Author: Amy Mizuno

Warning: AU, magic, Duo POV.

Pairing: 1x2

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own GW.

This is a little scene that I wanted to put into yesterday's drabble, but unfortunately I had to cut it off. ^_^


The soft kisses that land on my neck are a bit ticklish, and very distracting. Hands are busily roaming all over my body as the kisses start to move south.

All of a sudden, we both realize that we are no longer the only occupants on the loveseat.

Our tabby hops on the couch, leisurely sitting on the messy braid that is draping on the side, and giving us a look.

My lover growls with annoyance, and with a quick hand gesture, the feline disappears from our vision.

She is probably locked in the bathroom for all I know. Not that I really care at the moment anyway. My beloved's kisses are simply too distracting.

We thoroughly enjoy our session of passion without any further interruption.



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