Little Visitors from the Future Part 1

AC 195




"They" Duo was desperately trying to ignore the fact that those two munchkins were his own kids for now, "from the future."


"But how did they get here?"

The ex-Wing pilot shrugged.

The long-haired boy sighed and turned to face the two little kids who were happily munching on the pizza that was just delivered not long ago.

"......what are we going to do with them?" Heero asked.

"What else can we do? We have to keep them at least for now, and try to figure out how to send them back. It wouldn't help if we take them to the police station since they are not exactly missing kids...Hell! They ain't even supposed to exist yet."


"But now the most important problem is...... how are we going to tell them?"


The two teens went on with their dinner before the two children finished the pizzas off.

* * * * * *

AC 206

Having two of the top Preventer agents angrily marching up to you is not some thing you want to experience. And you definitely don't want to meet them after you somehow lose their precious children.

"Did you find 'em Howard?" Duo rushed to the old man he'd consider as the father that he'd never had the chance to meet.

The old man who was wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sunglasses shook his head, "Nope. I looked everywhere, but no sign of those two little troublemakers."

"Where would they run off to?" The long-haired young man was practically shaking with anxiety.

"Duo, love... Relax. We'll find them. They couldn't be gone that far." Heero was trying his best to reassure his husband, even though inwardly he was worried sick himself.

"They *KNOW* that they are not suppose to go out alone without an adult's accompany! Are you sure that they are not playing hide and seek?"

"I am sure of that Duo. Why don't we go search for them separately? And I think that we should also call the others. We might be able to find the kids faster this way." Howard suggested to the two frantic fathers.

After a few phone calls, the whole group of worried adults went out looking for the two little pests. Hoping that nothing bad had happened to them before they were found.

* * * * * *

AC 195

"Shinji-chan!" Duo called out.

"No." The stubborn toddler shook his head, and ran out of the room.

"Grrrr! You little.... come back here!" The long-haired teen went after the little boy.

"No." Shinji hid under the table.

Unlike his sister, Shinji didn't like to take a bath. Each time, it might take hours just to convince him to get in the bathroom.

The American grabbed the little boy by his tomato sauce stained shirt, held him close. "Why can't you be a good boy, and go take a bath?"

The three-year-old child pouted, "Dun wanna."

"Why? Water's fun to play with." Duo tried to coax the young child to take a bath.


"Oh Come on."


"How about taking a bubble bath?"

The child brightened up at the suggestion.

"So, agree?"

The little boy nodded. "Can I bring Kari-chan in too?" He held out his teddy bear.

"Sure. But we will have to use the hair dryer to dry him up later, or else you can't sleep with him, 'k?"


About half an hour later.

"Shinji-chan, I think you should get out now." A totally soaked Duo told the little boy.

"No." Shinji splashed more water onto the long-haired American.

* * * * * *

AC 206

At the Winner-Barton resident

Everybody in the room was exhausted. None of them had any idea about where the kids had gone.

Duo fell asleep on the couch while Heero was calling Howard.

"So, you can't find them either?" The old man asked.

"We will go look for them again tomorrow, if we really can't find them then we will call the police."

"If you need anything, call me okay? And go get some sleep now. You'll need it."

The blue-eyed young man nodded. "Sure. Thanks Howard."

"You guys can stay here tonight." Quatre offered.

"Thanks Quatre."

"Don't worry too much. We will find them." Trowa said with an encouraging tone.

The Japanese young man bent down and gently held his slumbering mate into his arms. "We all should get some rest now. Good night."

"Good night Heero." The door was softly closed.

* * * * * *

AC 195

The two kids were finally too tired to stay up any longer. Heero cleaned all his things out of his room to let the two children share the same bedroom.

After making sure that everything was in its place, the kids hadn't kicked their blankets off the bed, the nightlight was on and Shinji-chan had his teddy bear with him, the two tired teenagers at last could relax a little after the surprising day.

Heero and Duo decided to go to bed early that night. There would be more troubles waiting for them on the next day.


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