Chibi Christmas Series Part 4
Gift Shopping

Duo begged his momma to bring him to the store located at the corner of the street.

It was a very nice store. It was not a big shop. Different varieties of things were sold here, and they were not pricey at all. There were school supplies, kitchen utensils, household products... They even had some really pretty and inexpensive trinkets for decoration.

What interested Duo the most, of course, were the toys. It was not a toy store after all, there was nothing big and cool, just some small and simple toys.

Among all the toys, there was only one that Duo set his eyes on. It was a tiny blue car. Nothing fancy, with no remote control, and it was even a bit smaller than Duo's chubby hand. But he was very sure that Heero would love it.

Duo took the car and headed towards the register counter.

Behind the counter sat an old lady, and the radio at her back was playing Christmas carols. Duo's momma walked by and offered to pay for it, but Duo insisted on paying by himself.

The lady at the counter watched Duo struggled to get his purse out of his pocket amusingly. In the purse was all the money that he saved up.

"It's $1.15, sweetie."

Duo opened his black purse and emptied it. There indeed were a lot of coins in it, mostly 1-cent, and occasionally a 5- or 10-cents coin showed up in the mix.

When the cashier finished counting the money, it was 10 cents short. But looking at the child's expectant face, she didn't want to disappoint the toddler.

"Here's your purse. Do you want a bag for the car, honey?" She smiled at the young boy while handing him back his purse.

"No." The boy shook his head. "Thank you." He reached for his purse and purchase.

"Happy Holiday!" the clerk said, and then the child took his mother's hand and walked out of the door.



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