The Dragon Master's chambers were spacious, befitting a man of his stature. The floor was carpeted in a dark color--with the low light, it was impossible to tell which, though it looked like a blue or a green. There were other pieces of furniture, but he paid no attention to them. His gaze was fixed on the Dragon Master himself.

The lord of the underground labyrinth was seated on the end of the large bed, which was adorned with roses. His black cloak pooled around where he sat and spilled out onto the floor. His long hair was tied back, and he stared ahead with considering eyes.

The Dragon Master tilted his head. "And you are...?"

He assumed a fighting stance. "The one who has come to slay you," he ground out, hands gripping the sword-hilt.

The Dragon Master chuckled. "Oh?" He unfolded his arms and stood. "How... interesting."

He raised his sword as the Master started forward. "Stay back."

"Will you at least tell me your name?" the Master asked. "It would be a shame to kill such a beautiful warrior without at least knowing what he calls himself."

He glared. "What makes you think you will win?" he countered.

"I always win." The Master flipped his cloak open and revealed the muscular chest beneath the cloth and the sword at his hip. The weapon left its sheath with a hiss, the light of the candles in the room flickering off the blade. The Master held out the sword at arm's length. "Your name?"

He held out his own sword and regarded the Dragon Master with cool eyes. "Heero," he said, before tapping his blade against his opponent's.

The contact signified the start of the duel. Heero brought his blade against the Master's over and over again. They danced around the bedchamber, weapons coming together with loud sounds, eyes locked on one another as they sparred.

"Why do you want to defeat me so badly?" the Dragon Master inquired as he parried a blow to the head.

"Your reign of terror is over," Heero snarled back, pulling away to prepare another strike.

The Dragon Master held up a hand, and Heero gasped, finding himself immobile. /No.../ "Let me go!"

The Master simply gave him a smile and reached out, taking his sword away and tossing it aside. Heero felt himself tremble as the dark lord walked slowly around him. Heero could feel the eyes wandering over him.

"Who sent you?"

The voice came from behind him. Heero hated himself for not being able to move. "Fuck you."

There was a chuckle before the voice spoke again, this time a husky whisper in his ear. "I just want to know who to thank for sending me such a beauty."

Heero shuddered involuntarily. "The Queen Relena sent me," he replied. "To kill you."

"But why?" the Master asked dubiously, and Heero tensed as he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder. "I've done nothing wrong. I'm no threat to Relena's kingdom." The hand wandered lazily up to caress Heero's neck. "If I'm guilty of anything, it is loneliness."

"Relena sees you as a threat," Heero answered, relaxing under the touch. For some reason, the stroking he was being subjected to was... good.

"Oh?" the Master mused, letting his other hand slide down Heero's side to rest on his hip. "I assure you, my little beauty, I'm no threat to anyone. Except, of course, to those who enter my lair without my permission." Heero gasped as he felt the Master lean closer to him, once again speaking into his ear. "People like you." He yelped in surprise as a wet tongue traced his inner ear. "The only one in danger here is you, pretty one," the Master continued, planting a kiss on Heero's earlobe before moving to nuzzle his cheek, and then down to suck his neck.

"Stop it..." Heero protested, trying to fight the spell that held him still to no avail. He grit his teeth as a hand settled against the junction of his thighs.

"You say no," the Master mused, gripping Heero's crotch firmly, "but your body says 'yes'." [1]

"No..." Heero shook his head, but a moan was coaxed out of him when the Master began dragging his hand up and down his cloth-clad length, and no matter how much he wanted to resist, he felt himself begin to harden. "Don't...touch me..." [2]

"Why not?" the Master wondered, one hand tilting up Heero's chin as the other began working his belt buckle. "It feels good, doesn't it?" he asked, hand digging into Heero's breeches. He bent his head, so that he was nose to nose with the other young man. Heero's eyes were nearly closed, his lips barely parted as he panted slightly. The Master grinned at him and increased the pace of his hand. "Say it's good." The Master's voice breathed into Heero's mouth. "Say it. I want to hear it." [3]

Heero kept silent. No. He couldn't give in to this. He'd resisted many spells in the past--why was this one so hard to overcome? What kind of power did the Master have to make Heero... want him?

"Stubborn warrior," the Master chuckled. "Why can't you just give in?"

"I'll... I'll..." Heero trailed off with a groan of pleasure as the dark lord's thumb played with the tip of his penis. "Ahhh..."

"See?" the Master said, licking the tip of Heero's nose. "Surrender means pleasure."

Before Heero could reply, the Dragon Master's mouth closed on his. His breath caught in his throat as the lord's tongue swiped against his own. This wasn't right. He'd come to kill this evil lord... He... he had to...

He abandoned all rational thought as the Master's hands cupped his cheeks, kissing him deeper. Heero groaned and started kissing back, feeling the spell loose its hold on him.

Once he was free, instead of attacking the Master, he wrapped his arms around the other's man's shoulders. The Master pressed himself closer, tasting him for a few moments longer before breaking away.

"A wise choice," he commented. "I'll make sure you enjoy this," he promised, moving to push Heero across the room to shove him backwards against the mattress.

The Master pinned him to the bed with amorous kisses, hands tearing at his clothes, divesting him of all garments before settling between his legs, laying his weight along Heero's body. Heero groaned. The Master's mouth and hands were everywhere--his neck, shoulders, chest, licking and suckling his nipples, his navel, along the inside of thighs... Heero gasped when the Master's hot mouth enveloped his erection, a slow, sensuous rhythm starting up as the Master's head bobbed up and down, tongue lapping at Heero's cock. A finger teased at his entrance before plunging in, and Heero found himself whimpering in both agony and pleasure, writhing under the evil lord's ministrations until he came. The Master drank him down, still suckling like a calf, one finger buried inside him.

Heero panted in the aftershocks of orgasm, and made a pleased little noise as the Dragon Master kissed the soft flesh behind his ear.

"That," the other man whispered huskily, "was a punishment for trespassing." He scooted back to swirl his tongue around one of Heero's nipples before settling between Heero's legs, spreading them further apart. "Killing off my Pokémon plushy guards, however, warrants another punishment."

Heero snickered and rolled his eyes. "Duo, they were supposed to be demons. Now you've ruined the fantasy."

"Silence," Duo commanded, still using that deep, powerful voice. "Be silent and receive your punishment," he added, bending Heero's legs at the knee and urging them further apart.

"Yes, oh mighty Dragon Master," Heero replied in mock awe and submission.

"Are you mocking me, little one? I believe it's time I started, then."

"Oh, please, punish me..."

"Don't underestimate me," Duo admonished, bending so that his face was level with Heero's puckered entrance.

"I'm so scar--ah... ohhh..."

Duo chuckled as he licked around the orifice. "I love you, you know that?"

"Ahh... Nn... Nnnng... Oh..."

"I can't *wait* for tomorrow night..."



[1] I would like to apologize for this stock-seme line.
[2] Since I apologized for the seme line, I guess I should apologize for the stock-uke line, too.
[3] Oh, the hell with it... I'll just apologize for the entire stock-lemon scene ^_^;;;

Confession: You guys got a cheap lemon scene because I only had 6 spiral notebook pages to do this part. Gomen. More next time, I swear. Besides, Akuma has the next part *grin* ^_~


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