School Daze Part 2

"Good, it's smooth now. You can split it as usual... " Archie had had enough, he quickly opened the door and shouted, "Maxwell! Yuy! What are ........." The words died in his throat when he saw Heero and Duo sitting on the bed.

"What?", Heero finished braiding Duo's hair and turned to look at his friends. Duo, who also noticed his friends, stood up and approached them, one of his hands still holding a brush. "yo, what's up?" His four friends just stared dumfounded at him, the boys for having misjudged the situation and the girls for never thinking that Heero would be willing to brush Duo's hair.

"What? Did I get something in my face??" Duo looked at them worriedly.

Finally Archie found his voice. "Duo, did Heero just braid your hair?"

"Yeah, I asked him to brush and braid my hair, why?"

"No....nothing, I thought you could do your hair by yourself." Archie tried to hide his blushing face.

"Usually I do it myself but today Heero had nothing to do so he offered his help. You know brushing your own hair is hell, nee Aya-chan?"

Aya nodded, knowing too well how much trouble it was to brush your own hair. Heero realized what their friends were thinking and smirked. Then he stood up and walked to the door. "Heero, where are you going?" asked Duo.

"I want to take a walk, I have nothing to do here."

"Hey wait, we want to ask about your listing program," Archie stopped him.

"Hn, you can ask Duo" with that Heero walked out, leaving Duo, who was cursing him silently, to deal with them.

Heero walked aimlessly, following wherever his feet took him. Never in his life was he so confused, he didn't know what to do. He wanted to practice fencing but no one except Duo wanted to be his sparring partner since he broke one of the other's masks. //Maybe it's better to read some books in the library//. So Heero walked to the library only to find the library was in renovation.

//Hn, maybe I can borrow a computer in the software center.// but Heero found out the computer only could be accessed once the new students got their software center's password. And the passwords would be issued after the welcoming party was over.

//Kuso! Now what??? I'm bored! // Heero was cursing over and over and that's when his feet brought him to the parking field. He grinned evilly when he spotted a red car, which was Kanna's.

Duo had just finished explaining to Archie and the others when he heard a loud toot outside the dorm. Together with the other students, he ran outside and saw that a car was heading towards a big tree. He also saw Mr. Kanna in the car, trying to steer the wheel to the left but the car went in the opposite direction, and ran into a bunch of students who broke into a chaotic run at once to save their lives. Mr. Kanna pushed the brake but it only made the car move faster and hit the wall loudly.

Silence reigned the parking field for some seconds, then Archie moved closer and helped the bald man out of the car. The man was fine except for some bleeding on his head. He cursed and kicked his own car. And as if the car were alive and angry, it made a loud toot and then moved to chase the bald man. Poor Mr. Kanna ran helter-skelter and made it to the dorm. The car once again made a loud toot and went off. Duo watched all the events with jaws opened and eyes widened.

A soft chuckle was heard next to him. "Your face is really funny." Duo spun and saw a smirking devil who was Heero Yuy standing in front of him. Realization hit Duo. Only Heero could make a car do such strange things. Duo wanted to shout at Heero but there were still too many students near them. He looked around and saw an old lodge that used to be the dorm's depository and was now abandoned.

Duo hauled the still smirking Heero into the lodge and then locked the door. The lodge was rather small. There was a table on their left and a bed behind the table. The right side was empty.

"You were the one who controlled the car, weren't you?" Duo stood in front of Heero who was standing lazily.


"Why would you do that? Not that I mind though." Duo grinned, "It's great to see how white that bald man's face got when he saw his own car chasing him. But I never thought you would be the one to do such a thing."

"I'm bored."

Duo blinked. This was the second time he heard that word; Heero had already said it twice in the same day. The sun might as well have set in the east and rised in the west.

"Are you really Heero Yuy???"


"Kidding, kidding, but I never thought the Perfect Soldier could be bored."

"Well, I am!"

" Mr. Kanna got his lesson. Are you satisfied?" In his mind, Duo made a mental note to never ever make the Perfect Soldier bored.


"Let's get out then. Maybe Archie and the others are looking for us." Duo walked to the door but found his hand grasped by Heero. "What?"

"But I'm still bored."

Duo stared at Heero dumbfounded. He wondered what Heero wanted to do now and then he saw lust in those cobalt eyes. "Hee...Heero. This is not a good time to do that......The students are still outside and ..hhmppphhh"

All the words were silenced once Heero's lips covered his in a fierce kiss. He could still hear voices from outside and opened his mouth to protest only to feel Heero's tongue had slipped in his mouth teasing his. They never had a chance to make out since the first day they entered the school and to be honest, Duo also wanted to do it. Their tongues sparred and tried to enter the other's mouth. Soon the voices weren't heard anymore, the only thing Duo could hear, could think, and could feel was Heero.

Heero was enjoying nibbling Duo's earlobe when he heard Duo growling and felt hands on his waist. The Wing pilot gave a startled gasp as he was being pushed backward until he landed on the bed with Duo on him, resting on his arms at either of Heero's sides.

"My turn, koi." Duo grinned and attacked Heero's throat. The Japanese pilot moaned and tilted his head, giving Duo more space to play. Duo tasted his koi hungrily, nibbling the soft skin and trailed wet kisses along the slender neck.

Duo shifted his weight to his left arm as his right hand moved over Heero's shirt, unbuttoning the uniform deftly. Once the shirt was off from Heero, Duo placed kisses on the skin which once had been covered beneath the shirt. Heero moaned and trashed beneath him, his hands were tugging Duo's shirt.

CRACK. The American pilot's mind registered the sound of something wooden cracking but he chose to ignore it and continued to tease Heero's nipples. WHOMP!! In a second, the boys found themselves sprawled on the ground. Half of their bodies were still on the mattress while the other half landed on the floor. It appeared the old bed couldn't hold the weight of the boys. And the impact had raised the dust on the floor, making the boy coughing miserably.

While coughing, Duo cursed in every language he knew. It seemed the God doesn't agree with his action. Just at the time he finally managed to be alone with Heero, this thing happened.

"Heero...cough....are you okay?" The dust made Duo have to shut his eyes.

"I am fine." The Japanese boy coughed at the end. He was still pinned beneath Duo, making his breathing a little difficult.

Finally the dust had subdued. Duo propelled himself up with his arms and opened his eyes, checking on Heero. The Japanese boy had stopped coughing earlier and he was staring back to Duo.

Duo lifted his hand and caressed Heero's cheek. This little accident had ruined his mood to consume their relationship. He leaned down and kissed Heero's nose. "C'mon, let's go back to the dorm."

Heero nodded, just like Duo, his mood had also been broken. They stood up and adjusted their clothes, sweeping the dust on their body. They quickly went to their room and found their roommate was talking about Mr. Kanna's accident.

"Hey Duo, you were there when the accident happened right?" Archie asked him.

"Yeah, the car went out of control." Duo was very thankful that his friends were very interested in the accident and didn't ask where he went with Heero.

"Well, I heard rumors that something took control of the car," said Neil.


"They say a ghost took control," Neil spoke secretively.

"Ghost???" Duo eyes' widened.

"Well, that car was not originally assigned to Mr. Kanna. His previous owner was supposed to be a teacher who would be teaching in this school. But that teacher got killed one day before we entered the school. And at that time, Mr. Kanna came to school and offered himself to be a teacher, so the car was given to Mr. Kanna. Maybe the previous teacher's soul became angry because Mr. Kanna took his car." Archie explained while Heero kept the information and Duo tried to hold his laughter.

"Oh, yeah. My friends also told me that they heard some strange noise from the lodge near the accident not long after the accident happened." Duo blushed at Neil's word. "Of course, they didn't dare to check it because that was the place where the poor teacher was killed." After he finished his words, Neil noticed Duo's face had gone from red to white.

"Duo, what's wrong? You look pale."

"Uhm nothing. I think I need to take a bath now." Duo walked to the bathroom and changed his clothes. //Great, no wonder that lodge was abandoned. A teacher was killed in that lodge and we just ....... great....Very great! //

Meanwhile Heero was processing the information he just heard. So Mr. Kanna was as new as they are in this school. And moreover he just appeared a day after their supposed-to-be-teacher was killed. Heero wanted to investigate further about Mr. Kanna, but he needed his laptop to do it. And now Mr. Kanna had taken the laptop, he couldn't do anything. He decided to put Mr. Kanna in top priority to be verified while they hacked the headmaster's computer.

---20th September, AC 195---

The day had been hell to any/all the students. Mr. Kanna was very angry when he noticed his car had scratches all over it, and poured his anger onto the poor, innocent, loving students. He gave so many assignments that people wouldn't be able to attend the party for fear of not finishing their homework.

Heero and Duo had no problem in finishing the assignments. They finished around one hour faster than the others so they had some times to prepare themselves for the party.......and for the mission of course.

The party was really great, food and drinks were on every corner. Duo happily bounced from one place to another. Heero let Duo have his fun for a moment and then approached the braided boy. He grasped the braid and pulled.

"Itaiiii!! Heeroooo, I told you not to pull my braid!"


"What Heero? Time to move to the next action?" Duo grinned, "Let's go then."

They successfully slipped from the party and headed to the office. Go figure the door was locked. It *WAS* a main office, containing the main computer after all. He moved away and let Duo work his magic on the lock. In less than a minute, the door was opened.

"Go in there, I'll watch here."

Heero nodded and entered the office. He quickly turned on the computer and began hacking it. Meanwhile, Duo was waiting patiently; well as patiently as our little Duo-chan can wait, when outside the office, he spotted Mr. Kanna walking toward him. He placed his hand on the gun that was concealed by his vest. //Damn, not this time. I hate to kill innocent people but what is he doing here?//

His question was answered when he saw the bald man pull out a gun and aim toward him. //Oh shit! // That was the last thought on Duo's mind before he felt something hit his chest and darkness claimed him.

//This school has nothing to do with OZ.// Heero carefully verified every data and found nothing. So he proceeded with erasing Duo and his data from the history. That's when he remembered his suspicion about that bald teacher. He opened the teacher's history file. After some encryption and processing later, Heero's suspicions had been confirmed. "So this Kanna is an OZ spy....." All of sudden, the door opened.

"Give the boy a prize." Reaching for his gun, Heero spun around to face said Ozzie. He held a gun, which was pointed to the limp figure on the floor. "Drop your weapon, little boy. You don't want your friend to get hurt, do you?"

//Duo!// Heero's expression didn't change but however his voice wavered a little when he spoke. "What are you doing to him?"

The bald man smirked. "He is sleeping right now but he will die soon if you don't put down your gun."

//If I shoot this man now, the mission will be accomplished. I don't care what will happen to myself but Duo.....// Heero hesitated, he always told himself that the mission always came first. But now the urge to save his koi has overridden the mission. Finally he gave up and threw his gun to the floor near the man.

"Good boy. Now put your hand into this." The man threw a pair of handcuffs to Heero. Heero's eyes widened but he did the order silently while the man took Heero's gun from the floor. "Now move this boy into the office." Heero did what he was told. He scooped Duo up and placed him on the couch in the office. He noticed that Duo has been shot with some kind tranquilizer.

"Have you done with him? Now move out." The man still pointed the gun to Heero. Heero stood up and left his koi reluctantly. The man locked the door and then stared at Heero who seemed ready to rebel. The man's eyes narrowed, "I have put a bomb in his shirt so don't you dare try anything stupid. If I don't enter the password on this remote in 30 minutes, the bomb will explode and take this building with it."

Heero, who has prepared to knock the man out, was really angry. He underestimated the man and never thought he would put a bomb on Duo. Having no other choices he followed the man's order and found the man had brought him to the abandoned lodge where he and Duo made out yesterday.

The man shoved him in and locked the door. He looked at Heero from head to toe. "I never thought a Gundam pilot would be this young," the man spoke, still staring at the Japanese boy.

"How did you know ?"

"Well, first your laptop's security is really great. I can't hack into it. Second, I found out my car had been controlled. That filled me with curiosity so I gave out very hard assignments. You finished them all easily. An ordinary student can't do such a thing, so I figured out you two are the Gundam pilots." The man chuckled.

Meanwhile Heero cursed himself for letting the boredom rule him. //Damn! If I paid attention to him and didn't touch the car maybe all of this wouldn't have happened... Duo.........gomen ne.....// He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice what the man was doing until a hand caressed his cheek.

Heero head snapped up and backed away, "What are you doing?"

"You are very beautiful, you know?" Lust filled the man's eyes, "But you have been a naughty boy so as your teacher, I'll teach you some lessons."

The man moved forward and captured the pilot's chin. Heero who had caught the man's intention shoved the hand away. The man frowned and punched Heero on the cheek. "Lesson number one : I'm the one who is in control, not you. Looks like you didn't understand your position, huh? Bad student! Do you prefer me to push this button to teach you who is in control?" The man held up the remote control. Heero immediately froze. He sent his best don't -even-think-about-it-pal-or-you-will-die-after-I-cut-your-limbs-off glare to the man before answering, "No."

"Then be a good student and receive your lesson." The man tilted Heero's head, this time Heero showed no resistance. The man smiled wickedly and captured Heero's lips with his. He kissed Heero brutally, nibbling and biting until the boy's lips were bleeding. Heero remained impassive and kept his mouth shut. But the man still wanted to taste more. His fingers pressed hard against Heero's cheeks, forcing Heero's mouth to open.

Heero was forced to open his mouth when the pressure met his bruised cheek. He felt a tongue slipped in and licked his inner mouth hungrily, teasing his tongue to spar with it. But he still remained impassive. Kanna growled at Heero's impassiveness. He switched his hand from Heero's cheek to the back of Heero's neck, pressing the boy against his mouth while pushing his tongue deeper and raping the sweet and moist cavern.

Kanna didn't stop his assault and kept sucking on Heero's mouth, making Heero out of breath. The Japanese boy arched his back, trying to pull away from the man. Sensing the boy was stifled, Kanna broke the kiss and quickly pushed the boy backward until they came upon the table. Heero just managed to breathe once before he felt Kanna's greedy mouth close on his mouth again.

While ravishing the boy's mouth, Kanna lifted the boy, making him sit on top of the table. He leaned forward, pushing deeper into the Japanese boy's mouth and using his weight to force the boy to lie back on the table. Heero felt the agony of the continuous kissing. No, not kissing, raping his mouth was more suitable to describe what Kanna was doing to him. The man only ceased his abuse when he felt Heero was in a need of air, and then continued assaulting the boy's mouth again.

Finally after what seemed forever for Heero, the bald man ceased the kissing and pulled away. Licking his lips, Kanna looked at his captive lustfully. "You taste so good." His breathing was hard and his voice was rough. His hands were roaming over Heero at the moment, touching and probbing.

On the table, Heero was panting and glaring at the man. His lips had been swollen and bleed as the evident of Kanna's rough ministrations. "Omae...o...korosu." He was ashamed and angry at himself that he let another man other than Duo touch him. He had betrayed his Duo.

The man chuckled and punched Heero at the other cheek, "Lesson number two : never ever intimidate me. You can play impassive and I'll enjoy breaking you, pretty boy. I like to play rough, you know." With that, he ripped Heero's shirt. Heero closed his eyes as he felt the cold air touched his bare chest, feeling humiliated and helpless.

He wanted to fight, to kill this rotten guy. But the consequence would be Duo's death and he knew he would never forgive himself if that happened. So he stayed impassive, letting Kanna do whatever he liked with his body. He felt Kanna parted his legs with his knees and moved closer to him, filling the empty space between his legs.

Kanna was ecstatic. He liked the taste of the boy and knew well that this boy could handle the rough ministrations he gave. He was the trained Gundam pilot. It would be exciting to see how far he could push the boy. Rough fingers roamed over the boy's bare chest and then sank his nails into that plane muscle. Heero opened his eyes and hissed, biting his lip to hold further action that would please the man.

"You are very, very beautiful." The man raped Heero's mouth again while his hands caressed the boy's nipples. His tounge wandered inside the boy's hot cavern while his hands pinched the nipples. Heero fought the urge to whimper and remained still. The man let his lips trail down, licking the boy's throat. Then he planted his teeth to the juncture between the boy's neck and shoulder without warning. Heero jumped when he felt the pain but the man's hand pushed him down again.

"Never expected that, huh?" The man licked the blood that trailed down from the mark he had made. He moved his mouth over Heero's upper body, planting his teeth everywhere he wanted and enjoying feeling the boy jerk beneath him. Soon Heero's body was covered with bite marks. Kanna licked the blood on some marks and let the rest of them bleeding.

Heero felt really humiliated when he felt Kanna's hands moved lower to his trousers. He knew what would happen next and closed his eyes. Soon, the sound of ripping fabric was heard. Kanna removed the boy's socks and shoes and then pulled back a little to admire the boy beneath him. His hands never ceased stroking the boy's thighs.

Heero was laying on the table, legs dangling on the edge. His cuffed hands were still over his head. The only cloth he had on right now was his boxers. And it wasn't enough to hide his slender figure. His white exposed throat and well-muscled chest were bathed in moonlight that sneaked through the window, adding to his beauty. The skin around his mouth and some part of his body were glistening, the result of the moonlight reflected by Kanna's saliva.

No need to say, Kanna was very satisfied with his work. He moved back between Heero's legs, closing the space between them. Heero gritted his teeth when he felt the man ground his groin against him. "I want to see you scream and beg me to stop when I fuck you, boy." Kanna put his hands on either of Heero's thighs and made thrusting motions, prodding the boy with his hard confined erection. "I will fuck you dry so you will bleed and feel so sore for days. You will always remember me as the one who made you feel like that."

Heero fought the urge to squirm, knowing it would be futile. He could feel the man's confined erection and knew that the man was big. Dry fuck....the man would surely rip and tear him. He might be able to stand the abuse but he wasn't sure whether he wanted to live after it. Duo would surely feel disgust with him. Oh, he would live....until the war was over. But after that, he wasn't sure anymore.

The man's breath became harder and his thrusts became wilder. He aimed his thrusts to the spot on the boxer that covered Heero's puckered entrance. Kanna couldn't wait to impale his aching erection into the boy's hole, which he was sure to be tight. But first, he wanted to know something.

"Are you a virgin?" Heero tried to look away but the man pulled his unruly hair to make his head remain still and leaned down to bite one of his nipples. Heero again fought the urge to scream. "Lesson number three : Don't you dare look away when I am talking to you." The man nibbled and bit the nipple until it became red and hard. Heero still didn't answer so he bit and pulled the other nipple so hard that it made Heero let out a small cry. "Answer me! Are you still a virgin?"


The man laughed at Heero's answer. " I can't believe a beauty like you still can remain a virgin. Perfect then! I'm really lucky to be your first. You will experience your first time as the most painful one. I will not hold back because I love seeing you bleeding. You are mine, boy."



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