Te Amo Part 19

Solo couldn't believe his eyes. His mother stood in front of his father's bedroom, reaching into her purse. He froze in shock as he watched his mother aimed and fired into the bedroom. The shot was followed by an anguished scream.

Heero's scream.

Before he could react, he saw his mother aiming again into the bedroom for the second time.

"Mother! Don't!!"

His mother turned to him and Solo was shocked when he saw how hollow his mother's eyes were.

"You!" Hilde stammered. "How can you still be alive?!" The gun was now trained to Solo.

"Mother?" Solo looked at his mother in disbelief.

"How dare you come into my life for the second time!!!" Hilde shouted and fired.

Solo felt ripping pain through his waist and was pushed backward by the momentum. "Mo... ther?" He spoke in disbelief and fell on his knees, clutching his bleeding stomach.

Hilde pointed the gun at him. "You're so disgusting! I have told you not to use my husband as your sex toy!"

She was about to shoot for the third time when Trowa and Wufei pounced on her. They managed to subdue Hilde within seconds and remove the gun from her. Quatre had fainted at the bottom of stairs, Lady Une had stayed with him. His space heart couldn't bear the pain someone on the upper lower was radiating.

"Solo!!" Midii knelt next to Solo followed by Mariemeia, Meiran and Sally.

"Why the hell did you stop me? Let me go!!" Hilde struggled and glared at the bleeding boy. "How can you be so dense? I told you again and again. I can offer him a family. I can offer him a normal life with children. I can make him happy. How about you? What can you do for him?"

"Woman, that's your son, not Yuy." Wufei spoke in irritation.

Hilde didn't seem to hear the Chinese man. She kept glaring at Solo. "You should have understood that you don't deserve Duo. Leave him, Yuy. He belongs to me! You're just a slut!"

Not wanting to hear more of the rude comments, Wufei knocked the hysteric woman unconscious.

The others were shocked by Hilde's words, but the adults quickly got over their surprise. Noin and Zechs entered the bedroom and gasped in shock.

The bed had turned red from the blood. And in the middle of it, a Japanese boy was hugging his bleeding lover. His blue eyes were full of anguish as he looked at them.

"Duo!" Noin cried in anguish.

"We need to take Duo to hospital. Clear the way." Zechs barked the command to the others outside the bedroom and then turned to the bed's occupants. He tried to lift Duo but Heero hugged the unconscious man tightly. "Heero, let go. We need to take him to the hospital."

Heero looked at Zechs and then at Noin who had arrived beside him. He nodded slightly and reluctantly released his lover. "Save him."

Zechs nodded. "Are you hurt?"

Heero shook his head. "He...... protected me."

Zechs and Noin didn't know what to say on that statement. Finally Zechs cleared his throat. "We'll take him to the hospital."

The Japanese boy watched his lover carried outside by Zechs and Noin. Shouts and commands were issued outside the bedroom.

"Midii, you, Meiran, and Milliard wake your Dad and then go to the hospital with Lady Une."

"Yes, father."

"Noin, Sally, you accompany Zechs. Trowa and I will take care of this woman."

"Okay, Wufei."

"Solo, you follow me. Your wound has to be treated in the hospital. Mariemeia, help him. Milliard, you call the hospital to alert them about our arrival."

"Solo..." Heero spoke in anguished. "Solo..." He scooted to the edge of the bed and stood up shakily.

Milliard had just finished calling the hospital when a hand clamped his shoulder from behind. Startled, he turned around and gasped in surprise. A familiar looking boy wearing white robe was standing in front of him. His hands were bloody and so were some parts of the robe.

"Solo?" Milliard choked out the word. No way, Solo was on his way to hospital with his father. Suddenly he blinked as realization hit him. "You're Heero?"

The boy nodded and grabbed Milliard's shirt with his bloody hand. "Is Solo okay?"

Milliard shook his head slightly. "I don't know. He is shot in the stomach."

"Take me to the hospital."

"Are you injured?" Milliard tried to check the boy but his hands were pushed aside.

"Take me to the hospital, Milliard." Heero repeated his words.

Dumbfounded, Milliard nodded. He headed toward the stairs and the Japanese boy slowly followed him. However the Japanese boy stumbled in the last two steps. Milliard caught him in time and was surprised when he felt how light the boy was.

"Are you okay?" Milliard asked worriedly.

"I'm okay. Just tired." Heero panted.

"Mill! What are you doing? Come on, we gotta go!" Meiran shouted from outside.

"I need help here!!" Milliard shouted back. A few seconds later, Meiran came in and gawked at the boy he was holding.

"What do you want to do with him?" Meiran looked incredulously at her friend.

"Take him to the hospital. Come on, don't waste time." Milliard pulled the boy up and together with Meiran, the three of them managed to reach the car. Quatre was still unconscious in the front seat. Une was sitting behind the wheel while Midii was waiting for them in the back seat. Both of them also looked startled when they saw the boy Milliard and Meiran were dragging.

"Save the questions for later." Milliard spoke up and shoved Heero into the car. He then climbed in, followed by Meiran. "Let's go, Aunt Une!"

Une nodded and pushed the pedal. They entered the main road in two minutes. There was uneasy silence in the car until Heero broke it.

"How long till we reach the hospital?" Heero asked Milliard.

"Ten to fifteen minutes." Milliard answered and frowned. "How did you know my name back then?"

"I saw your photo."


Heero turned to the blonde girl on his right. "You're Midii."

Midii nodded in surprise. Heero turned to the black haired girl sitting next to Milliard. "And you are Meiran."

Meiran scowled but she nodded nevertheless.

Heero nodded slightly and looked up at the driver through the rear mirror. "Lady Une."

Une smiled sadly. "Heero, I'm glad you're alive."

The Japanese boy nodded and turned to look at Quatre. "I caused him pain again."

"What made you think it was your pain uncle Quatre felt?" Meiran snorted. "Solo's pain is greater than yours."

The boy resembled their friends smiled sadly at Meiran. "I'm sorry. Quatre probably feels our pains simultaneously."

Meiran opened her mouth to retort more but Milliard shook his head. "Don't fight now. It's not the time."

The Chinese girl pouted at her blonde friend but she grudgingly stayed silent.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Midii looked worriedly at the Japanese boy.

"No." Heero looked down at his bloody hands. "It's all Duo's."

"What happened, Heero?" Lady Une asked while she kept her eyes on the road.

"Hilde came in and saw me. She suddenly went hysterical and pulled out her gun. Duo jumped to shield me as she fired the gun."

"Why did she go hysterical so suddenly?" Lady Une frowned.

Meiran snorted. "Every wife would be shocked to find her husband sleeping with a boy."

Again Heero smiled sadly at the black haired girl. "Aa.... Right..."

The trio didn't know how to respond to the statement. Meiran still wanted to give him a few more pieces of her mind but Milliard stopped her. While her two friends struggled against each other, Midii just looked at the Japanese boy. She felt very strange watching the boy that had the same look as her friend. His figure was a figure of a young boy but his eyes had the same shadows as her parents'. Those blue eyes were the eyes of an adult. Midii noticed the Japanese boy's hand trembling then. She realized then that Heero cared for Duo, and maybe Solo too, as much as they all cared for them. She reached up and covered the callous fingers with her hand. The Japanese boy looked at her in surprise.

Midii forced a smile. "Uncle Duo will be all right."

A little light came upon those dull blue eyes. "Aa, he'll be okay..."

"We're here." Une announced as she stopped the car. The teens quickly got out from both doors, followed by the Japanese boy.

Not waiting for Lady Une to park the car, Meiran ran as fast as she could, followed by Milliard. Midii was about to follow her friends when she realized Heero didn't follow them. She looked behind her and saw the Japanese boy walking slowly toward them.

"Mill!" She called out the blonde boy who looked over his shoulder and then turned around without changing his running speed. Meiran however kept running, already too far to hear Midii's shout.

I forgot about his condition. Mill berated himself inwardly as Midii and he together approached the staggering boy.

"Heero, are you sick?" Midii said worriedly as they stopped in front of the Japanese boy.

"Just a bit weak." Heero panted softly. "Go on you two. Solo will need your support. I'll meet you in ER soon."

Milliard frowned as he noticed how tired the Japanese boy was. It looked like Heero would collapse anytime soon. His frown was mimicked by Midii when he glanced at the blonde girl. When their eyes met, they both knew they would take the Japanese boy with them. Milliard nodded and then slung Heero's right arm over his shoulder, supporting the Japanese boy's weight.

Heero was startled. "Milliard..."

"We'll take you to Solo." Midii cut in. She then stepped aside and let Milliard help Heero forward. She walked side by side with them.

"Thank you."

It was said weakly but full of gratitude. Both Milliard and Midii heard the words and both wondered if they had the heart to send the Japanese boy away if Solo didn't want to see him.


Alcohol aroma filled the room as he entered the building.

White lights.

Endless tunnels.

Sobs and screams.

He never liked hospitals.

It reeked of death.

His eyes trained on the door in front of him. He could read the 'Emergency Room' board above the door.

His son was in there.

He passed the door and saw familiar figures surrounding the middle bed. Nurses and doctors were among them. Was his son safe?

"Milliard! Midii!!" An angry screech from Wufei's daughter, followed by gasps from Mariemeia and Sally. Zechs and Noin must be accompanying Duo.


He had to see him after this.

"Don't shout here." The doctor spoke sternly. "Your friend is safe, it was only a flesh wound however he has lost a lot of blood. We need to do a blood transfusion. Tell us if you know his blood type so we don't have to do a blood test."

He straightened at the doctor's words, willing his weak body to hold on a little longer. "Solo has O type, same as his father." That got him stares from the others. He ignored them all and walked forward. "Mine is O too, you can take it."

The doctor frowned. "You don't look quite well." The man turned to the nurse. "Do we have O typed blood supply?"

The nurse shook her head. "All supplies have been used for the other patient. He is in surgery now."

Other patient.....


He had to see Duo after this......

"Take mine." He lifted his arm.

The doctor shook his head. "You're too weak." The man turned to the others. "Do any of you have blood type O?"

He knew the others didn't. He had memorized their data once he got hold of the laptop that Duo had given him. Staggering, he moved forward and grabbed the doctor's collar. "Only Duo and I have type O." He used his remaining strength to shake the doctor. "Take mine! Solo can't wait too long."

The doctor hesitated for a second before making the decision. He had to admit that the paramedics worked very swift. In a matter of seconds, the others were ushered out of the room and he found himself lying on the bed, next to his son. A infuse tube injected into his left wrist and connected with his son's right one. Turning to his left, he saw his son's eyes closed. Solo must have fainted from lack of blood. He closed his eyes and felt his blood leave his body and merge with his son's.

For a short time, they were one again. His blood kept his son alive. He unconsciously caressed his flat stomach with his other hand and felt the emptiness within him.

How he would do anything to turn back the time.

To be able to hold his baby...

He opened his eyes to drive the impossible wish away.

Solo wasn't a baby anymore.

A shadow loomed above him. He looked up and saw the nurse looking down at him. She smiled slightly. "We will remove the tube now."

He shook his head. "No. It's still not enough to replace Solo's blood."

"But it's the limit." The nurse gently told him.

"You can take my blood twice." He stated. "I know I won't die."

"But you will be very weak." The nurse protested and reached for the tube.

He grabbed the nurse's arm. "Leave it."

The woman hesitated but then nodded. "I'll be back."

He answered by releasing her arm and then turned to watch his son again.


"I'll remove the tube now."

He turned his head from his son to the nurse. This time he didn't protest as the tube was removed from his wrist. He had watched Solo's breathing become steady and he knew his son would be okay.

Now to find Duo....

"No, no, you have to rest for a while." The nurse tried to stop him when he sat up.

He pushed the woman's hand away and staggered up. "Where's the surgery?"

"You should rest." The woman tried to push him back onto the bed.

"No." He caught the woman's hand and squeezed it. "Tell me where the surgery is."

The woman gasped in pain. "Use the back door and turn to the left at the first cross section."

"Thank you." He released the nurse's hand and staggered toward the back door. As he closed the door, he could hear Sally and others enter the ER room. Solo would be safe with them. He looked up and gathered his strength to move forward. He could feel the blackness want to swallow him but he fought it. He wouldn't succumb before he knew about Duo.

It took him quite long but he finally reached his destination. Zechs, Noin, Wufei, and Trowa were waiting in front of the room. He staggered forward, one hand on the wall, supporting his weight. He had gotten close enough that when a doctor came out from the room, he could hear the surgery outcome.

"Mr. Maxwell is out of danger now. The bullet missed his vital organs."

Duo was safe.

It was the only thing he cared to hear.

Solo was okay. Duo was okay. He had nothing to worry now.

Heero let out a deep breath and let the blackness take him.



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