Chibi Christmas Series Part 5
Snow Fight

It was the day after a huge snowstorm. All that yucky, yellow-brownish snow on the ground was once again pure white.

Duo and Heero were very happy that they finally were allowed to be out of the house. The two of them were properly clothed, with thick coats, scarves, earmuffs, mittens, boots... They were so totally covered up, to the point where you could only see their eyes and the tip of their noses.

It was understandable - it was indeed a very cold day, even though the sun outside was bright and cheery. And considering what the kids were planning to do, they needed to bundle up as much as they could.

They were going to have a snow fight in the backyard.

Snowballs were thrown toward each other. Later on, a contest about making the biggest snowball turned into making snowmen. At some point, the pair chased after a dog that came to join in the fun and tried to bury the poor thing in the snow, but it hurriedly ran back to the house and hid in the room.

After almost two hours of laughter in the snow, the children finally, though reluctantly, went back to the house due to Duo's momma's insistent calls.

Much to their delight, there were two mugs of hot cocoa with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for them after they took off their snow-covered garments.

The kids spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, which was placed in front of the fireplace, watching cartoons while they enjoyed momma's wonderful hot chocolate and cookies.



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