Little Visitors from the Future Part 2

AC 206

Heero was slowly waking up from the few hours of troubling sleep he had gotten. He realized right away that his husband was no longer sleeping next to him.

Duo was wrapped in a black silky bathrobe; his incredibly long hair was flowing down his back. He was silently sitting next to the window. He was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice Heero's approach.

"Good morning, koi." The Japanese man wrapped Duo into his arms.

The long-haired American smiled slightly, relaxing into his spouse's embrace. "Morning Hee-chan."

"Are you okay?"

The violet-eyed young man sighed.

Heero softly kissed the deepened frown away, "Everything will be fine. We will find them. The little devils will be alright."

Duo nodded silently. Hearing Heero say that gave him the confidence that he needed. His two children would be back safe and sound.

"I am not that worried about them, they will be fine." Heero said casually, "I am more worried for the person that took them, hopefully they will still be in one piece when our little imps are through with them."

The violet eyes were immediately filled with amusement, "Yup. Those're my kids."

Glad that he had been successful in cheering his lover up a little, Heero started helping Duo braid his long hair. "How about we go have a quick shower and then go have breakfast?"

"But I'm not hungry."

"Love, if you want to find those two little munchkins, you have to eat. You'll need as much energy as you have."


* * * * * *

AC 195

It was around six AM in the small apartment. No one was a wake yet and nothing moved. Not a sound was heard from the residence.... well, maybe a few occasional snores did come out from the bedrooms. All in all, it was just a normal quiet morning like any other.


"EEEEEWWWWW!!!!! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Shinji-chan pee in the bed!!!!!" Childish scream and tiny footsteps were heard from the outside of the two teenagers' bedroom door.

In the room, the two ex-gundam pilots who were still sleeping soundly, suddenly woke completely. They found themselves cuddling each other rather comfortably.

"...........Sorry!" Duo said embarrassingly.


The two friends who were sitting on the bed awkwardly, didn't dare to make any eye contact.

The small figure chose this exact moment to barge in the room. "Daddyyyyy!" The young child wailed while she was nuzzled herself into Duo's arms.

"Miyu-chan.... What..."

"Daddy!!!!" Miyuki winkled her nose cutely. "My pj's are all wet, and it's stinky too."

"Oh man........" The long-haired boy's wailed. "I was hoping it was just a weird nightmare..." His voice trailed off. He had a feeling that he would have a horrible headache by the end of the day.

While Heero looked after the little girl, Duo went to the other bedroom to take care of the little pest who caused all the fuss.

The violet-eyed teen who went into the room, surprisingly found that the lad was still curled up in his wet blanket, soundly sleeping.

//How can he still be sleeping so peacefully after all the racket anyway?// The American chuckled quietly. //And with his butt all wet...//

"Hey kiddo." Duo shook the small body gently.

"Hmmm........" The youngster turned over, continued to slumber.

The long-haired young man shook his head amusingly. "Wake up now Shinji-chan. You need to go clean up ya know?"

"No........" The boy mumbled.

Duo yanked the thick, warm and wet blanket off of the small body. The three-year-old just curled himself up even more tightly.

Duo's brow creased together, lips pursed, hands on his hips. //Humph! Now I am going to do things in my way.//

He went to the bathroom, filled up the bathtub, and then went back to the bedroom, picked up the sleeping toddler. After stripping the young child, without any warning, Duo dumped the kid into the tub.

* * * * * *

When Duo went in the kitchen after he put all the wet bed sheets and garments into the washer, Shinji was sitting at the kitchen table, with his arm crossed over his chest and pouting cutely, still brooding about what happened earlier. His sister was sitting beside him, sipping her cup of milk.

Duo watched the little boy sulking. The long-haired youth chuckled softly, walked over to the coffee-machine, and started to make himself a cup of coffee. "What are you making Heero?"

"Pancakes." The Japanese boy deadpanned.

"Great! We do have maple syrup, right?"

"Yes." Heero smirked slightly, knowing his friend's love for maple syrup.

Hearing Heero's answer, not only Duo was beaming, their two little guests also had this silly grin on their faces, even though the young boy tried very hard to hide it. It seemed like the supply of maple syrup in the house would finish a lot faster from now on.

While everybody else was enjoying their breakfast, Shinji-chan sat there, silently debating with himself.

'I am hungry.........'

'But daddy dumped me into the bathtub....' Another voice beeped up in his young mind.

'So what? I am hungry, the pancakes look AND smell good.....and it got maple syrup on 'em....'

'But..........' The little voice started to waver.

While the little boy was busy arguing with himself, his sister had already finished her own sharing of pancakes.

"'tou-san, can I have more?" The young girl pleaded.

"There's no more."

Miyuki-chan pouted. Her bright violet eyes were trailed down to her brother's untouched plate.

"You want 'em?" She pointed at her brother's plate of pancakes, eyeing them hopefully.


"I asked you if you want your pancakes." Her fork was already preparing to snatch one of the pancakes off her brother's plate.


"So you don't want them?"


"Oh well, if you don't want 'em, I am going to eat 'em for you. I don't mind."

"'s mine." the toddler held the plate closer to himself, then started to inhale his pancakes. "And who said I dun't want 'em?"

"Aaawwww. Can I have a tiny little piece? Pretty please."



Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait. Hope you still like it.


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