Chibi Christmas Series Part 10

The small house was filled with the most delicious aroma.

School was having a Christmas party, and it was requested that each kid bring a dish or treat. Since Heero's uncle Odin was not a great cook, Heero was now at Duo's home helping Duo's momma to make cookies.

In an apron, Momma was carefully measuring and mixing flours and sugars, along with other ingredients. The toddlers helped Momma count eggs, cut cookies into different shapes with cookie cutters, decorate the cookies with all sorts of coloured icing... they even helped mix the dough for a bit. They were generally having a lot of fun.

Batches and batches of cookies went in and out of the oven. They were all spread out on the small kitchen table and counter to cool off. The kids were eyeing the different sorts of cookies in awe. There were gingerbread men, chocolate chips cookies, sugar cookies, white chocolate and cranberry cookies....

And you know what the best part was? The children got to lick off the cookie dough from the wooden spoons.



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