Little Visitors from the Future Part 3

AC 195

Miyuki was quietly sitting on Duo's lap, watching some Japanese anime. Her little brother was immensely captured by the show, sitting beside the two of them with his precious brown teddy bear in his hands now that it was all clean and didn't smell bad anymore. Heero was locked in the bedroom with his laptop.

Unconsciously, a small hand went to grab for the long rope of chestnut hair like it usually did.

With the braid in her hands, the young girl frowned slightly. "Daddy?" She asked.


"Did you cut your hair?"

"No." Duo answered with his eyes still glued to the TV screen.

"Oh." The child twisted the braid in her hands, looking confused.

"Why do you ask?" The young American looked down at the kid.

Still playing with Duo's hair, she replied, "Just wondering... It feels a lot shorter than usual, that's all."

Duo was silently cursing himself for asking the question. He knew that he would eventually have to tell the children the truth, but he wasn't ready for it yet.

As the silence lingered on, Miyuki became more and more worried every second, worried that she had asked something that she shouldn't. The girl shifted uncomfortably.

The slight movement on his lap had brought Duo back from his own train of thought. The violet eyed teen made up his mind about what he should do.

He grasped the remote control and turned the television off. "I have something to tell you two."

Shinji-chan pouted. His daddy had closed the TV when the show was at the most exciting part.

After Duo had gathered up his thoughts, he started.

"I am not your daddy."

The two children looked at him with widened eyes, they were completely shocked by this revelation.

"You kids somehow managed to travel back in time. And you aren't in AC 206 right now." The long-haired boy tried his best to explain the situation to the startled young children.

After gaping for a few times, the braided girl finally found voice. "But... how are we going to go back home?" She squeaked out and her eyes were filled with tears.

"Look. I am not going to lie to you now just to make you feel better. To tell the truth, I don't know how to get you back to the future, and I don't how you ended up here in the first place. But I promise you that me and Heero will try our best to get you back home. 'K sweetie?" The young man tried his best to comfort the young child as much as he could.

A light tug on his sleeves made Duo remember the other kid's presence. "Yes Shinji-chan?"

"You're still my daddy, right?" Bright blue eyes stared at the teenager hopefully.

"Yes dear." Duo smiled softly at the child's question. "I might not be your daddy right now, but I will be...later. So you still have to behave well."

The youngster relaxed, snuggled at Duo's side. There was nothing to be afraid of as long as he was at daddy's side. Daddy wouldn't let anything bad happen to them.

" I still call you daddy then?" Miyuki asked shyly, still twisting Duo's braid in her small hands.

"Of course you can, Miyu-chan. Although I preferred you call me oni-san."

The trio hugged each other fondly for a while. But unfortunately, it didn't last long. The peaceful moment was ruined by an innocent question from Shinji-chan.

"Daddy, can we watch TV now?"

* * * * * *



After much pouts, wails, and pleads, Heero finally agreed to go to the shopping mall with Duo and the kids after lunch, to buy things that they needed. The two children were completely amazed by the gigantic five-story shopping center where their two guardians had brought them.

"What are we comin' here for?" Miyuki-chan tightened her grip on Duo's hand.

"We came to buy clothes and stuff for you two." The long-haired American smiled at the little girl.

"Can I get whatever I want?" Shinji, who was one hand holding his teddy bear, peeped up.


"We will see about it okay?"

The young boy nodded mutely, bright blue eyes were looking around with enthusiasm and curiosity as his sister did.

The minute the small family stood before the biggest cloth store in the whole mall, which was located on the fourth floor, the two excited youngsters dragged the two young adults into the shop.

"I like that dress." Miyuki set eyes on a cute pale yellow dress with white flowers on it.

"Who would like that kind of clothes? It's so ugly." Shinji-chan wrinkled his nose.

The young girl stuck her tongue out. "So what? I like it."

"Here. Maybe you should buy this one instead." The lad picked an extremely short brown skirt and shoved it to his sister.

"Oh yeah? Maybe you should try this on." She dumped a baby-blue baby pajamas onto her brother's stretched out arms.

The whole shopping trip was continued with bickering between the two young siblings. As the childish arguements went on, in the end, even Duo added his own two cents into their non-sense quarrels. And the Japanese youth, who had been following them around the whole time, who had also loosened up quite a bit, silently chuckled at the silly comments that his companions had said.

Half of the afternoon had gone by when the four of them finished their clothes shopping. They had bought a lot of new clothes for the kids, since they had a hard time to choosing which ones they really wanted; even the two teenagers had a few new garments for themselves.

Each of the two young men had two big bags of clothing with them, and the two kids were walking behind them. Walking through the shopping mall, they passed by a nicely decorate display window, which had quite a few eye-catching colorful toys.

All those toys immediately captured Shinji-chan's attention. The young boy went to peek on the window and hadn't noticed that the other three had walked away without him.

A while later, the kid finally reluctantly turned around, he then realized that he was all alone standing in front of the well-decorated window.

The scared boy tightly grasped onto his brown stuffed bear, thumping his feet on the floor urgently. Eyes that had started to fill up with tears looked around, hoping to see any familiar faces in the big mall.

He didn't see his parents and sibling in the crowd of people, tears which had been stubbornly holding at the edge of the blue orbs finally rolled down on his cheeks. The toddler started to cry his little heart out.

* * * * * *

At this moment, the trio still didn't realize that one of their members was missing.

When they reached the elevator, Duo turned around and started the usually warnings about the steps to the kids, then they noticed that Shinji-chan was lost.

"Where's Shinji-chan?" asked Duo.

The little girl shook her head; turning around to looked for her little brother.

"Why don't we separate, and tried to look for him?" Heero calmly suggested to his long-haired friend.

"Sure. How about we meet here again in about half an hour?" The American teen said.

Nodding swiftly, the Japanese man went to the right; Duo and Miyuki went the other way to find the missing child.


Author's Note: So, how is it? Hope I didn't disappoint you.


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