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Heart of the Night Part 20

It's alright... it will be alright... Trowa couldn't stop playing those words over and over in his mind. What had Rhea meant by them? How could it ever be alright, he wondered dimly as he stared down at the pale, thin blonde.

He sat on the edge of the bed, his fingers absently brushing Quatre's hair from his forehead, vaguely aware of Sebastian's presence just outside the room. He knew his old servant waited, wordlessly for the deed to be finished. And when it was done, the old man was ordered to torch the manor. He wanted no other person ever finding Quatre; or himself for that matter.

He could feel on the edge of the man's thoughts that he planned to remain also. Let him, he told himself. 'Bastian has lived more than his share... if he wishes to join us... then let him. He understood what the old man thought, and respected him for that.

He took Quatre's face in his hands, his fingers lightly gripping the fine line of his jaw. "I'm sorry..." He whispered. "I've tried everything that I could... in the end... I failed you in the worst way." He closed his eyes briefly as he turned the younger man's face, exposing the slim, white column of his neck.

He would take his life the best way he knew how. This way, they'd always be together, he'd share the last of the blonde's life and his death with him. And he knew... this way... there'd be no pain... if Quatre was still able to feel any.

"I love you..." He murmured as his teeth sank through the tender skin.

There was no pleasure in this for him as the blonde's lifeblood burst hotly over his tongue. For the first time in his life, he did not feel the surge of joy that came with the sweet, coopery taste. All that he could taste was death... despair... hopelessness. Slipping his arms around Quatre's waist, he set about the grim task of drinking deeply; of pulling his life from those two small wounds.

Outside the door, Sebastian leaned against the smooth wood of the hall, his old eyes brimming with unshed tears. It seemed to him like he'd been standing in that same place for an eternity, waiting...

Waiting for his master to tell him it was done.

Waiting to take the next step and destroy the house with both of his masters in it.

Waiting to join them...

It would be over soon.

Trowa started, his senses reeling on the edge of the feeding haze he was in. Lightly, like the fluttering of butterfly's wings... a touch along his cheek. What...? He felt Quatre's muscles flex weakly against his arms as the fingers brushed his skin again and he drew back in shock.

"T-Tro..." The blonde gasped, his arms coming up to slide around the brunette's neck.

His body trembled as he looked into the pale face in disbelief. Blue eyes were staring hazily back up at him. Weak... confused... but aware! "Quatre..."

Quatre blinked slowly. "I was gone for almost too long... wasn't I?" He rasped.

With those words, Trowa broke down, his body shaking with sobs as he leaned his cheek against the young man's chest hearing the steady beat of his heart; the heart that he had been scant moments away from stopping. From the doorway, Sebastian watched in mind numbing relief as Quatre's arms tightened around his master, holding him close, his eyes closing wearily.

"It's alright now." The blonde murmured, one hand tenderly caressing the short locks of brown hair. "I was lost... but... I'm home now..."


Sitting at his desk, the room barely lit by the dying fire in the hearth, Trowa slowly ran his fingertips over the tattered leather cover of the ancient book. Where had Rickard gotten this thing? This book shouldn't even exist.

Most believed that it never existed to begin with... and if it had it had been lost centuries before Trowa was created. To vampires, the text it contained was as revered, mysterious, and unobtainable as the Holy Grail was to the Christians. It was a legend, a myth, a fairytale, and story created to give his kind some sort of hope. To give them strength to hold out against the despair that gripped them as the endlessness of their existence stretched before them.

Yet here it sat; its pages dry and yellowed, cover ripped and streaked with dirt. He wondered as he carefully caressed the rough surface what impact this would have on the scattered members of his kind. Would it save them or destroy them?

He leaned over and opened the bottom drawer of his desk, his fingers quickly activating a spring inside to reveal a false bottom. Wrapping the book in a soft cloth, he gently placed it in the bottom and pushed the panel back into place with an audible click. Closing the drawer, he turned the key in its lock and then pocketed the sliver of metal.

He would decide what to do with the book at a later time. Right now every fiber of his being longed to be elsewhere; attending to things much more important.


"I'm telling you that I am FINE!!" Quatre snapped in irritation as Sebastian tried to push him back to his room.

"The Master, he ordered you to rest!" The old servant grumbled back. "I'm not intendin' to be goin' again' his wishes!"

"You're not! I am!" The blonde protested. "Bastian, I've been literally locked up in the room for almost a month. I'm sick of staring at the ceiling." His blue eyes pleaded. "All I want is to go to the library and read."

"You can read in your room."

"No I can't! It's not the same. I need to get out of there or I'll go insane!" Quatre side-stepped from the older man's grip. "I'm going and if His Lordship has a problem with it, I'll deal with him." The blonde's eyes softened as he touched Sebastian's cheek. "I'm not his ward any longer, 'Bastian. I'm my own man, I will do things as I see fit."

As Quatre disappeared down the hallway Sebastian shook his head and muttered to himself. "Headstrong. He's always been that way, but livin' on his own has made him worse. I wouldn't want to be him when the Master finds out about this though. That man worries more about him than a new mother with a newborn."

On his way to the library, Quatre found a couple letters addressed to him on the small table by the door. Sebastian had been bringing him his correspondence every day so he assumed they must have arrived earlier that day. Picking them up; he wandered into the library.

After choosing a book from the hundreds lining the shelves the blonde went to sit by the window. There was still a little daylight left he knew that Sebastian would be in to start a fire soon. Until then he could use the light from outside to read.

He set the book aside and looked at the letters. One was a reply to an inquiry he'd made for a teaching position. It said that with his grades, despite his youth, they would be willing to talk to him in person. Well, that's a good sign at least.

Turning the other letter over his heart lurched as he saw Vachel's fine scrawling print on the paper. He hadn't seen Vachel Roche since the day Nakki had abducted them. He actually thought that the other man probably believed he was perished, and he'd been content to leave it that way. Obviously he had been wrong.

Opening the envelope he pulled the page out and began to read. Most of it was filled with worry over him, his injuries, which had long healed, and his situation living with that creature again. Quatre's fingers tightened on the paper, crinkling the edges. After Trowa had risked himself to help them.

But then it said that he understood and that he trusted Lord Barton with Quatre's welfare more than anyone else he could think of, including himself. That Lord Barton had visited him to let him know that Quatre was alright. It said that he was trying to start his life over and he found had help in that. It said that he hoped that Quatre would find his happiness in this world. It said "I love you".

It said "Good-bye".

Folding the paper back up, he smiled softly. He truly hoped that Vachel and Rickard would build something together. He knew from the start that he wasn't right for the young lord, but he was also surprised at his lack of sadness at the good-bye, considering all that they had shared with one another.

As he went to put the paper back in the envelope he saw another smaller slip of paper tucked in the bottom of it. Frowning he pulled it out, not recognizing the handwriting on it.

The note was from Rickard. The young man had found some information that he thought that the blonde would want to know. Skimming the words, Quatre's frown deepened. This definitely made a difference in his plans for the future. This was something he had to think about seriously.

But he already knew what course of action he would probably take.

Setting the letters aside he decided he needed fresh air to clear his head so he could think. He knew it was close to sunset but he figured he'd be back inside before Trowa fully awoke and realized he had gone out. Quatre almost laughed aloud as he realized his thoughts. To be thinking of living with Trowa as if he were like any other normal human.

Lost in thought he made his way down the hallway and out the door to the gardens.

It was almost two hours later when Trowa found the slim blonde curled up on the stone bench in the center of the garden.

"Quatre," He whispered in a low voice, his hand resting against the sleeping man's shoulder. Blue eyes drifted open and his breath caught in his throat. He'd never get over the beauty of this person. He grew even more so with each year. It was the type of beauty that would never fade with age, it would just evolve.

Sitting up Quatre looked around him slowly. "I'm sorry, I wanted some fresh air. I must have fallen asleep." He glanced up at the tall man. "You're not angry." He said; a simple statement of fact rather than a question.

Trowa sighed softly and sat down beside him. "It seems that every time we've found ourselves out here together, we've been angry at one another. I don't wish to argue with you." He searched the blonde's pale face. "You're feeling alright?"

"I was feeling alright two weeks ago!" Quatre quipped.

"Bastian told me about earlier. If you were strong enough to go up against him then you must be fine." Trowa reached over and brushed a stray lock of hair from Quatre's cheek. "I missed you after you left."

"You shouldn't have sent me away then."

"You are right, I should not have, but I thought I was making the right decision. I didn't want you to know..." His words trailed off in the dim night. "I didn't want to endanger you. Instead I put you in danger by sending you away."

"You broke my heart." Quatre looked away as he realized what he had just said.

"I know. I wanted to." Trowa reached around to cup his cheek, turning his face to him. "It crushed mine to do it." He whispered.

Quatre searched his deep green eyes, looking for an answer to his unspoken question. What would they do now?

Trowa saw the question, but didn't answer. He couldn't answer. The solution lie on the pages of an ancient book and he didn't even know if it were true. He couldn't risk speaking of it.

Leaning over he lightly brushed his lips against Quatre's. "I'm sorry for hurting you." He murmured.

Quatre leaned against him, his slim arms creeping around the man's waist. "I know you are." The shade of his eyes shifted as he kissed the brunette. "Trowa, would you do one thing for me? It's such a small thing, and I won't ever ask it of you again if you don't wish me to."

"What is it?"

"Take me to bed."



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