Born in Chaos Part 10

Trowa felt like he was floating. All the pain that he'd felt when he touched the healer was gone... now there was only warmth, dark, and a sense of weightlessness. Had Quatre failed? Failed and both of them perished together? Was this what it felt like when one met death?

"Trowa." A quiet voice spoke around him and up ahead he saw a faint golden glow.

Unmoving he watched as it drew nearer to him, revealing a figure in the midst of the warm light.

"Trowa." The figure spoke as it raised its head and he found himself staring into the blue eyes of the healer.

Quatre's eyes shone as he smiled and held out his hand. "Why do you hide from the light?"

Trowa took a step back and Quatre's eyes grew sad.

"Even now, you reject me and what I am." He whispered, silver tears shining on his cheeks, the light around him starting to fade.

"No!" Trowa knew that fading light meant the boy was letting himself die.

He reached desperately for the boy. "No! Please! Don't go!" His fingers not quite touching Quatre's face. "Please.... I-I don't know how... you can't die!" He almost sobbed in his frustration. "I-I don't know how to accept the friendship you offer.... I've been alone for so long!"


"What? Quatre! Quatre!" He cried as the healer's form faded away. "I can't hear you!"

He found himself alone in the dark once again... only this time he felt a part of him missing. It had been missing all along... only now he was fully aware of it.

"You have so many hurts.... let me heal them." A gentle voice whispered around him.

Pain ripped through him and he screamed out in the dark.


Heero stared evenly at the men that stood in front of him, his hand resting lightly on his sword.

"That's probably not a good idea." One of them gestured at his hand. "We can kill you before you even get that out."

"I doubt that." Heero replied flatly. "Where are they taking him."

"To a cell, more than likely, then tomorrow they'll execute him. The same that will happen to you. Humans aren't allowed beyond the edge of the mountains, it's forbidden."

Heero thought it over for a moment and then lowered his hand. Why try to sneak into the village when they'd take him right in?


Duo leaned on the narrow sill to the tiny window in his cell and peered out into the street. How the heck was he supposed to talk his way out of this one? He'd walked right into that one. Him. One of the best thieves in Sanq.

He sighed and then stiffened. Heero? They found Heero, too? His eyes narrowed as he watched the cobalt-eyed boy being led down the street. He looks a little too calm. I wonder what he's up to?

He stepped back from the window and sat on the narrow bench lining the wall and waited. In a few moments he heard noises outside his cell and the door opened.

"Well... guess you're not the warrior that you thought you were." Duo said evenly from his seat.

Heero walked in and leaned against the further wall, fixing his glare on Duo.

"Friendly as ever, I see." The other boy snorted and lay down, facing the wall.

Heero watched as Duo's braid fell off the bench and swung in the air. For a moment he had an overwhelming urge to walk over there and strangle the idiot with his own hair. With a frown he pushed himself away from the wall and started to examine the small cell.

A while later, Heero had settled himself in the far corner, where he could watch the door, and Duo was asleep on the bench, when the door swung open. Duo rolled over to see Olwyn stride into the small room.

"Geraint told me that another human had been brought here, and that two more were found west of here. Tell me what you all are doing in these mountains."

Duo sat up and looked at him. "I tried to do that before you had me dragged away."

"For that matter, Awena told me how you saved her. Why didn't you use your power to escape?"

Duo sighed. "Because I have no desire to kill your people. Him, I can't speak for..." He nodded in Heero's direction. "I think he'd kill me if he had the chance."

Duo got up and walked over to look out the tiny window again. "We're here because our Queen sent us on a mission to try and restore the lost guardian."

Olwyn started in shock. "The guardian?! But everyone knows that her warriors are elven... and they haven't appeared."

Just then Heero go to his feet and walked over to stand in front of the man. "How do you know that for sure?"

"Because only we know the path to her palace and the location of the keys."

Duo spun around. "Your people know the way? How?"

"It's our legacy." Another voice spoke from behind Olwyn.

"Mother Ceris! Why are you here?" Olwyn turned to face an old elven woman, her hair long and colorless, her eyes clouded over with age.

"Because I wanted to see these young humans. I haven't seen a human since Tegan left the village with that one she mated with. They are curious creatures."

"Mated with??" Olwyn replied in shock.

"Yes, it used to be common. There are many humans with a little elven blood in them." She walked forward and peered at Heero. "This one is such a person and so is he." She pointed at Duo.

She turned back to Olwyn. "They speak the truth. They are the ones born to seek the guardian. Release them and then find their companions. We should help them all we can, for they are the only ones that can find her."

"But... how do you know that?" Duo asked.

"Ceris is our seeress, she knows many things." Olwyn bowed to them. "If this is what she says, then it must be so, for she has never been wrong. Please, accept our apologies, but many of our people were hunted by humans because they wanted to control our power. We sealed ourselves off from them when we saw our own destruction and them destroying themselves."

Heero nodded once as they were led from the cell. Ceris stopped and looked at him. "The warriors lines would have been hidden among the humans to try and protect them from him." She said quietly.

"Him?" Duo turned to her.

"The one who controls the shadow. He sleeps, but with your arrival, he'll awaken soon and your true battle will begin."

"Come, we'll give you rooms in my home and send trackers for your friends. Awena will be glad to see you again. Although I'm not too sure my eldest daughter, Essylt will be."


Someone was crying. Trowa struggled to wake up. Something was wrong. Quatre his mind cried out. I failed... I wasn't strong enough for both of us! He fought against the blackness the wrapped itself around him and threatened to drag him under.

Cold crept into every fiber of his being and he fought against it with all his will. But he could feel the cold and dark winning... he just wasn't strong enough to fight it off.

Quatre... he tried to say. Please... don't... be sad.



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