Te Amo Part 18

After Colony 212
End of January, early morning

Red...it was all red around her.


The red liquid cried.

"No!! Don't take my child from me!!!!"

A red bundle lifted from the pool of blood.

"NOOOO!!! Don't take my baby!!! He's the only one I have!!"

The blood pool turned into a tsunami and headed toward her.

"Don't take my baby!"

She only could stare at the tsunami. She reached for the gun she always kept in her purse.

"Give him to me!!!"

Her legs betrayed her mind's command to run away. The tsunami was like thousands of bloody claws to her. She fired her gun again and again.

"Give back my baby!!"

The tsunami pounced on her, shredding her to pieces.

"NO!" She opened her eyes and saw her companion hovering over her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, yes." She straightened her seat. "I'm fine. It's just a nightmare." A never ending nightmare, she added silently.

"Maybe you should drink this to help you relax." Her companion offered a glass of water, which she took gratefully. "The plane will land in five minutes. You better wear your seat belt."

She reached for the belt. Her fingers trembled as she put the belt on. Why did it still plague her? It had been fifteen years. Nobody suspected her.

A hand caressed her thigh, making her jerk in surprise. It took a few seconds before she realized that it was her companion's hand, not the bloody hand in her dream. She leaned her head onto the man's shoulder. It was fortunate that her husband owned a private airplane so she didn't attract attention with her outburst. Her affair with this man, her new secretary, also was safely kept secret.

"Relax." The man put an arm around her. "The plane is landing now."

She nodded and snuggled closer to the man. Fifteen years had passed, but still she felt restless. She was rich now. She could buy whatever she wanted. She had a husband and a son. People adored her as mother figure. People adored and respected her for her success in every party. She should be happy with her life, but then she was afraid. It felt like she always lived in constant fear.

Fear of what she had done fifteen years ago.

Money couldn't drive the nightmare away.

Fame couldn't erase her past.

Her son was an obvious proof of her crime; a crime that nobody was aware of.

"The plane had landed. Let's go out." Her companion tugged at her arm.

She walked out of the steel bird and looked at the morning sky. It was a bit clouded, making the sky a deep blue. Blue.... Like His eyes.

'Give back my baby!'

She shuddered and quickly turned her face down. He was dead; had been dead for fifteen years. But where was the body? She remembered she left him in pool of blood. She shuddered again at the memory.

"Why are you so jumpy?" Her companion asked her as they settled inside the car.

She looked at the man. He had long brown haired and heart shaped face; very handsome, but quite dumb. She knew he slept with her for his job. The man also didn't have violet eyes. She used to like staring into a pair of violet eyes. Those eyes once held passion and love inside them. Until the owner became too focused in searching for Him.

Damn Him! Even in death, he still disturbed her happiness.

If only he had never existed....

'Give back my baby!'

Blood, red, cries......

No, she didn't want to think about Him. He was dead! He had to be dead!

"I'm not jumpy." She answered as she leaned against the soft seat and closed her eyes. She was tired; tired of being in constant fear. It had been fifteen years. She shouldn't be afraid. Her husband looked ready to give up the search when she had left him last time.

She should try to entice her husband once again instead of having affairs. Yes, yes, she should do that. She opened her eyes and spoke to the driver. "Turn around. I want to go home."

"What are you doing?" Her companion was surprised. "We were suppose to head to my house."

She shook her head. "I want to see my husband and son."

"They don't know you're here." The man pointed out, looking slightly annoyed. "I thought we would spend a week together."

"I changed my mind." She glared at the man. "Keep in mind that from now on, you're my secretary. No more, no less. We'll keep our relationship as business only."

"You..." The man was stunned. "You're dumping me?"

Her house came to her vision and she smiled. "Yes. I'm dumping you." The car stopped and she quickly got out of it. "Don't worry; you'll still keep your job. I'll see you in the office tomorrow."

She didn't wait for the man's reply and headed towards her house. The sky became darker, a sign that it would rain soon. Not that it would affect her plan. She straightened and pressed the bell. The door was opened by her maid, Alice who looked at her in surprise. "Madam, I didn't know you would arrive today."

"I meant it as a surprise." She passed the maid and headed upstairs, eager to see her husband.

"Madam, I have something to tell..."

"Later Alice." She interrupted and disappeared into the second floor where her husband's chamber was located.

She stopped in front of the door. After fixing her make up, she put her cosmetics back into her purse and turned the door's handle. She was happy that it wasn't locked, signaling that her husband was in good mood. She took a breath and opened the door wide.

"Duo darling, I am ho..."

A pair of blue eyes looked back at her.

She froze in her track. All blood left her face as she looked at the bed's occupant. Her husband was nowhere in sight. There was only a boy, who was slowly sitting up in the bed. He was bare chested with a blanket wrapped around his lower body.

A Japanese boy with blue eyes, messy hair, sharp nose. He was staring back at her in equal shock.

"You..." She choked on the word. Impossible! Fifteen years had passed! The boy couldn't be this young! Moreover he had been dead! This had to be another nightmare!!!

"You..." The boy spoke with his nasal voice. He spoke to her in anger, fear, and hatred.

It was still the same voice that had pleaded with her fifteen years ago. The voice of the boy she had left dying in the pool of his own blood.



Everywhere is red.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She screamed in hysteria, feeling the bloody claws reaching for her again.

No! It couldn't be Him!! She trembled and reached inside her purse. She wouldn't succumb to her nightmare. Not when she just decided to start over, to find her real happiness. He always interrupted her plan. No, she wouldn't let him disrupt her happiness. This time, she would make sure he was dead!

Hilde Maxwell pulled out her gun and fired at Heero Yuy.


After Colony 212
End of January, early morning.
Outside Maxwell's house

Wufei stepped out of his car. His wife, Sally accompanied him. They were about to enter Duo's house when another car stopped next to their. "Marquises." Wufei greeted them.

"Hello Wufei, Sally." Zechs smiled while his wife hugged Sally. Milliard just smiled at Wufei when Wufei noticed the fourth passenger, a girl with black haired hiding behind the boy.


Meiran stepped out from behind Milliard. "Hi Dad, Mum."

"I told you to stay at home." Wufei frowned at his daughter.

"And I told you I wanted to go with you." Meiran crossed her arms in front of her chest. "I want to see this World Savior. I'm thankful that our neighbors were willing to take me with them."

Another car stopped near them. Lady Une and Mariemeia stepped out.

Sally greeted the women before turning to her daughter. "It seems you all have agreed to meet today, huh?"

Meiran nodded.

Sally sighed. "Fine, you can see him but don't call him The World Savior."

"Why?" Meiran frowned in confusion.

"He hates that title. I made the mistake of calling him that long ago."

Meiran was stunned. She was about to ask her mother for more details. But another car stopped and this time, there were no greetings exchanged. Quatre and Trowa jumped out from the car, followed by Midii. They ran past the startled group and headed toward the house.

"Midii, what's up?" Meiran ran after her friend.

"Dad sensed killing intention inside the house." Midii shouted back. They reached the door at the same time as a gun shoot rang from inside the house, followed by a scream. No need to be told, the group all ran into the house.


Duo just finished the shower in the bathroom adjacent to his bedroom. He at first wanted to take a shower together with Heero. But when he noticed how tired Heero was, he decided to let Heero sleep a little longer. He was putting his robe on when he heard the bedroom door being opened. He quickly tied his robe and walked into the bedroom through connecting door. He was in time to see his wife pulling out a gun from her purse and pointing it to his Japanese lover. Eyes widened in shock, Duo reacted without thinking and shielded his lover with his body.


He heard Heero screaming at the same time as he felt sudden pain on his back and then all went black. He collapsed forward, covering his lover with his bleeding body.


err.... don't kill me? *hides inside her strengthened gundanium turtleshell*


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