Chibi Christmas Series Part 6
Gift for Duo

Heero was sitting on the sofa, frowning.

What should he give Duo for Christmas? Toys? Duo would love those, but he didn't have a lot of money to buy toys, and he didn't want Uncle Odin to buy Duo's gift for him. It had to be something from himself.

An idea came to mind; blue eyes brightened. Heero rushed to his little desk and proceeded to empty the tiny drawer.

He was good in drawing, right? He was going to draw the prettiest picture for Duo.

The drawer was where he placed all his precious treasures. A lot of stickers from Miss Une when he was doing good in class, a couple of smiley faces, stars, and heart stamps that Uncle Odin bought him, and some really nice ribbons, along with some shiny papers he had saved.

The young boy dug out some coloured papers and his coloured pencil set, and sat down to work.

Heero first drew himself and Duo with a big smile, holding hands, and then he decided to add a big man with a white beard and red suit standing beside them, with an equally big smile on his face - this picture was for Christmas after all.

Satisfied with his drawing, the boy started to use his pretties to decorate the picture further. A couple of stickers here, and a few stamps there, bits and pieces of shiny paper here and there.

After spending a bit of time to scrutinize his creation, Heero was really pleased with it. He rolled the picture and took a purple ribbon from the drawer to tie it up.

The child really hoped that his best friend would love the picture as much as he did.



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