Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairings: 1x2x1

Warnings: Yaoi, time traveling, naughty kids...dunno

Rating: PG?

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Author's Note: This is just something that suddenly popped up in my head. Hope you guys will like it.

Little Visitors from the Future Prologue

AC 195

The war has finally come to an end, and there's no need for the gundams anymore. The pilots at last can live normally, even though their lives would never be normal.

All the pilots went their separate ways after the war, except for Heero and Duo. The two best friends decided to stay together for a while before they figured out what they wanted to do in their lives. So, the two of them rented a two-room apartment for the time being.

Today is Duo's turn to go for the groceries. Duo was on his way home, humming happily, holding two big bags of provisions.

"Daddy! Daddy!" two young voices came from behind him when he was about to turn the corner to their small apartment.

The long-haired American didn't pay much attention to it, since he was very sure that the children were not addressing him.

Unexpectedly, two pairs of short arms were hugging his two legs tightly, as if their life depended on it. The shocked young man looked down; there were two toddlers, a girl who was about six years old, and a boy who was about three years old, clinging onto his legs.

The little girl was wearing a white blouse, a short red skirt, and a pair of white dress shoes. Her chocolate brown, long hair was plaited into two braids with red ribbons attached to the end of the plaits. Large indigo eyes were beaming merrily on the child's face although there were two dried trails of tears were still visible. And the small boy, with short messy chestnut hair, wearing a t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and complete with a pair of white running shoes. Bright Prussian blue eyes, which were filled with tears, radiated happiness as his sister's had. His right hand was clutched onto a brown teddy bear.

The ex-deathscythe pilot kneeled down to face the two kids, "Hey honey, what's wrong?"

"Oh daddy, we were lost, we are so scared...."

The braided young man raised an eyebrow, "But I am not...."

Tears were threatened to fall once again on the cute face of the little girl. And the boy's hands were grasped onto his pants even tighter now. The American found two boxes of pocky in one of the grocery bags and handed them to the two kids. "Now, why don't you two follow me home first, then we'll have a little talk, 'k?"

The two children nodded happily. Duo sighed, picked up the two bags of food, and the two kids followed him to the apartment.

* * * * * *

Heero was in the kitchen, trying to find something to snack on, when his American partner went back home with the two kids.

But, what had surprised the 'perfect soldier' wasn't the two kids coming back with Duo, it's the two children actually launched themselves on him, giggling happily and called him 'Otou-san'.

The Japanese young man looking at his best friend suspiciously, wondering if this was another one of the long-haired man's practical jokes.

Duo simply shrugged, and then took all the stuff that he had bought into the kitchen. A while later, he came out of the kitchen with a tray of fruit juice and coffee, he put it down on the coffee table, then sat on the sofa, beside the two munchkins.

"Ok kiddos, now what are your names?"

Violet eyes looked up from the box of pocky, looking at the American weirdly. "I'm Miyuki, and he is Shinji-chan."

The long-haired ex-pilot picked up Shinji, and put the toddler on his lap. "So, how did you two got out there all by yourselves?"

"I don't know." Miyuki was sipping her glass of orange juice, "one minute we were in the repair shop, and next, we were out there.... I don't know...."

"So, how old are you kids anyways?" Duo decided to change the subject.

"I am six, and Shinji-chan's three." Miyuki frowned cutely.

"Six and three....." Duo did some quick math, "so you were born in AC 189 and him in 192, right?"

"No, I was born in AC 200. And daddy, why do you keep on asking weird questions? You act like you don't know us...and 'tou-san....... he's not talkin' at all, is he mad at us......" the young voice trailed off, the tears threatened to fall once more.




The two young men were shocked by the revelation from the young girl, they were currently at AC 195, right? And the girl was born five years later? There's not such thing as time traveling....... It just can't be.

The two children were sitting uncomfortably, silently eating their pocky and drinking the juice that Duo had brought out.

"Shinji-chan.... tell me, what date is today?" Duo asked softly.

The little boy's face brightened up immediately, he knew how to answer that question. "Today is April 23, it's my birthday today." He showed a toothy smile.

Yup, today is the 23rd of April alright. "And what's the year dear?"

"AC 206."

"And who are your parents?" The American had a feeling that he knew the answer already.

"Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy." The young kid said innocently.

* * * * * *

AC 206

"......" the person was tapping on the phone impatiently. "Comeoncomeoncomeon......."

"The Preventers HQ, how may I help you?"

"I need to talk with either Agent Maxwell or Yuy."

"Hold on a minute please."

*click* "This is Duo."


"Hey Howard, what's up? The kids are fine right?" Duo's voice was slightly worried.

"Um...actually.....the kids are missing......"


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