Heart of the Night Part 21

"Take me to bed."

Trowa glared speechlessly at the blonde. He can't possibly mean...

Quatre smiled and reached up to brush his fingertips across the brunette's lip. "I told you before that I wasn't frightened of you. I meant it then and I mean it still." His fingers moved to caress the tall man's cheek. "Don't you think we've played this game long enough?"

Closing his eyes, Trowa reached up and grasped Quatre's wrist, drawing his hand away from his skin. "I can't."

"I know what you are afraid of. Trowa, you won't hurt me." Quatre's blue eyes shimmered with anger and sadness. "He manipulated you, made you believe that. I saw it in his mind... all the..." His slim body shuddered at the memories and Trowa found he couldn't stop himself from drawing Quatre to him, holding him tightly. "All the horrifying and cold-hearted things he did."

The brunette started as he felt a drip of wetness hit his skin. Quatre lifted his face to show tears streaming down his pale face. "It was... I'll never be able to erase what I saw. The killings over and over again, how you took a human lover and when you rested he somehow made you stay unaware of what was going on and he ripped the man from limb to limb, letting you wake to it after he left." The blonde drew a shaky breath. "And you weren't the only one he did that too."

"He killed her too. He made it look as if she had taken her own life to torture you... to make you keep yourself distant from people. He thought you were flawed because of your desire to live as normal life as you could manage."

Trowa remained silent as his fingers started to move through the silky locks of blonde hair. Manipulated? Somehow he wasn't surprised. He knew the Nakki had done that to him, he just didn't realize to what level he had been doing it.

"I love you, Trowa." Quatre whispered against his shirt. "I tried so hard to let you go and love another, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't forget my feelings. I loved you when I was still a child and I love you now that I'm a man. I'm never going to stop."

"Please... give me this one thing to remember you by before you leave me behind." He felt Trowa's body stiffen at his words and knew that he had guessed right. The brunette planned to leave him again. "I won't try to make you stay, but don't leave me like this."

"Quatre," Trowa said hoarsely. "I..." He didn't know what to say.

He looked down into those shining blue pools and saw what he never expected to see in the eyes of another person when they looked upon him. Love... understanding... and most of all... trust. Above all... Quatre actually believed in him and trusted him.

Quatre gasped as Trowa's arm tightened fiercely around him. He buried his face in his hair, breathing deeply of the clean, soapy scent, reveling in the silky strands as they brushed his cool skin.

His hands came up to brush through the blonde locks and Quatre turned his head slightly his mouth seeking Trowa's. Their lips crashed together, drawing a soft sound from the blonde as he nipped at Trowa's lip, feeling the brunette's body shiver against his.

A sense of desperation swept through them, as if they both sensed that this might be the only time they would have each other like this. Quatre's hands tugged restlessly at the shoulders of Trowa's jacket, pulling it off his arms and then going to untie his cravat.

Trowa released his lips and trailed his lips along his jaw, swiftly untying the blonde's cravat and tossing the snowy material aside. He fumbled nervously with the buttons on the neck of Quatre's shirt and with a low laugh the smaller man pulled away, his eyes shining. Trowa's breath caught in his throat as Quatre lowered his eyes, peering at him through long golden lashes, his face taking on a rosy hue.

The blonde wasted no time removing his own shirt, buttons hitting the stone walkway as he literally tore the fabric open. Then taking one of Trowa's hands, he pressed his lips to the cool, pale skin before placing it against the warm surface of his chest. "I've waited so long to feel your hands on me." He breathed.

"Quatre..." Trowa's voice was strangled as his hands skimmed across the blonde's bared skin. Sliding them around Quatre's back he roughly pulled the blonde close.

Quatre's head fell sideways as he felt Trowa's lips on his neck, a sensual shudder racing through him. He closed his eyes as he toyed with Trowa's hair, his body growing warm at the brunette's touch. He'd wanted this since before he even understood what it was that he desired. Trowa pulled away from him suddenly and leaned down plucking his shirt from the ground.

"Trowa...?" He asked as the man slipped the garment over his shoulders and stood up.

"It's alright." The brunette smiled sadly at him. "I'm not about to stop now, but..." He pulled the blonde to his feet and swept him up into his arms. "Neither am I going to have the first time I make to love you be out here in the cold on a rock hard bench." He said in a husky voice. "I want you in your bed."

Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck and buried his face against his neck, delivering little kisses and nips to the tender skin there as the taller man strode purposefully towards the house.

The slamming of the door brought Sebastian out of his room to peer into the dim hallway. Upon seeing Trowa hurrying up the stairs with Quatre in his arms, he smiled and slipped back into his room. It's about time. Maybe things would start to quiet down around the manor now.

Upon reaching Quatre's chamber Trowa kicked the door open and then shut, carefully setting Quatre on his feet in the middle of the room.

"We probably just shocked poor 'Bastian." The blonde chuckled as he watched Trowa quickly remove his shirt.

"Poor 'Bastian has been trying to get this to happen since you were seventeen." Trowa snorted as he went about removing Quatre's clothes as quickly as he could.

"'Bastian has?" Quatre replied in surprise; tugging at the buttons on Trowa's breeches.

"He doesn't really care much about such things as long as he thinks we're happy together." Trowa picked the now naked blonde up in his arms and carried him to the bed, kicked his breeches off in the process.

Laying him on the mattress the brunette drank in the sight of him, his body growing even more aroused as his gaze traveled the length of Quatre's slim body. He's always known that his ward was more beautiful than any boy had a right to be, but seeing him like this was indescribable.

"And are we?" Quatre asked as Trowa's lips descended on his.

"Are we what?" Trowa whispered as he traced the blonde's lips with the tip of his tongue. He felt the smaller man tremble as he kissed a path across his chest, stopping to lavish attention on each rosy nipple.

"Together." Quatre gasped arching against the brunette's mouth. He knew he has said earlier that he thought Trowa would leave him again, but he wanted just for this time to believe that it wouldn't happen.

"Quatre," Trowa said quietly. "Be quiet."

"Ha-ah!!" The blonde's body went taut and he shuddered as he was engulfed in the moist heat of Trowa's mouth. His hands slid into Trowa's hair as the other man slid his lips along the length of his shaft.

Carefully Trowa listened to the changes in his breathing and his reactions to what he was doing, bringing him just to the point of exploding before releasing him leaving Quatre trembling with need, his blue eyes dazed with his desire. Then as he lightly skimmed his fingers along the velvety length he wet two fingers and carefully pushed them into Quatre's body, stretching and preparing him as best as he could.

"T-Tro..wa..." Quatre gasped breathlessly. "Pl... plea..."

"I know," The brunette whispered as he moved up the length of the blonde's body. "Shh." He smoothed Quatre's hair from his forehead and placed a kiss on the damp skin.

The blonde pushed weakly at his shoulders, his eyes glittering. "I want... to you..." He panted.

"I'm fine." Trowa murmured. God help him if the boy touched him right now, there'd not be much else for them to do. He'd lose himself right there.

Shifting himself between the blonde's legs he leaned up as he felt Quatre's fingers dig into his flesh. "I love you, Quatre," He said his breath coming hard and fast. Claiming the blonde's lips once more he thrust into him, taking the younger man's gasp into himself. As the heat of the blonde's body closed around him he almost cried aloud, releasing Quatre's mouth and burying his face against his sweaty skin "so much... always..."

Moving slowly he made sure the blonde wasn't in any pain before increasing his pace. Quatre gasped and arched against him, urging him to move faster, a flush staining his fair skin. Trowa closed his eyes and lowered his head, his muscles straining with his effort to shut out his darker needs.

"Trowa," Quatre gasped, taking the man's face in his hands and kissing him. "It's alright. Do it, please. I want all of you. You won't hurt me and I'm not afraid."

The brunette groaned in need as Quatre's words reached him. Could he really... without hurting...? Did he have that much control? He knew instinctively that he did, he had never injured a lover during the act. And this one knew Quatre understood what he was.

The piercing of his skin assaulted Quatre with sensations that he hadn't expected. His eyes flew open and he almost screamed at the wave of pleasure the rocked through him as Trowa's teeth sank into his shoulder. "Tro...!!!" He arched upwards, his climax tearing through him.

It felt as if he were dying. The sweetest death one could ever experience. And in the haze of pleasure and pain he could hear Trowa's voice calling out to him as the man buried himself into his body hard and fast.

"Welcome back," Trowa whispered brushing his fingers through Quatre's bangs as he opened his blue eyes.

"What...?" The blonde asked as Trowa placed a soft kiss on his lips.

"You blacked out." The brunette gathered him close, resting his chin on the top of his head.

"I didn't think that could happen to..."

"To a man? It can." Trowa replied with a low chuckle. "Not often though. How do you feel?"

"Sleepy. Weak. Wonderful." His shoulder ached a little but not enough for him to worry about it.

Trowa kissed the top of his head. "It's almost morning. Go to sleep. I'll stay as long as I can."

"I don't want you to have to go," Quatre whispered.

"I have to. The sleep is not something I want you to see. I'll be with you when night comes again." If I can.

"Mm." The blonde mumbled his eyes closing. "Love you, Trowa."

"And I love you, little one."

When Quatre woke later that morning Trowa was gone. Stretching, he sat up and smiled happily his fingers lightly touching the wound on his shoulder. Maybe this would work out for them after all.



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