Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairings: Mainly 1+2

Rating: G

Warnings: General chibi cuteness, fluff, Christmas...

Disclaimer: GW does not belong to me.

This is a series of winter/Xmas drabbles written for LJ community lemon_advent in 2006.

Note: Lots of thanks to Junebug for the awsome beta job. ^_^

Chibi Christmas Series Part 1
First Snow

A gentle movement from the window caught Duo's attention, he quickly abandoned the toy that he was playing with and went to the window.

Barely tall enough to peak through the glass, he saw a lot of fluffy white snow dancing down from the dull grey sky. The colourful world outside of the small classroom had turned into pure white.

He let out an excited squeal. "Yay! It's snowing!" All of a sudden, the room full of children all rushed to the window side and looked at the snow in awed, talking excitedly among themselves.

Duo went to his teacher's side, insistently pulling at her long sleeve. "Miss Une?"

The young teacher smiled kindly, "Yes Duo?"

"Can we go play outside?" Duo pleaded with his puppy dog eyes.

No one seemed to be able to resist that cute look, and definitely not the new teacher. "Alright. But everyone has to dress warmly, and put their mittens and scarves on before we go out."

The children obediently went and dressed up. All except one. A little boy with short, brown, and messy hair was sitting at the side with his arms crossed, scowling unhappily.

Duo went to his best friend's side, concerned. "Whatsa matter Heero?"

"I dun want to go out. It's so cold." Heero pouted.

"But it's lotsa fun! We can make big snowmans." Duo said enthusiastically.

That seemed to interest Heero immensely. "Really?"

"Yup." Duo nodded vigorously. "Come on." He pulled his friend to dress up as he should.

By the end of the day, there were two, big, smiling snowmen that were holding hands, sitting side-by-side in the schoolyard.



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