Heart of the Night Part 22

"Bastian," Quatre poked his head into the kitchen. "Did you see Trowa at any time last night?"

The old servant turned around and studied the young blonde. "Briefly at the beginnin' of the evenin'; he didn't come to your room?"

Quatre flushed lightly at the insinuation in Sebastian's voice. "No, at least not while I was awake."

"Well, I'm sure you'll be seein' him tonight. He did say he had some things he needed to look into. Maybe he went straight to that." He tapped the tabletop. "Come, sit and eat."

"I'm not really..." He stopped at the glare the man sent him and quietly went to sit at the table. "You're worse than a parent, 'Bastian."

"Somebody needs to be parenting you." The man snapped. "It's not like you take the time to look after yourself!"

"I looked after myself all through school." Quatre replied dryly.

"And look at you! I'd wager that you've lost at least one clothing size! Probably worried more about studyin' than eatin'!"

Quatre sighed as Sebastian set a bowl in front of him, followed by a plate of fresh bread. He already knew it didn't do any good to argue with the man when he had his mind set.

"Don't be worrin' about the master." Sebastian said sitting across from the young man. "There's nothing more important in this world to him than you. He'll not be leavin' you again."

"I'm not so sure about that, 'Bastian. He's worried that he'll hurt me in some way." Quatre set his spoon down after only a couple bites. "That in itself is enough to make him leave me behind." He got up from the table. "I'm sorry, I'm just not hungry."

"Fools." The old man muttered under his breath as he watched Quatre leave.


Quatre sat silently at the window in Trowa's library, his fingers toying with a slip of paper as he stared out the window at the gardens. Ask him about the book he received from me. That was part of what the paper said; a hastily penned note from Rickard. I think he's desperate enough to believe what's written in it.

It had been the blonde's intention to speak to Trowa of it the night before, but the Lord hadn't come to him at all. What was the book? Why did Rickard feel he had to write to him about it? Was it a danger to one of them? Too many questions had been caused by the cryptic message.

He folded the paper and slipped it into his pocket. Tonight he would be sure to ask.


Standing silently in the shadows; Trowa's expression softened as Quatre muttered and rolled onto his back in his sleep. He had avoided the young man for the last couple nights while he prepared himself for what was ahead of him. Now, after all that, he would allow himself this one night. In case I never can see him again.

Moving over to the bed, he lit the lantern on the stand and sat down. The blonde sighed and leaned into his hand as he gently stoked the side of his face and slowly opened his eyes.

"You're here." He whispered.

"Yes," Trowa leaned down and kissed him deeply. "I'm sorry for staying away."

"It doesn't matter." Quatre said wrapping his arms about the slim brunette's neck. "You're here now. I missed you."

Please, if there's a god out there, let me succeed. And if I don't, please watch over him and keep him safe. Trowa lost himself in the loving arms of this precious person, giving himself over to his desire. Losing himself in the love and warmth of the blonde, you are my light.

When Quatre woke in the morning, he briefly wondered if he had dreamed Trowa's visit the night before, it held such an unreal quality. Turning his head, his eyes fell on a single blood red rose lying on the table beside his bed.

Sitting up he plucked the flower from the table with a light smile, and then unfolded the note that was underneath it. He read silently, the color draining from his face. Then suddenly he flew from the bed, grabbing his clothes and yelling out for Sebastian at the same time. As he ran from the room, the single piece of paper fluttered to the floor, its words having stuck an icy fear into the heart of the young man.


By the time you awake, I will have put my plan into effect. If all is well, I will return to you tonight. If I do not, please, forgive me and go on with your life.

"Bastian!!" He screamed as he ran down the stairs from his room. "Bastian!! Where are you?!"

"I'm here," The old man came out of the study.

As Quatre came to a stop in front of him, he saw that the servant's eyes were worried, his face pale and drawn. "Where is he?" He grabbed Sebastian's shirt. "Where is Trowa?! What has he done?!"

"I was told not to tell you." Sebastian shook his head. "He doesn't want you there."


"But I think he may be needin' you. He was supposed to be back by now."


"Trowaaaaa!!" Quatre burst through the door of the tiny chapel, located on the edge of Lord Barton's estate. Coughing at the dust his entry stirred, the blonde made his way quickly to the front of the building, his eyes searching desperately. What would make him suddenly come here and in the daylight? What was Sebastian not telling him? To Trowa this was certain suicide to be here at this time.

Reaching the front of the room, Quatre's heart stopped in his chest as he saw the altar turned on it's side, a silver goblet lying in a pool of blood and Trowa lying face down on the floor off to the side, underneath a small window. "No. No. No." He cried as he rushed forward and fell to his knees beside the man. "What have you done?" He gathered the brunette's still from in his arm, tears tracking silently down his cheeks. He was cold as ice, not a breath stirring in his lifeless body.

Looking around them, his eyes fell on a book lying on the floor near Trowa. From its age and appearance he could tell it was probably the book that Rickard had been warning him about. Hesitantly his eyes skimmed the open page and the color drained from his face. "Trowa, why? How could you dare to even try such a thing?" He sobbed burying his face against the man's shoulder. "Damn you! How could you do this?" He cried, anger mixing with the grief.

He knew that he had driven him to this with his endless pursuit of him. Finally admitting his love, Trowa would go to any limits to ensure a 'normal' life for them. Even if it meant attempting the impossible.

To become mortal again.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." The blonde whispered holding the man tightly. "How am I supposed to go on without you? How, Trowa?"

He did not know how long he knelt there in the dust, holding the body of his lover in his arms. For him it seemed like only moments, but as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he realized it had been a lot longer. Looking up with anguished eyes, he clutched Trowa tighter.

"'Bastian... he..."

"I know." The old man said sadly. "There's nothing we can do to help him." He knelt beside Quatre and tried to move his arms.

"No! I won't let him go! I can't..." Quatre's body shook. "I can't... let go... I'll never..."

"He wouldn't be wantin' you to be like this." Sebastian said quietly. "Come on child, let him rest. He's lived long enough. He was willing to face the world as a normal man and to face death for you. The least you can do is face life for him, and let him go."

He took Quatre's arm and helped him from the floor. "We'll let him disappear from here the same way he suddenly appeared." The old servant said as he led the blonde towards the door. "We'll burn this building and leave here." He stopped at the door and looked at the young man. "Everything that was his is yours. He told me that before he left." He bowed his head slightly. "We will go where you wish, and I'll continue to look after you for as long as I have left. That was his wish also."

"Sebsatian... I..."

"That's how it is. You can't be changing it." Sebastian put an arm around his shoulders and led him from the building.

"Wait..." Quatre stopped suddenly and turned around.

"What is it?"

"Did you hear something?"

"Your ears are just playing tricks on you. There's nothing out here." Sebastian replied.

"No... I heard something from inside the chapel." Quatre said running back into the building.

"Quatre!" Sebastian followed as quickly as he was able. The young man was letting his hopes play with his mind. As he came to stop before the body of his master, Quatre looked at him sadly.

"I guess you were right. I couldn't have really heard anything. Let's go." He turned away.

Trowa's body shook as he gasped wildly and Quatre and Sebastian whirled around.



Quatre dropped down beside the brunette and took his hand. The man's chest was heaving wildly with the force of his sudden gulps of air. Suddenly his green eyes snapped open and his body went rigid as he let out a long, ear splitting scream of agony.

"Bastian! Help me!" Quatre cried as he grabbed Trowa's wrists trying to hold the man's convulsing body. "He'll hurt himself!"

Although the old man felt it was useless he knelt beside the blonde and tried to help hold his master still as he thrashed against the floor screaming. Blood flew from his lips and spattered Quatre's pale face with every breath.

"Trowa! Listen to my voice! Trowa!!" Quatre yelled over the screams. "Tell me what to do!! Please, God, help me!!" His eyes went to the wooden figure behind the overturned altar. "Please!!"

At one point Trowa managed to free one of his arms and Quatre grabbed his hand just short of clawing at his own face with his nails. In the process of leaning forward to grab his hand, the brunette's head came forward and slammed against his cheek, the force of the blow throwing Quatre off balance. Tumbling backwards, he hit his head against one of the pews, and a thin trail of blood ran down his face, staining blonde hair pink.

"Quatre!" Sebastian was torn between trying to help his master, or going to the one he thought of has his other master.

"I'm alright." Quatre said grimly as he crawled forward and threw himself across Trowa's convulsing form. "Trowa..." He kissed the man's blood stained cheek, ignoring his own blood dripping in off his face onto Trowa's skin. "Please, come back to us."

As suddenly as it had started, it ended. Quatre felt the man's body relax under him and he started to take steady deep gulps of air. "Trowa?" He said softly as he raised his head and looked into the man's green eyes.

At first the brunette didn't respond, he just stared at the blonde, his expression one of deep confusion. Then suddenly his eyes cleared and he reached up to touch the blood drying on Quatre's skin.

"You're hurt." He rasped.

"I'm fine." The blonde replied as tears started to flow down his face.

Then as if in wonder, Trowa touched his own face. Warm, soft skin lay under his fingertips. "It... worked... I didn't... think..."

"Then why did you do it?!" Quatre cried.

"For us." Was the only response and Quatre started to cry harder.

"We though you were gone." Sebastian said as he put a hand on the blonde's trembling shoulders.

"I think I was." Trowa replied wrapping his arms around Quatre. "It was vampire sleep, but not. I had no awareness but yet I was aware of existing." He turned his gaze to his lover. "Quatre, let's go home."


ONE more part!!!! I'm sorry for making everyone wait so long for this. My writing moods have been weird lately and it's been hard to work on this particular story.

Ceri: You're weird anyway.

You're one to talk! You're still mad about that PG-13 fic that I started, so I'm not paying any attention to you!


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