Chibi Christmas Series Part 11
Christmas Party

The gymnasium was now completely changed for the long-waited festivity. It was packed with parents, teachers and children. A couple of long tables that were filled with different varieties of food prepared by parents were set at the back, and many chairs were put in front of the makeshift stage.

Children of different classes presented what they had practiced for a whole month. Some sang Christmas songs, others played scenes of different Christmas stories, some danced...

All the presentations were considered a success, despite a few glitches. All the proud parents and teachers stood up to give the kids a round of applause and loud cheers after it was over.

After the show, many parents were by the tables getting food for the children and talking amongst themselves about the success of the day's activities. Most teachers were mingling with parents, while some were talking quietly between themselves.

The children were the most excited group. Everybody had a plate or a drink in hand - the plates were filled with cookies, chips, cupcakes... all sorts of goodies; forks were waving around, loud laughter was heard.

Duo and Heero put their plates aside, and went to their teacher together with an envelope in hand. They handed the envelope to her with big hugs, then they both headed back to where they put their food.

When the young teacher opened the envelope, there was a handmade card that was decorated with glitters and such, with a green Christmas tree drawn on the left side with a big yellow star on top of it; on the right side, there were two smiling boys holding hands with a tall lady standing between them. Inside of the card, crooked, yet neatly written:

'Thank you Miss Une.

Merry Christmas.

Heero and Duo'



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