Te Amo Part 17

"Tomorrow, Relena, the others also will come to meet him." Duo growled. "No, I won't welcome anyone tonight. I have had enough of visitors for today. He also needs to rest."

"But Duo, it has been so long..."

"Tomorrow." Duo spoke sternly and then disconnected the videophone before Relena had a chance to reply. He then sighed and plopped down on the couch next to his lover.

"She is still the same Relena." Heero commented. "Still pushy."

Duo snorted. "And Milliard inherited her trait." He looked at the ceiling. "Solo sure knows how to torture me. He should have waited until tomorrow to tell his friends about you."

"Why didn't you tell them before?"

Duo turned to Heero and gathered the Japanese boy into his arms. "Because I want you for myself."

"Solo also wants his father for himself." Heero murmured.

Duo sighed and buried his face in Heero's messy hair. "He has to learn to share, Heero."

"Maybe I shouldn't stay here."

Duo pulled away from Heero in a flash and glared at the boy. "Don't ever think of leaving, Heero. I won't let you. You hear?" He kissed the boy desperately and then hugged him tightly. "Don't ever leave me again. I can't bear losing you again."

Heero was silent in Duo's arms.

"Heero." Duo kissed the top of his lover's head. "Don't ever leave me."

The boy snuggled deeper into the embrace, but not before Duo felt a slight nod against his chest. He hugged the boy tighter and whispered his love again and again. No matter what happened tomorrow or what their friends thought of them, he wouldn't let Heero go.

"Make love to me, Duo." Heero murmured.

Duo was startled at the sudden request. "You sure?"

"Aa, I've missed you so much." The Japanese boy whispered longingly.

"Me too." Duo replied hoarsely. "Me too, Heero." He kissed Heero's head once again before lifting the Japanese boy into his arms and carrying him to his bedroom; their bedroom now.

He gently laid the Japanese boy on the bed and removed both of their clothes. Heero opened his arms and welcomed Duo as the man crawled over him. Their hands roamed over each other's bodies and their mouth kissed every bit skin they could reach. Bare skin brushed again bare skin, sharing the warmth of their bodies.

"I missed you." Duo repeated the words over and over as he caressed Heero's slender body, fingers dancing on the Japanese boy's lower body and preparing him for penetration. One tear slipped from his violet eyes when he entered his Japanese lover. The fifteen years of their separation disappeared as their bodies were joined. Duo sobbed and kissed Heero's open mouth as he slid to the hilt inside the Japanese boy. He couldn't stop shuddering at the once familiar warmth and tightness enveloped him. All he wanted was thrust and rock inside Heero but he would kill himself before he did that. He would never hurt Heero deliberately. "I love you." He kissed Heero and repeated the words again, waiting till his lover adjusted to him.

Heero sighed and clenched around Duo, signaling his adjustment.

"Heero...." Duo slid his arms behind the Japanese boy's back and hugged him tightly. His eyes never left Heero's as he started rocking within the Japanese boy. He wanted to see Heero's pleasure, needed to see it. The last time they had done this, he had blacked out before Heero reached his pleasure. He didn't know whether Heero brought himself off or had been left unsatisfied. However this time was different. He was not a selfish Duo anymore. He was not a sixteen year old child who thought only of his own pleasure. From now on, he would bring them both to the highest pleasure.

Duo thrust faster and sensed Heero tightening around him. He smiled when he saw the look of pleasure on his Japanese lover's face. "Come for me, Heero."

And Heero did, at the same time as Duo came inside him. The long haired man smiled in satisfaction as he saw the look of pleasure on his lover's face. Heero was very beautiful when he came. No pretense, just pure pleasure reflected on his face. Duo kissed him passionately and then rolled both of them so that Heero lay on top of him.

"Love you, Heero." He murmured and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The Japanese boy watched his lover sleeping. His blue eyes held hope in them. He rested his head on Duo's bare chest. "Love me, Duo and never let me go........"


It was late at night. Solo sat on his bed with laptop on his lap, waiting for his friends to join the conference. A face of oriental girl appeared on the laptop's screen. "Meiran."

"Solo, are you okay?"

Solo's face darkened. "I'll be when that bastard is gone."

Meiran's face also darkened. "Hang in there, we'll find a way to get rid of him."

A woman with red hair and a furious expression set on her face appeared on the screen. "Hi."

"Meia Sis." Solo and Meiran acknowledged her.

Mariemeia nodded to her younger friends. "Meiran, how are your parents?"

"Still quarrelling." Meiran scowled. "Mum asked us to stay out of this, which of course I ignore."

"Lady Une looked happy when I told her the news. She went straight to the phone." Meia grunted disapprovingly.

"No doubt Lady Une still thinks of that bastard as the world's savior." Solo spat.

A blonde boy popped in. "Hi guys."

"Hi, Mill." Came three choruses.

"Dad and Mum are lecturing your father now, Solo. I hope it works."

"Thanks, Mill."

"I also talked to Aunt Relena, but she is delighted." Milliard grunted in dissatisfaction. His speech still couldn't persuade his Aunt.

"Damn it, why are they so happy to see that bastard!" Solo exploded, right when a blonde girl's face popped up on the screen.

"Uh... is it a bad time?" Midii blinked.

"The worst time of my life, actually." Solo tried to hold his temper. "How was Uncle Quatre's reaction?"

The blonde girl hesitated. "....He is happy."

"Him too?!" Solo exploded again. "Why is everyone happy to see him?! He is going to destroy my family! I can't stand this. I'm going to beat the shit out of him."

"Solo." Midii startled. "You said you promised your Dad that you wouldn't fight him."

"I did. But that doesn't mean I can't beat him."

"Hey, your father will be angry with you. I think it's better for us to talk straight to the slut." Meiran spoke up. "With Mill's help, we can probably persuade him to leave your Dad."

"I think Dad will chase after him." Solo said bitterly. "He spent fifteen years looking for him, remember?"

"It's worth a try, though." Mariemeia spoke up. "If Mill fails, we can always find another way to get rid of him."

"I agree." Milliard nodded.

"Well, I have nothing to lose anyway." Solo shrugged. "When will you talk to him, Mill?"

"I think my parents will want to meet that world hero as soon as possible. I'll go with them." Milliard answered.

"Lady Une also wants to meet him so I guess I'll come to your house too, Solo."

"My Dad wanted to meet him too." Midii continued after Mariemeia. "I guess I'll go with him."

"Considering this is late at night, I think the parents will be at your house tomorrow." Meiran spoke up as well. "I'm sure we'll find a way to get to your house."

"Okay, it looks like father will be busy with Uncle Zechs, Aunt Noin and Lady Une when they come, so you guys will have a good chance to corner him." Solo concluded. "I'll wait for you here then."

"All right." Meiran nodded enthusiastically. "Now I better reserve my energy for tomorrow. See you all later."

"I have to go too." Milliard spoke up. "Have to stay close to my parents to know when they will leave tomorrow. See you tomorrow guys."

"For the same reason as Mill's, I have to stay close to Lady Une too." Mariemeia said her goodbyes and the three of them left, leaving Midii and Solo alone in the chat room.

"Don't you have to sleep soon?" Solo asked the blonde girl.

Midii nodded. "I do, but I wanted to ask you something first."

"Ask me what?"

"Do you know about your father's past?"

"Of course, Dad told me about it. He was a soldier, a Gundam pilot who helped...." Solo paused for a second. "... that bastard... save the earth."

"I know that. I mean after the war, do you know what your father did?"

"Opened the savage company and married my mother, why do you ask such thing, Midii?"

"Dad said something that's puzzling me and I want to make certain about it. When did your father open the savage company, Solo?"

"Hmm... he said a few months before marrying mother. It was on February 196, I think."

"Was your mother with him at that time?"

Solo frowned. "I don't know, Dad never told me much about mother. I only know that they got married at the end of September the same year. What did uncle Quatre say that is puzzling you, Midii?"

Midii hesitated. "I still want to clarify this first."

Solo frowned deeper. "This has something to do with that bastard, hasn't it?"

Midii swallowed. "I'll tell you later. I have to go now, see you tomorrow Solo."

"Midii, wait!" Solo shouted but Midii had already left the chat room. The boy looked at his laptop for a long time before turning off the machine. He lay down on his bed and decided ask Midii tomorrow about that. For now he would rest for tomorrow's battle.

Two hours later.....

Solo found himself tossing in the bed every few minutes, unable able to sleep. The brokenhearted look of the Japanese boy kept haunting him every time he closed his eyes.

Why the hell did he feel so guilty for cursing the bastard?

Heero deserved it!

Didn't he?

Solo stared at the ceiling as memories replayed before him. They were the happy times he spent with Heero. He had liked Heero then. Those blue eyes of his would look at him with care. Fake care, Solo told himself many times but still the memories wouldn't go away.

'I like being with you, Heero.'

'I like being with you too, Solo.'

'Great. Gee, I guess I'm quite tired after the fencing lesson. Mind if I rest for awhile here, Heero? I feel too comfortable to walk back to my room.'

'I don't mind. I'm happy you want to stay.'

As he became more lost in the memories, Solo noticed the ceiling becoming blurry and he felt so sleepy. The stress had finally gotten into his body. He fell into a slumber while his mind vaguely echoed the hum of a lullaby.

"Angels watching, e'er around thee,
All through the night
Midnight slumber close surround thee,
All through the night..."


After Colony 212
Morning at Maxwell's resident, end of January


At the loud scream, Solo woke up at once and jumped out of his bed. He recognized the scream. His heart throbbed fast as he ran to the direction from where the scream came.

His mother had returned!



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