Chibi Christmas Series Part 3
Christmas Decoration

The small classroom was full of activities, since Miss Une had decided to let the kids do some decorations for the Christmas tree.

It was a decent sized green tree that sat in the corner of the room. There was nothing much on it, except for the gold star at the top of the tree.

The children were sitting on the floor. A lot of construction paper of all sorts of colours was all over the floor, along with scissors, bottles of glue, tape, glitter, ribbons, colour pencils, markers, crayons...

Some of the kids were cutting snowflakes, some were drawing some hard to decipher pictures, others were cutting all sorts of shapes, like triangles, squares, rectangles, stars, hearts, with a few odd looking shapes thrown into the mix then stuck together to make it into something.

Heero and Duo were sitting close together. One was trying to frame a photo of the two together with glitter and ribbons, the other with a marker in hand was carefully drawing some red and blue circles to adorn the green paper tree that he just cut out of the construction paper.

When they were done with the photo and the tree, they discussed their next project in silence. After a few headshakes and frowns, the pair finally settled down again and started to get more coloured papers to work on their next ornament for the tree.

The decorations were finally finished. Everybody was very pleased with the result. There were angels, snowflakes, stars, and many other this-and-thats hanging on different branches of the tree.

On one of the lower branches, there were two smiling snowmen, one with a braid, and the other with spiky hair, hanging in between where Heero's paper tree and Duo's photo were placed.



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