School Daze Part 3

The man laughed at Heero's answer. " I can't believe a beauty like you still can remain a virgin. Perfect then! I'm really lucky to be your first. You will experience your first time as the most painful one. I will not hold back because I love seeing you bleeding. You are mine, boy." Kanna was panting with lust and need at the moment. The boy was surely beautiful. He would enjoy the boy's screaming. Licking his lips eagerly, the man proceeded to rip the boy's boxers off when suddenly a blow hit his head.

"Wha...." Again, his head received another blow. The man blacked out and collapsed on top of Heero. Heero blinked, he was trying to process what had happened. He felt someone pull the man off him and heard the familiar voice. "Bastard! How dare you touch him! He is mine!"

Duo entered the room and he was petrified at the scene before him. Heero was on the table and Kanna was making thrusting motions with his hips. The man didn't hear the sound of the door being opened because he was too drowned in his lust. Kanna's last sentences were all Duo needed to hear to loose all his control. Bleeding? The man was raping his Heero? Duo saw red and swore the man would receive Shinigami's punishment, which would be worse than hell.

Heero lifted his head and looked at the boy who was standing before him. Duo Maxwell was in Shinigami mode, his joker mask was no more. His face was expressionless and his eyes blazed with fury. How dare that man molest his koi!!!

Duo turned to Heero and carefully helped him to sit on the table. "Heero, are you okay?" The Deathscythe pilot noticed Heero was still clad in his boxers. That meant the man didn't manage to carry out his evil deed,but still it didn't manage to calm Duo.

Heero stared at his koi before he answered, "I'm fine. How did you get here?"

"It seemed the tranquilizer's effect has worn out. I woke up and found you weren't with me. So I assumed you have been captured by this .....this bastard." Duo said the word full of hatred and anger. "I thought hard, trying to guess where he would bring you. Then I remembered Neil's story about where the previous teacher got killed so I came here and saw he was......" Duo didn't continue and he didn't need to, because Heero had known the rest. His koi was staring at the man coldly.

"How about the bomb then?" Heero still remembered about the man's threat.

"Bomb? What bomb?" Duo turned his head back to Heero.

"Search your pocket, Duo"

Duo searched his pocket and found a tiny ball. "That man left a bomb with me?" Duo's eyes narrowed at the ball.

"The bomb will explode in 30 minutes since he placed it on you. Now there's only 15 minutes left. He is an OZ spy. We have to eliminate him to complete our mission." Heero ran his eyes around the room, searching for his gun, which has been taken by the man earlier. He found the gun tucked on Kanna's trousers and was about to jump from table to take it when a hand stopped him.

"Of course we will eliminate him, but let me handle this. He has to pay for touching you," Shinigami's eyes flickered ferociously.

"Duo, I'm fine. Let's finish the mission."

Duo stared at his lover. Both of the Japanese pilot's cheeks were bruised, his lips were swollen and a trail of blood was visible from his lips down to his chin. Teeth marks were on his nipples, the juncture between his neck and shoulder, everywhere. Red scratches were scattered on his chest. The moonlight that shone from the window behind Heero made the Japanese boy look fragile. "You are definitely NOT OK," Duo hissed angrily. His eyes fell on Heero's cuffed hands. "I will finish this fucking bastard!"

He approached Heero and lifted his cuffed hands. With a little twist from his hairpin, Duo managed to take the handcuffs off of Heero's hands. He walked towards Kanna, who was still out cold and placed the cuffs on his hands after removing Heero's gun from him.

Duo then grabbed the man and shook him violently.

"What the..." Kanna awoke and received another punch straight on his face. Holding his bleeding nose, he tried to maintain his balance and received another blow to his stomach. He stepped back and noticed his hands where cuffed. "What the fuck..."

Another kick made the man collapse on the floor. Duo was very, *very* angry, he kneeled and took one of the man's hands. Kanna looked up, "You! How did you get here? The tranquilizer was supposed to last for an hour!"

"Too bad, it didn't!" Duo said in a flat tone. "My body is quite immune to tranquilizers and now you will receive your lesson for touching Shinigami's lover." Duo's eyes showed no mercy when he stared at the bald man. They were really the eyes of Shinigami.

"What? That pretty boy is your lover? But he said he is still a virgin," the bald man received another blow on his face.

"He is, and how dare you touch what belongs to me."

Duo still held Kanna's hand "Your fingers have made scratches over his body, so they have to be punished!" With that, Duo broke the man's fingers one by one. The man cried out in agony but Duo didn't give a damn about it. He proceeded to break his forearm, "And this is for his bruised cheeks." The bald man was really in pain now. Duo ignored him and took the other hand, repeating the procedures. He also broke the man's legs in the same way.

Heero just sat on the table and watched his lover. He never thought Duo could be so mad and realized that Duo was showing his true form, Shinigami.

Duo punched the man in the face with enough force to make his front teeth shatter in pieces. "That's for leaving marks on my lover's body and this is for trying to take what's mine." Duo kicked the man right on his groin and watched as Kanna twisted in pain on the floor for several moments. He then took the tiny ball and knelt, holding it in front of the man.

"Do you know what it is?" The man went pale once he recognized the ball.

"Yes, you know it. This is yours and I'll give it back," Duo shoved the ball into the man's mouth and punched him on the stomach, making him swallow the ball. The man's eyes widened in horror as he realized what he had swallowed.

Meanwhile Duo had stood up and went to Heero. He took the remote control and handed it to the Wing pilot together with his gun. "Here, hold them while I take you out of here."

"Duo, I still can walk." Heero stood up.

"I know." Duo scooped up Heero and walked to the door. Heero didn't struggle; he realized Duo would not take "No" for an answer. His usually talkative lover had become the God of Death.

The bald man saw the remote Heero held. "No....please give me the remote. I need it to deactivate the bomb."

Without turning to the man, Duo said coldly, "You should have thought about that before you touched my koi," Shinigami resumed his walk, leaving the twisted man to think of his fate.

Duo closed the lodge's door, ignoring the pleading sounds. He got into a car he and Heero had stashed. Not wanting to let go of Heero, Duo put his lover on his lap and started the car. Heero just kept silent, feeling the warmth around him.

After they were about a couple of miles from the school, Duo stopped the car and stared at the boy in his lap.

"You can press it now."

"No need, it's about the time." Once Heero finished his sentence, a big explosion was heard in the distance and for a moment, the dark night became red. "Ninmu kanryou." Heero threw the remote through the window.

Duo hugged the Japanese pilot and nuzzled his hair."Yes, it's over."

They waited several minutes before Duo started the car again. Heero moved himself to his own seat and sat there silently. Duo wanted to continue their journey until they reached their safe house but Heero was still bleeding and was nekkie save his boxers. Heero of course would not say anything about his condition so Duo decided to stop at the nearest inn.

He stopped his car in front of the inn and scooped Heero up again after wrapping him with a blanket. Heero now was trembling because of the cold. After the bill was paid, Duo let the bellboy carry their bags up to the room. From the car to their room, he never let Heero touch the ground. Once they entered the room, Duo placed Heero on the bed then gave the bellboy a tip.

Duo dug out the First Aid kit and sat down on the bed, starting to tend to Heero's injuries. First, he gave Heero an icepack to cool his bruised cheek then he started cleaning the wounds and scratches.

Heero was stunned by Duo's behavior. For as long as he remembered, no one cared about him. He felt Duo's warm hands tending his injuries carefully, washing the blood with a hot towel and putting antiseptic on the wounds. He relaxed and sighed softly, but then something wet dropped down on his chest. Heero winced when it touched his scratches and realized it was Duo's tears. //Duo is crying?? WHY?//

"Duo?" Heero looked at him and saw Shinigami had retreated, leaving the boy open and vulnerable. He was murmuring something over and over. Heero craned his head to hear the words.

"How dare he did this...I am sorry Heero.....I am so sorry......" Duo's hands were trembling.

Heero held the braided boy's hands gently. "Duo, I'm okay. These marks will remind me not to let my guard down again."

Duo looked up and growled, "He didn't put any marks on your body. No one will put his marks on you. Only I can mark you, Heero Yuy!"

"Duo, if I hadn't let the boredom control me, maybe this would have never happened. I almost failed the mission. I can't even protect you."

"Screw the mission! Everyone makes mistakes and you do too! That was a proof that you are human after all. Not a cold war machine. And don't ever think you have disappointed me. I love you for what you are, Heero Yuy." Duo leaned forward to kiss his koi but Heero looked away.


"I don't deserve you. I let him kiss me and touch my body." Heero found Duo had pinned his body down on the bed abruptly. Duo kissed the bruised lips carefully and then tenderly pulled back.

"You do deserve me. I never thought you would fall for me, this street rat. And that bastard will never touch you again. I'll erase all his touches and kisses." Duo leaned down and kissed all the scratches on Heero's chest.

Heero sighed at Duo's kisses. He never felt truly loved until he found Duo. "You are not a street rat, Duo. You are my angel." Duo moved his kisses up to the bite marks. He was really angry and jealous that he was not the one who made the mark. Without thinking, he sank his teeth on the mark, overrode it with his own.

A whimpering noise from Heero made him realized what he has done. He pulled back and hid his face in Heero's unruly hair. "O, God. Heero. I'm sorry! I'm so jealous that I........."

Strong arms hugged the braided boy and he heard Heero whisper in his ear. "It's okay. I understand. Aishiteru, Duo." Duo pulled away from Heero's hair and stared lovingly at cobalt blue orbs.

"I love you too, Heero." Duo leaned forward. His lips met Heero's in a passionate kiss. Heero moaned and Duo slipped his tongue inside the Japanese boy's mouth carefully. His tongue caressed his koi's inner mouth while his hands caressed Heero's body. Duo claimed Heero's mouth once again before he pulled away.

The American stared deeply into Heero's eyes. "Heero, will you let me..... Will you let me take you? Will you be mine?" Duo's voice was hoarse. He kept on staring at Heero whom stared back at him in equal passion.

"I'm yours, Duo Maxwell." Heero smiled, a true smile. The Japanese boy was lying beneath the American, allowing Shinigami to take him, to mark him as his.

Heero had let his mask down, revealing a teenage boy who was the real Heero Yuy. Duo too had lost all his masks once he saw Heero's smile. He smiled back and brushed his index and middle fingers along Heero's lips. "Arigatou, Heero."

The Japanese boy opened his mouth and sucked Duo's slim fingers. Duo held his breath and watched Heero suck on his fingers. Not wanting to hold his need any longer, Duo pulled the wet fingers and replaced them with his lips. Duo pulled back to divest himself and pulled Heero's boxers off. He stared at the naked boy beneath him for a moment, remembering every inch and curve of his lover's body before he resumed kissing.

Heero felt Duo's hand trail down and caressed his tight entrance. Then one wet finger pushed into the entrance. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, he felt the pain but also the pleasure. Quickly the second finger was inserted. Those fingers worked their way to stretch and prepare him. Duo never ceased to kiss Heero. He tried to distract the boy from pain. He added the third finger and searched for the sensitive spot.

"Hnnn!" Heero threw his head back when those fingers touched something inside him. It really felt good. Unconsciously, Heero moved his hips to meet the probing fingers.

The movement broke the remaining controls on Duo. He drew back his fingers, ignoring Heero's whimper at the loss. He lifted Heero's legs onto his shoulders and positioned himself so his erection was facing Heero's entrance.

Duo looked at Heero and growled, "Mine!" then in one quick thrust, he was deep inside his koi. Heero was prepared for the pain but still it hurt so much. It was his first after all and they didn't have something to make it easier. A tiny tear was visible at the corner of his eyes. Duo leaned forward and licked the tear. He murmured near Heero's ear, "Mine."

"Yours." Heero panted and tried to adjust himself at the invasion. Duo hasn't moved and didn't want to move either. Heero was tight and warm. Duo never wanted to leave this heaven. But he wanted Heero to feel the sensation too. So once he felt Heero had adjusted to his size, he pulled out slightly and slammed in again. Heero moaned at his thrust, pain mixed with pleasure. He reached out to pull Duo closer. Duo repeated the method until he found the rhythm. Heero also found the rhythm and moved his hip to meet Duo's thrusting.

They rocked faster and harder, panting and moaning until Duo knew he wouldn't last much longer. He grabbed Heero's hard erection and began pumping it simultaneously. The erotic sensation Heero felt inside and outside his body was too much for him to bear. He threw his head back and came silently.

Duo noticed Heero's release and felt the passage around his erection tightening. He pounced hard into Heero once more before he released his seed inside Heero. Heero could feel Duo's seed spurted out inside him, filling and marking him. Then the braided boy collapsed onto him.

They remained silent for some minutes. Duo was still buried inside him, unwilling to draw back. The American lifted his face and stared at Heero. "Mine....forever mine."

"Hai, I'm yours, body and soul. And you are mine too. Eien ni." Heero kissed the braided boy, who kissed back passionately. Heero liked the sensation of having Duo's part deep inside him, feeling it throbbed against his inner tissues. He felt empty and whimpered in protest when Duo pulled out from inside him completely. Duo just kissed his nose and settled next to Heero. He pulled the Japanese boy into his arms and soon fell asleep. Too tired to clean the mess they had created, Heero also fell asleep, safe in his lover's embrace.

---21st September, AC 195; 11.45 AM---

//God, will she ever be tired? I hope she'll stop soon.// Duo was standing and pouting. They were in the headmaster's office and in front of them, the headmaster was giving them some advice. //If not because of his laptop, I would never have gotten into this......... okay, it's my fault too for kissing him. But how was I suppose to know the headmaster was there?//

--21st September, AC 195; 07.05 AM---

Heero woke up in the morning and felt so sore. All parts of his body throbbed painfully but the most painful was on his ass. He looked up and saw Duo still asleep. Silently, he removed Duo's hands and legs from him and stood up. The bed had been a mess. Heero decided to ignore it and walked to the bathroom to clean himself. He winced every time he took a step.

The sound of the shower and the emptiness in his hands woke Duo from his slumber. He sat up when Heero emerged from the bathroom with a towel encircling his waist. Duo frowned when he saw how many scratches and bite marks there were on Heero's body, but then he smirked when he saw Heero walking awkwardly.

Heero noticed the smirk and scowled. "Omae o korosu." Heero sent his death glare.

"Oww, Heero. You did enjoy it last night" Duo's smirk didn't wary at the weight of the glare. Duo has been immune to Heero's Glares 'O' Death for he received it all the time.


"Well, we better get going." Duo stood up and kissed Heero's lips. Then he entered the bathroom.

When he finished his shower, he found out Heero has dressed in his green tanktop and black spandex. He was looking for something in the bag.


"Yeah?" Duo put on his black outfit.

"Where's my laptop?"

Silence reigned the room.



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