Chibi Christmas Series Part 8

It was recess. All the children were playing outside in the schoolyard under the supervision of the teachers.

The sky was rather gloomy and dull. Snow fell down from the sky steadily.

Heero and Duo were chattering excitedly about something until the snow hanging on Duo's thick coat had caught the other young boy's attention. The snow on his coat was not the usual clumps of ice. Taking a closer look, he realized they were actually pieces of absolutely gorgeous ice crystals - snowflakes.

The two friends started to look closely at their coats, trying to find more pretty snowflakes. They found quite a few, and not a single one was the same.

Duo remembered, "Momma told me that there no two snowflakes are the same. There is only one each in the world."

"Just like there is only one Duo and one Heero in the world, right?" Heero said thoughtfully.

Duo looked at his best friend, then back to the snowflakes, "Yeah," Duo finally said after a while of snowflake staring.

Heero nodded wisely. "I'm very happy that I'm the best friend of the only Duo in the world."

"Me too." Duo smiled widely, totally agreeing with his friend.



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