Born in Chaos Part 12

Quatre slid his arms up around Trowa's neck, his pulse racing as the taller boy gently explored his mouth. All around them, his light spells cast a soft white glow over the water's surface. The motion of the water as it swirled around them, made him feel weightless; the taste of Trowa's tongue in his mouth, made him float. There was more right to this than just the bond they shared from Trowa's healing, Quatre could feel it.

There was love... limitless... unassuming.... love. In such a short time, he had come to love the tall brunette and in the taste of his kiss, he could feel the same emotions burning beneath the surface.

Trowa broke the kiss and raised his head, his eyes dark with want. "Tell me if I do something you don't wish me to." He whispered. "If you want me to sto..."

Quatre pressed his fingers to Trowa's lips, his eyes shining.

That was all the answer the boy needed, leaning over, he swept the blonde into his arms, carrying him to the shore. He almost stumbled and dropped the blonde, his breath quickening, as Quatre wrapped his arms around his neck, and playfully nipped at his ear with sharp teeth. Quatre's warm breath caressed the skin of his neck causing shivers of delight to race through him.

Reaching the shore, he set Quatre on his feet and pulled him close, the smaller boy gasping at the feel of Trowa's erection pressing against his skin. Trowa slid one hand behind Quatre's waist and the other around his shoulders and then sliding one leg between the blonde's he carefully lowered him to the ground, his lips seeking Quatre's as he did so.

Lying back, Quatre gasped into Trowa's mouth as the taller boy lay against him, his hands framing the sides of Quatre's face. The brunette pulled back, moving his lips down the slim column of Quatre's throat, his hands sliding down to clasp the boy's waist. His mouth moved lower, across Quatre's chest until he came to one of his already hard nipples.

Quatre grasped his shoulders and held on, crying out, as Trowa drew one of the hard buds between his teeth and gently bit down. He then lifted his head and blew lightly, causing it to tighten even more, before swirling the tip of his tongue around it. Then he kissed his way across Quatre's chest and repeated the action, drawing another throaty cry from the blonde.

He slid lower, down Quatre's form, nipping at the skin on the blonde's side, making his jump. His hands slid along Quatre's sides as he pressed his lips to the boy's trembling stomach, feeling his muscles quiver under his kiss. All the while he was exploring the blonde's pale skin, Quatre's fingers twined in his hair and he arched against his lips, seeking more.

Quatre jumped in surprise as Trowa's hands slid along the inside of his thighs, lightly brushing against his erection. Then another, more bold, touch and a gasp of surprise from the blonde. He felt Trowa's firm lips against the soft skin of his leg as he gripped his shaft and started to move his hand along it's velvety surface.

Trowa lifted his head and watched Quatre's face as he moved his hand in strong, sure strokes. The blonde had a look of pure surprise on his face, mixed with intense pleasure, his head to the side, his pink lips parted as he cried out and gasped.

He realized by Quatre's reactions, that he'd never been touched by another person and that knowledge brought a tender, protective feeling welling up in him. Along with them a feeling of almost perverse joy that he would be the first person to show the small blonde the dizzying heights of pleasure.

He wet a finger and carefully brushed it across Quatre's entrance, feeling the boy jump under his touch. Again he brushed his finger across him, this time stopping and applying a small amount of pressure. He kissed the sensitive skin on the inside of Quatre's thigh as he kept repeating the action, letting the boy get used to his touch.

Raising his head, he whispered quietly. "Quatre."

The blonde's blue eyes floated open and met Trowa's green ones. When their eyes met, Trowa pushed a little harder and his finger slid inside the blonde's trembling body. Quatre's head went back and he made a strangled sound at the surprising intrusion and at the same time Trowa slid his mouth down his shaft.

Raising his head, at the same time he slid his finger from Quatre's body. He carefully added a second finger, moving back down on the blonde's hard length. Quatre let out a cry and pushed against Trowa's hand and into his mouth at the same time, as he brushed his fingertips across a sensitive spot inside.

Trowa continued as long as he dared, bringing Quatre to the edge. Pulling his hand away, he moved back, drinking in the sight of Quatre's pale form writhing before him; the light from his spells just enough to show the light flush on his skin.

Not being able to wait any longer to claim the fey boy, Trowa used the only thing he had to make himself as slick as he could and then he leaned forward, capturing Quatre's mouth. He helped the blonde wrap his ankles around his waist, pressed the tip of his erection against his entrance.

He raised his head and looked down at Quatre. "Quatre, look at me." He murmured.

Quatre opened his eyes and looked up at Trowa.

"I can't stop this from hurting you, I can only promise that as you get used to it... it hurts less." He whispered, kissing him.

The blonde smiled and nodded his head. "It's alright."

"Hold on to me, okay." Trowa's lips found his and he moved slowly forward, feeling the boy tense beneath him. "Relax," He soothed, his hands softly caressing Quatre's sides.

Quatre took a deep breath and dug his fingers into Trowa's shoulders as he started to move again, filling him until he thought he couldn't take anymore. Then, his healing power took over and the ache started to diminish as Trowa settled fully within him.

He opened his eyes to see Trowa looking worriedly down at him. "I'm fine," He smiled up at the brunette. "There are advantages to being a healer."

Trowa's lips found his as he pulled out and then moved slowly back into him, the heat of the blonde's body making Trowa's head spin. "Quatre... I..."

Gentle fingers caressed his face. "It's alright."

A soft kiss and with a groan, Trowa started to move steadily, moving his hand between them to grip Quatre's erection. Quatre's hands moved under his arms and around to his back, moving with him.

Trowa was so lost in his pleasure he didn't notice when the blonde healer started to glow a soft golden color, his light enveloping both of them; a tender warmth seeping into the lovers.

"Trowa!" Quatre cried out and the light gathered to itself and burst forth from them like millions of stars as the blonde's release drove all conscious thought from his mind.

He buried his face against Trowa's shoulder as the taller boy shuddered and ground out his name, driving into him, his own release coming onto him hard and fast.

Trowa wrapped him arms around Quatre's shoulders, holding the boy as tightly as he dared, feeling tears on his face. He'd felt it... more than just a climax shared... he'd felt what the healer had felt. He'd felt the blonde reach into him and infuse him with his own warmth.

He'd never be cold again... of that he was sure.

He pulled away and kissed Quatre's forehead. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Brilliant blue eyes shone up at him.

Trowa carefully pulled out of him and stood, picking the healer up at the same time. "Are you sure?"

A gentle kiss and a low laugh. "More than alright."

Trowa carried him into the river, gently washing the remnants of their lovemaking from his pale skin, kissing him everywhere at the same time. By the time he was finished, Quatre's eyes were dark and his breath short and Trowa was likewise affected.

He didn't bother to pull the blonde back out of the water as he turned him around and pressed against his back, carefully entering him again. Quatre cried out his passion as Trowa wrapped an arm around his waist and held him tight, while his other hand found his shaft. Within the weightlessness of the river, the pair once again moved with each other, bringing each other to a shattering second climax.

Finally, Trowa pulled the blonde to the shore and collapsed with him on the banks of the river. Quatre snuggled himself against Trowa's chest and practically purred as his eyes drifted shut. His eyes drifted open for a moment as he felt Trowa kiss the top of his head.

"You've done that before..." The healer murmured sleepily.

Trowa stiffened at his words and then relaxed, realizing that it was just an observation, not an accusation. "Aye." He ran his fingers through Quatre's golden hair. "But never like this."

"Not unless you'd been with another healer." Came the low reply. Then, even softer. "I'm in love with you, Trowa."

Trowa blinked, love? Him? He'd just been given the most precious gift in this small form draped across his chest. He hugged the blonde tightly. "I don't know for sure how I feel, Quatre." Closing his eyes in fear of hurting the boy, but unwilling to tell him anything but the truth. "But, I promise to be honest with you. I know you've touched me more deeply than I ever though possible."

A sigh and the arm around the brunette's waist tightened. "That's enough for now." Came the sleepy reply.

The pair held each other as they drifted off to sleep together. And somewhere deep inside the slim brunette, broken feelings started to mend again. The healing had begun.


Relena flew down the hallways of her palace, her face pale and frightened. Reaching one of the many doors, she pounded on it as hard as she could. "Noin! Noin!"

The door flew open and the black haired women stared in shock at the young, breathless queen. "What is it, lady? What's happened?"

"We're betrayed! The entire kingdom is in dire danger!"

"What? How? Milady, who?"

"My brother. The Palace of Light, it lies to the south. He heads north to the Palace of Shadows to awaken the Lord of Shadow!"

Noin gasped. "But what of the others?"

"He'll either turn them or kill them. We must dispatch an army to stop him, immediately!" Relena cried.

"Milady, I don't think..."

Her words were cut off as a figure stepped from the shadow and touched her shoulder. For a scant moment, the air around her darkened and she blinked in confusion.

"Yes, milady... I'll dispatch the men at once and lead them north myself." Noin said, turning back into her room.

As the door shut Relena turned to the other person.

"I told you that she'd probably need convincing." The figure stepped forward, the light from the torches glinting off her blonde hair. "The foolish woman is in love with your brother, she'd never believe anything bad of him."



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