Chibi Christmas Series Part 2
Letter to Santa

Heero was sitting in front of the coffee table, legs crossed, with a blue crayon in his chubby hands. Pieces of white papers were spread all over the small table.

After Duo's momma had told them stories about a certain jolly old man that wore a bright red suit, who would give all the good kids what they wanted on Christmas night, the young boy was really fascinated.

He deemed that he's been a good boy this year, although he did lock the cat in the closet, but that's just once. He did a lot of good things. He learned to read and write, even though it's not much. He learned to count from 1 to 100, and that's a lot! He even helped carrying bags when he went to grocery stores with his uncle Odin.

Heero wanted to make sure that Santa knew what he wanted. So, he now sat there, having decided to write a letter to Santa. But the poor boy couldn't decide what he wanted. There was just so much stuff he wanted.

He spent quite a while to ponder, before the boy finally started to write the letter with a decisive nod.

'deer SaNta,

i'm a good boy. i waNt (insert a long chain of boxes with wheels under them), and i waNt duo to be my best (insert 2 stick figures holding hands) aLways.

Lov, hero'

Staring at his handiwork, Heero was very proud of himself. He carefully folded the letter and put it in the envelope that he took from his uncle Odin's desk. Then he went to the fridge, took a couple of baby carrots and stuffed them into the envelope too. He figured that the reindeers needed a treat to pull Santa's big, heavy sleigh.

He planned to give the letter to Duo's momma to send it for him the next day. Surely she knew where to send it, since she knew all about Santa.



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