Born in Chaos Part 11

Wufei looked up from staring into the fire to scan the darkness surrounding the camp. At the same time Milliardo rose to his feet, his ice blue eyes glittering. Something was moving at the edge of the shadows. Placing one hand on his sword, Wufei rose and slowly advanced in the direction of the slight sound.

"That's far enough."

"Then come into the light where we can see you." The mage responded.

At his words, two tall, slender forms emerged from the shadows. Wufei gripped his sword hilt tighter, his face incredulous as he stared at the strangers.

"What the hell..."

"Elves." Milliardo replied. "Unbelievable. We thought you'd all died out."

"You should know better than that," one with fair hair and light eyes said.

"How is that?"

"Look inside yourself...." The other dark haired one added.

Wufei frowned at their words. "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to collect you. Your companions, Heero and Duo are at our village. Two others have gone to find your other friends."

Milliardo raised an eyebrow. "What guarantee do we have that you are telling the truth?"

The dark haired elf glared at him. "You'll just have to take our word for it."


If he were going to die, he wished it would just happen. All he wanted was for the pain and the cold to go away... desperately he prayed for the numbless that accompanied death.

"Trowa..." a gentle voice whispered very close to his ear and he felt himself enveloped in a soft warmth. "I found you."

He slowly opened his eyes to realize that he was still in the void, but now, he was being held in Quatre's arms... the healer's golden aura surrounding them both.

"It's alright now..." The blonde soothed. "Come back to me."

"I don't understand..."

"You've saved me... saved us both.... you gave me your strength and took my injuries upon yourself."

"You're so warm." Trowa murmured, burying his face in Quatre's neck. "I don't want to go back, it's always been so cold there."

"Never again. My light will always be there to sustain you... we're bound to each other. It was to be." The blonde whispered and as his words echoed around them Trowa saw part of the vision that Quatre had seen before this started.

The creatures, whose symbols they carried in the amber. A snowy white pegasus stood before them, Quatre, and coiled around it's neck, in a loving embrace... a couatl, Trowa.

"My visions told me that I would meet my heart's mate in you." Quatre kissed his forehead. "Now, Trowa Barton, it's time to come back."

Trowa started, his eyes flying open. He was back in the cave, the light of Milliardo's spell casting a soft glow over him. He still lay under the cloak, Quatre's slim form clasped tightly against his. The healer's body was no longer cold, he was warm to the touch and looking down, Trowa saw that his skin had returned to a healthy pink.

He stirred and raised his golden head to gave into Trowa's green eyes. With a tremulous smile he reached up and touched the brunette's cheek.


Trowa drew back. "Quatre... I...."

"Shhh." The blonde said softly. "Don't speak of it. Not until you know it's time... and you will know. I'll be waiting for you, for as long as it takes for you to understand."

Quatre sat up and looked down at him. "We should try and find the others."

Trowa blinked in surprise.

"Your memories." The boy responded, reaching for his tunic.

A short time later the pair set out from the cave and started north, planning to meet the others on their way back. Neither sensed that their companions were in a different direction.

They traveled for the remainder of the day, each lost in his own thoughts. Trowa couldn't stop going over the various things that Quatre had told him during the healing. He had questions... he had fears... but above it all... he knew that he wanted to stay near the healer.

The small blonde offered something to him that no one else had. Light... and warmth, but there was something else. Something that Trowa couldn't quite understand.

"You said that you could heal me completely."

The healer stopped and looked at him. "Excuse me?"

"When we were... unconscious... you said that you could heal me completely. What did you mean?"

Continuing to walk, Quatre tried to explain. "You've been hurt by others your entire life... outcast because of what you were born to be. These things cause injuries far more damaging than any sword could inflict. The scars run deep and affect everything you do. Only a true healing could rid you of them."

"Can you?"

Quatre glanced at him, wondering if he truly understood what it meant. "Yes."

Trowa fell silent again and Quatre watched him out of the corner of his eye. It looked as if the brunette were trying to decide something.

"Before you make a final opinion on it... I need to tell you. A healing like that is rare, it hardly ever done because of what it means. It's very..." He blushed lightly at the thought. "intimate. We'd be bound on every level... it's a marriage of souls... and a mating of bodies."

"Ah." Was the brunette's only reply.

When they finally stopped to make camp, Trowa still hadn't commented on what Quatre had told him and the blonde was in no rush to press him for his thoughts.

They built a small fire near the banks of a river. Trowa caught several fish from the clear waters and the pair ate in silence. After their meal, Quatre told the brunette that he was going up river to swim and clean up. Trowa nodded silently, his eyes glittering in the firelight as he watched the healer cast a light spell and leave the camp.


Quatre dove under the cool water of the river and then surfaced a few feet away, almost purring with pleasure. Pushing his hair back and brushing the water from his eyes, a movement on the riverbank caught his attention.

Looking up, his eyes widened as he saw Trowa lay the last of his clothes on the grass and stride into the water. Their gazes locked and Trowa's eyes never wavered from his as he approached. Coming to a stop in front of the blonde, he reached out a brushed a stray lock of his hair from his face.

"Yes." He murmured.

Quatre swallowed. "Trowa... do you understand what this means? What we..."

His words were cut off by Trowa's fingertips on his lips. "I do. And whether you heal me or not... I want this."

He moved closer and cupped the healer's face, lowering his head to taste his soft lips.


Heero sat at the table in Olwyn's home and watched Duo playing with Awena in something next to disgust. If these people knew what Duo 'was' they'd never let him near their daughter. He should tell them... but instead he bit his tongue. No sense in causing carefully avoided trouble.

"So, you think it'll be tomorrow before the trackers return?" He said turning the dark haired elf.

"Aye. Possibly the next for the healer and his companion. They are further away. At any rate the other two will be here."

Heero nodded as Duo approached the table. "You said your eldest daughter would be unhappy that we are here. Why is that?" The thief asked.

The path to the palace has been entrusted to one person in the village, since the guardian disappeared. Every generation it is passed to a new holder. Essylt's mate is the holder of this knowledge. This means that he'll be going with you."

"I can see why she'd be upset." Duo replied.

Heero eyed the violet-eyed boy. "She should have known when she mated with him that this could happen." He growled.

"None of us ever thought it would happen this soon." Olwyn explained.

"And none of us, ever thought it would happen at all." Duo added.

Olwyn stood up, looking down at the two. "We should get sleep. There will be a council meeting tomorrow and you will be expected to be there."

Heero nodded as the elven man gathered up his daughter and carried her to the other end of the cottage. After a few moments, he too stood and left, leaving Duo alone in the room.

Duo snorted softly. "Council meetings... waiting for people to arrive... all the time as far a she know... one of our own is dying. I can't believe that they just want us to wait around."

Then with a low sigh, we went to join Heero in the small room that Olwyn and his mate had given them.



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