Chibi Christmas Series Part 9

"Come on, Heero!" Duo pulled at his best friend, but Heero stubbornly planted his butt on the bench.

Duo tugged harder. "It'll be fun!"

Heero looked out at the skating range; most of his classmates were out there. Those who were still new to ice-skating mostly were slowly sliding by the side. Some that knew how to skate were gliding gracefully further away from the side. A few of the kids were still trying to put their skates on with Miss Une's help.

A few of the girls slid closer towards Heero, and one of them lost her balance and fell.

That just made Heero more determined not to set foot in the skating range. He shook his head vigorously, trying to resist the insistent pull of his friend. "I don't know how."

"But I know! I'll stay with you," the resident skating expert reassured. "I'll hold your hands, make sure you won't fall."

Heero looked at the braided boy, "You promise?"

Duo nodded. "Promise." He held out his hand to Heero.

The dark haired young boy gingerly took his best friend's hand. The two children headed towards the skating range together hand in hand.



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