Chibi Christmas Series Part 7
Paper Crane

The second Duo and his momma stepped into the small house, a loud sneeze, followed by a bout of really bad cough, was heard from one of the rooms down the hall.

Duo headed towards the rooms, while his momma and Heero's uncle went to the kitchen to heat up the soup that Momma had brought for Heero.

Heero hadn't been feeling well for a few days already. He ran a rather high fever in the morning, so his uncle took a day off to stay at home to take care of him.

When Duo opened Heero's bedroom door, he saw that his best friend was not a happy camper. Puffy and teary eyes, his stuffy nose was red, probably because of all those used Kleenexes that filled up the little trashcan beside the bed. He laid in the bed, under a thick and fluffy blanket, totally bored out of his mind. Medications and a glass of water sat on the bedside table.

Heero's eyes brightened when he saw who his smiling visitor was. He sat up with a big smile forming on his lips readily before another bout of coughing took over.

Duo's smile dimmed. "You okay?" He patted his friend's back helpfully.

Nodding mutely, Heero lied back down under his blanket. Duo pulled a bright yellow plastic chair closer beside the bed and sat in it. He carefully took a small paper crane out of his pocket and gave it to Heero.

"Miss Une teach us how to make paper birds today, and Silvia told me if you make 1000 paper birds, you can make someone sick better." Duo frowned a little. "But... I don't know how much is 1000. Well, I asked Miss Une, and she told me it's a lot more than 100. And it'll take too long to make that many, but I wanted to come see you. I hope it will make you feel better anyway." Duo twisted the long rope of hair that was sitting in his lap.

Heero gingerly took the paper bird that his best friend offered and hoarsely muttered, "Thank you."

Duo started to tell Heero all that he missed at school, including how Wufei and Relena got into a big fight.

When Duo's momma brought the soup in for Heero, the pair was sitting on the bed folding paper cranes.



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