Te Amo Part 15

"Damn, shouldn't have taught him to drive." Duo cursed as he entered his bedroom. However, the curse was soon stopped when he saw Heero curled up on the floor. "Heero!" He knelt down quickly and looked down at the Japanese boy worriedly. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine.." Heero answered weakly. "I stumbled..."

"You shouldn't move too much." Duo lifted the Japanese boy up and put him back on the bed.

"How is Solo?"

"I can't catch him. He took my car and shot out of the house right away. Don't worry, though. I can guess where he's heading to. He usually runs to Wufei or Quatre." Duo sat down on the edge of the bed, next to the boy. He put his hand on Heero's and caressed it gently. Heero was trembling slightly and if he weren't a soldier before, he wouldn't detect it. But Duo did detect it and because of it, he knew Heero was hurt with what Solo had said. "Gomen ne, Heero. I never thought Solo would react like that."

The Japanese boy was silent for some time before shaking his head weakly. "It's .... okay..."

"No, it's not." Duo tightened his hand on Heero's. "You're not a slut and you're not the one who separated me and Hilde. We weren't well-matched from the start. Solo has no right to say something like that to you."

"He is only fourteen years old, Duo..." Heero spoke softly. "He only wants his father and his.... mother... to be together and shower him with their love...."

"You're so understanding." Duo sighed again and leant against the headboard. "I do care for him. I love him. I'll do everything he wants unless he wants me to leave you. That's the only thing I can't fulfill."

Heero was silent and it was okay for Duo for he didn't expect any answer. He released Heero's hand and caressed the boy's cheek. "I have spent fifteen years looking for you and I won't let you slip away from me again. No one will separate us, not even my own son. He has had my undivided love for fifteen years and now he has to learn to share."

"But Duo..."

Duo put his forefinger on Heero's lips. "No but's. Solo has liked you from the start and that feeling can't just be thrown away. He is just disappointed right now. Given time, he'll accept you as my ....."

Beep... beep

The videophone beeped on the nightstand next to bed. Duo growled at the interruption but he reached for it nevertheless. Only a few people knew his bedroom's numbers and he was sure this was either Wufei or Quatre, whichever one Solo had run to and explained the situation. He put the videophone on his lap and punched the button to answer the call. An image of a black haired man with glasses appeared on the screen, looking angry. "Hi, Wufei. I take it that Solo is with you."

"Indeed, Maxwell." Wufei said with barely restrained anger. "What the hell do you think are you doing, hitting your son like that? Solo came here with red cheek and told me that his father had a lover as young as he is."

"Solo deserved it because he called my lover a slut..." Duo answered flatly. His face was dead serious.

"Kisama! You really have a lover? A male lover, nevertheless? Don't you have any shame, Maxwell?" Wufei shouted angrily. "You have had a son and a wife! Do you want to ruin you and your family's happiness just to fulfill your lust?"

"This is not lust, Chang." Duo growled angrily. "I've searched for him for fifteen years and I'll be damned if I let you or anyone else stop me from being with him."

Wufei was stunned. "Fifteen... years.......? Him?"

As the answer, Duo turned the videophone toward Heero who was propping his upper body up on his elbow and looking at the videophone. Wufei's eyes widened as his videophone's screen showed an exact image of Solo, save the eyes and the hair. He blinked in disbelief but the image didn't waver. Only one other boy he knew had a face like this and it was fifteen years ago. It was impossible but yet... the image was real... The boy in the screen widened his eyes slightly and Wufei heard a long unheard familiar voice echoing in the speakers. "Wufei."

The voice broke his surprised trance and Wufei croaked in disbelief, looking at the face on his screen. "Yuy?"

The boy on the screen nodded and then the screen turned to show Duo's face. "I don't want to talk through the phone and Heero still needs to rest. Let's meet in my house at 05:00 PM, tell Quatre and Trowa to come as well." With that, Duo disconnected the phone and left Wufei staring dumbfounded at the now blank screen.


"You knew that someday this was bound to happen and as I said to Wufei, you need to sleep to regain your strength, Heero." Duo pulled a blanket up to Heero's chin. "Sleep now, we'll confront the others together later."

"..... it'll be difficult...."

"But we'll make it." Duo said with determination.


Ten to five, Duo carried Heero down into the living room, ignoring Heero's protests to let the boy walk by himself. He had detected Heero's fatigue after the boy walked down the stairs earlier that afternoon and he wouldn't make Heero tired now after managing to get the Japanese boy take a nap. He lowered Heero onto the soft couch and settled down next to Heero, entwining his fingers with the Japanese boy's ones. From the boy's tenseness, Duo knew Heero was nervous at the situation and he kissed Heero's cheek soothingly. "Everything will be okay."

"Aa...." Heero nodded and relaxed a bit, but he soon was tense again when two men entered the room. One wore glasses and had long black hair, bound into a tail while the taller one had his reddish bang covering half of his face and his visible eye widened as it rested on the Japanese boy. Both were the adult version of two boys Heero once fought together with in the war. "Wufei, Trowa."

"He... Heero?" Trowa stuttered and sat down in the nearest chair, looking very surprised for the usually expressionless man. "You're Heero? You look as young as we last met."

"Now you believe me, don't you, Winner?" Wufei grunted as he sat down on the other chair next to Trowa and looked at the messy haired boy suspiciously.

Heero frowned. "Winner?"

"I told you he married Quatre, didn't I? He changed his last name to Winner on the wedding day, Heero." Duo explained and then looked at Trowa. "Where's your other half?"

"Quatre is attending a meeting." Trowa answered and then looked at Heero. "How come you look so young, Heero...."

Wufei, however, was not one to beat around the bush. "Are you sure this boy is really Heero Yuy, Maxwell? Not just a boy who's trying to trick you for your money and break apart your family?"

"Chang." Duo shot a deadly glare at the Chinese man as he felt the Japanese boy next to him tense at the accusation. "I found Heero in J's lab, bloody and dying. Don't you dare doubt his identity."

"Bloody? Dying?" Trowa prompted sharply.

Duo took a breath and then told the two ex-Gundam pilots the summary of how he found Heero. At the end of his story, any doubts about Heero had evaporated. Wufei was now giving Heero an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Yuy."

Heero nodded his head slightly. "It's okay, Wufei."

Trowa had one hand on his chin. His habit if he was thinking deeply. "You're a trained assassin and soldier, the best of us. What kind of person who could injure you like that, Heero? And don't tell me there's only one person. I know you never lose in one on one combat. And from what Duo told us of your wounds, I'm sure you saw your attackers. Who were they?"

"I don't want to talk about that." Heero averted his eyes. Trowa was about to prompt the Japanese boy more when Duo shot a warning look at him.

"I have been asking him the same question, but Heero refuses to answer it." Duo told Wufei and Trowa while he caressed Heero's tense hand. "I have promised not to prod further about it until he feels ready to tell me and I hope that you will respect my decision and not question Heero further about this."

Trowa and Wufei frowned in disagreement but then they caught Duo's eyes and from the blazing fury on the violet eyes, they knew Duo wouldn't let Heero's attackers go unpunished. So they nodded their assent and received a grateful nod from Duo. Wufei then remembered his original intention of coming here and his face turned instantly grim. "I'm glad you found Yuy, Maxwell. But you can't just take him in and announce him as your lover. Although we used to all be the same age, but Yuy's now as old as our children."

Duo looked at Wufei sharply. "Chang, I don't care if this against your honorable principles but I won't let Heero go. I have searched for him for fifteen years and I won't let him go ever. Age difference means nothing to me."

"Maxwell, it's not the same as fifteen years ago. Think about your son and wife, you have responsibilities as a father and a husband."

"I know that. I'll continue loving Solo as my son. Nothing can change that. All I want is for him to accept Heero as my lover."

"It's hard for Solo to accept the fact that his father is involved with another guy." Wufei spoke in irritation. "And how about Hilde? Don't you have a responsibility to her? You're cheating on her, Maxwell."

Duo's face darkened as he dropped the bombshell. "I'll divorce that cheating slut."


All four of them were surprised as the door flew open and Solo stood there, his violet eyes glaring furiously at his father. "Don't you dare call mother that!"

Duo found it ironic at how similar Solo's glare was to the ones he often received from Heero a long time ago. Quickly recovering from his surprise, Duo smiled bitterly as he looked at his son. "Now you know how I felt when you called Heero that."

Solo sputtered angrily, obviously taken aback with his father's answer. He was about to storm out again when Duo stopped him. "Sit down and let's talk, Solo. Running away won't solve the problem."

Solo hesitated for a moment before entering the living room and sat down on a sofa, far from Heero.

"Were you following me, Solo?" Wufei asked the boy who answered with a nod.

"Wufei and I will wait outside" Trowa stood up, followed by Wufei.

Duo nodded his thanks to the men and seized Heero's hand when the Japanese boy wanted to leave as well. "You stay with me, Heero." Duo pulled Heero back to sit down on the couch and then looked at his son. "I love you as my son, Solo and I want you to be happy always..."

"If you want me to be happy, leave him." Solo cut in, glaring at Heero who quickly looked away, not meeting Solo's glare.

Duo's face darkened. Solo's words had hurt Heero again and also hurt him in the process. "That's one thing I can't fulfill."

"You don't love me then!"

Duo looked at his son in hurt this time. "You really think like that? Just because I deny your request, you think I don't love you?"

Solo bit his lower lip as he saw the hurt in his father's eyes. "No..."

"All I want is for you to accept me and Heero. Is it so hard? You know I have been looking for him since you were a baby. You like him and I know you both were having great time together."

"It's wrong for you two to do that." Solo retorted.

"Because we both males? Uncle Trowa and uncle Quatre are both males too and they're happy together."

"It's not that."

"So what's the problem with Heero and me?"

Solo glared at his father. "Dad, you're cheating on mother!"

Duo smiled in ironic. "As a matter of a fact your mother has cheated on me for years."

"What?" Solo widened his eyes in shock. The Japanese boy next to his father also had the same expression.

"I have lost count how many men your mother sleeps with, actually. It has happened for years." Duo said flatly. "She thinks I don't know about her affairs and she never realizes that I have a man following her everywhere. I believe that she is having fun with her new lover in one of the colonies right now."

"So now you take Heero as a lover to get revenge on mother?" Solo growled.

Duo raised an eyebrow. "If I wanted revenge, I would have done it years ago, Solo. I take Heero as a lover because I love him. No other reason."

Solo looked lost. "Then why.... Why didn't you divorce mother if you knew she was cheating?"

"And make you sad?" Duo looked at his son. "I know you love both of us. I know you were sad when you knew we had separate bedrooms, though you try hard to show me that you're okay with it. I didn't want to make you any sadder by divorcing her, thus separating you from your mother. So I thought I could bear her cheating as long as you were happy, after all I had nothing to lose."

"Dad..." Solo said hoarsely. "...so why now? Why do you want to divorce mother now?"

Duo sighed and leaned against the couch. His hand seized Heero's hand, causing the Japanese boy to look at him in surprise as he brought the hand to his lips.

"Duo..." Heero murmured.

"You can call me selfish this time, Solo." Duo kissed Heero's hand once more before looking at his son pleadingly. "But I do now, I do have something to lose now. After fifteen years of looking for it, I finally found it and I will never want to lose it anymore."

Solo was stunned but his expression soon turned into anger. He stood up and glared at his father. "You destroy my happiness because of him?!"

Duo accepted his son's glare without flinching. "It's a fake happiness, Solo. Sooner or later, you will find out the truth about your mother. I don't intend to divorce her to destroy your happiness. I want to divorce her to clear my relationship with Heero."

"How can I be happy if my parents are divorced!!" Solo spat angrily.

"Look Solo." Duo said patiently. "You won't feel much different if we're divorced. You still can see Hilde anytime you want. And like these past days, Heero will stay with us and I hope you two will get along just fine like you have done before. I know Heero would like to be with you. Tell him how you feel about him, Heero." He nudged the Japanese boy.

Heero, who had bowed his head since Solo's outburst, looked up in surprise at Duo. He then slowly looked at Solo and spoke up hesitantly. "I... I care for you, Solo. You're like a son......"

"Well, you may really care for me." Solo cut in and glared at the Japanese boy. "But you aren't my mother!"

Duo was surprised when Heero squeezed his hand so tightly that it hurt.

"I want my mother staying with us in the house, not a boy as old as me as my father's lover and acts as if he can replace my mother!"

Heero had bowed his head down again in the middle of Solo's speech. He didn't move, didn't tremble, but he clutched tightly at Duo's hand, making the older man worry about his condition. But before he could ask what was wrong, Heero spoke up.

"You hate me that much?" It came as a whisper from the Japanese boy's lips.

Solo was about to snap back but Duo glared warningly at his son in full force, stunning Solo at the intensity of the glare. "Say no more, Solo." Duo growled. He put his hand on Heero's hand, which was squeezing his other hand tightly, and caressed it. His son looked at the Japanese boy who had his head bowed and then at his father who was looking at the Japanese boy worriedly. For a few seconds, guilt and confusion passed on Solo's violet eyes before they were replaced with anger.

"Fine, do whatever you want." Solo snapped irritably. "Divorce my mother if you want. I won't fight you, Dad, but don't expect me to get along with your lover." With that Solo passed them and went upstairs to his room. Duo watched his son disappear before turning to his lover.

"Well, at least he accepted the divorce. We'll work on the rest later." The older man stood up. "Wait here while I tell Trowa and Wufei about this, okay."


"You have to release my hand first, Heero, or I'll end up dragging you with me."

"Aa." Heero slowly released Duo's hand and watched as the older man disappeared into the room where Trowa and Wufei were waiting. He then turned his head and looked at the stairs where Solo disappeared and then at the ceiling. "Ne Odin..." He whispered faintly as he put his hand on his stomach. "Should I leave Duo so Solo can be happy? Am I too selfish for wishing to be able to live together with both of them?"

The whisper sadly was drowned by the escalating noise in the next room. The Japanese boy closed his eyes slowly as he blocked out the noise.

"....... I wish too much apparently....."



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