Te Amo Part 16

"I'm home." Wufei growled as he slammed his front door. His wife raised an eyebrow, having long been used to her husband's temperament.

"That's not a good example for our children, you know."

Wufei grunted as he plopped down on the couch. "Maxwell plans to divorce his wife."

"What? Why?" Sally looked surprised as she sat down next to her husband.

"He says that he loves Yuy and doesn't want it said that he's cheating on his wife."

"Yuy? Heero Yuy?" Sally's eyes widened as she exclaimed too loudly for Wufei's liking. "Duo finally found Heero!?"

Wufei told his wife everything Duo had told to him. "And in the end nothing Trowa and I said could make him change his decision. He will really divorce Hilde."

Sally was silent for a moment. "...... maybe it's for the best."

"Sally!" Wufei looked at his wife in surprise.

"Mum! How can you say that!" A high pitch voice exclaimed all of a sudden. Wufei turned to see their oldest daughter stomp in. The girl had short black haired from him and Sally's blue eyes.

"Meiran, are you eavesdropping us?"

"No, I came down to tell mum about this news." Meiran sat down on the chair across from her parents. "Solo just called me and the others through video conference. He looked so heartbroken when he said his father was going to divorce his mother. " The young girl glared at her mother. "How could you say it's for the best, mum?"

"I agree with our daughter. Maxwell is stupid for breaking up his marriage for a boy who had disappeared for fifteen years."

"It's the boy he loves, Wufei." Sally pointed out.

"What? Do you mean to tell me that Duo doesn't love Hilde then?" Wufei retorted.

"No." Sally answered calmly. "He doesn't."

"Mum!" Meiran looked at her mother in shock while Wufei looked taken aback.

Sally turned to her daughter. "Meiran, do you ever see Uncle Duo touching Aunt Hilde?"

Meiran frowned for a while before shaking her head no. Wufei looked disturbed as he too realized that he never saw Duo touching his wife.

"I have noticed it since our wedding day, you know." Sally looked at his husband. "Duo congratulated us with Solo in his arms, Hilde was nowhere near him."

"I remember." Wufei said sourly. "So that means Maxwell has pretended to have a happy marriage for fifteen years. Why didn't you tell me sooner about this?"

"Wufei." Sally looked stern. "If I told you, you might have confronted him straight away. Duo's marriage is not our business to interfere in. Moreover, they have Solo with them. It's up to Duo and Hilde to decide their life. And I ask you not to interfere with this current problem; you too, Meiran."

"But..." Both father and daughter protested.

Sally looked her husband and then her daughter. "Do not interfere. You can cause more damage than good."

"Maxwell is going to separate Solo from his mother and you're telling me not to interfere?" Wufei growled at his wife. He had come to treat Solo like his own son and he didn't want his parents' divorce to sadden the boy.

"Wufei, it's really not our problem to..."

Meiran tuned out her parents' quarrel. She knew her mother would win and knew she wouldn't obey her mother because she had already made her own decision. Solo was one of her best friends, the brother figure she loved very much. She wouldn't let anyone destroy Solo's happiness. She didn't care that Heero Yuy was the hero they all learned about in history class. For her now, Heero Yuy was a very bad man who destroyed Solo's happiness. Meiran wouldn't let him go further with his evil deed. Slipping away from her parents, Meiran went to her room and called the rest of M-five members save Solo for a meeting.


"Dad!! Dad!!" A blonde girl called the man who just entered the house. Her long hair flew behind her as she trotted down the stairs to meet the man.

Quatre looked up as he gave his bag to the servant. "What's up, Midii?"

"You have to do something about this!" Midii Winner grabbed his father's arm and dragged the blonde man away from the confused looking servant.

Quatre just blinked as his daughter shoved him into the library and closed the door before turning her jade eyes to him. "I can feel you're worried, Midii." He said as he sat down on the couch.

"Yes, I am." Midii answered as she sat down next to his father. "Solo just called and told us all that his father is going to divorce his mother because he was in love with Heero Yuy."

"Pardon?" Quatre blinked, not believing his ears. "Heero Yuy?"

"Yes, Heero Yuy." Midii nodded. "He's still alive apparently."

"Thank Allah." Quatre relaxed into the couch. So Duo had found Heero. The Arabian man felt a weight lift from his heart. He still blamed himself for not telling Duo about Heero's real feelings before the wedding. He still did, but at least his guilt lightened now that he knew Duo would take care of Heero.

"Thank Allah?" Midii exclaimed. "Dad, Solo's parents are going to be divorced and you're thankful?"

"Um..." Quatre looked guilty.

"Your dad is just glad that Heero is still alive, Midii." Trowa entered the library.

"Father, how is it going? Will Uncle Duo really divorce Aunt Hilde?" Midii said as Trowa bent down to give a peck to Quatre.

"It seems so. He is very protective of Heero."

"You know about Heero, Trowa?" Quatre asked in bewilderment.

Trowa nodded. "Wufei called both of us to come to Duo's house, but you were at the meeting so I went alone." The brunette sat on the arm of couch. "I met Heero there."

"I know that. Where had be been hiding all along?"

"I met a seventeen year old Heero."

"Eh?" Quatre blinked again.

Trowa told him the summary and Quatre looked stunned till the end.

"Wufei tried to persuade Duo to change his mind, but Duo is determined. He won't let Heero go this time." Trowa concluded.

"Is that so?" Quatre murmured and then sighed. "I hope everything will turn out okay for Heero this time."

"What?!" Midii exclaimed loudly, making her parents realize their daughter was with them. "Did I hear you correctly? Dad, you support Uncle Duo in divorcing Aunt Hilde?"

Quatre looked at Trowa questioningly. Trowa turned to their daughter and nodded. "Yes, Midii. We support him."

"Father, you too?" Midii looked at him in disbelief. "It's wrong! I don't care that Heero Yuy is your friend or a hero like in the history lessons. The fact is he's only several years older than me and he's trying to steal Uncle Duo from Aunt Hilde and makes Solo sad. It's really wrong to support Uncle Duo!"

"Midii..." Quatre took his daughter's hand. "Don't judge Heero as a bad person. You don't know what happened between Duo and him in the past."

"Does it matter?" Midii withdrew her hand. "The past is the past. He can't just appear and destroy a happy family."

Quatre sighed heavily. "Midii, it's the other way around."

"Huh?" Midii looked at her father's blue eyes. Those eyes seemed so sad and full of regret.

"It was Hilde who stole Duo from Heero."


"Lady Une, Heero is alive." A twenty two year old woman with red hair spoke up furiously.

"What? Is that true, Mariemeia?"

"I heard it from Solo. His father finally managed to find the Japanese boy." Mariemeia went back to her room while Lady Une hurriedly called Maxwell's resident. While Lady Une looked happy, Mariemeia was furious. How could a person she adored turn up to be the one who destroyed her friend's happiness.

That person wasn't worthy of her adoration.


"Dad, Mum, I have a news for you." A boy with short blonde hair entered the living room where his parents were relaxing after work.

At her son's serious tone, Zechs put down the book he was reading and Noin straightened her back from where she was leaning against her husband in the couch. "What is it, Milliard?"

Milliard Marquise took a breath and proceeded to tell what he heard from his best friend. Even at his young age, he had already had his Aunt Relena's talent in persuading people and when he finished his speech, his parents both scowled in disagreement.

"Duo is wrong." Noin commented.

"I agree." Zechs nodded. "As happy I am to hear that Heero is alive, still his interruption in Duo's family doesn't sit well with me."

"Maybe you should have a talk with him, Zechs."

Zechs nodded.

As his father reached for the phone, Milliard walked away and hid his smile. Solo would have his parent's back together. Now the next thing to do was to meet this Heero guy and give him the speech of his life.


Okay guys, this will be the last chapter for a while. *hides inside her turtleshell* Don't kill me, guys. The reason I do this because I need to write down more than a chapter to get this story written according to my plan and plot so I hope you can be patient for a while. Enslaving Heero will be kept post during this time, by the way ^_^


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