School Daze Part 4

"Where's my laptop?"

Silence reigned the room.

---21st September, AC 195; 09.00 AM---

"Why should we follow this boring lesson?" Duo sulked in his chair.

"Because they will be suspicious if we just come and take the laptop!" Heero glared at him. They both had changed their clothes into the school uniform.

That morning, after playing cat and mouse for about half an hour inside the inn, Heero, who was too sore to chase and chew up Duo for forgetting about his laptop, finally went back to their room and started packing. Duo entered the room not long after he realized Heero had stopped chasing him. Heero stuck his gun in Duo's face and announced they were to return to the school for his laptop. He *did* have a mission report to do after all!

They arrived at school and found out that no one realized they had been missing the previous night. Their friends had been too distracted by the explosion of the lodge to realize they weren't there at the time. Somehow the explosion didn't reach the school. It looked like throwing the bomb inside the beloved Mr. Kanna had reduced the explosion's effect. Though one of the teachers died in the explosion, the class started as usual.

"Okay, okay. But the next class is PE, basketball. Can you do it?"

"Why not?"

"I don't think you can. You are too sore, remember?" Duo smirked, his cheerful face had come back. This Duo was really different from the one who stood in the lodge last night.

"Hn." Heero frowned.

"I really screwed you hard last night, huh?"

Duo got a sharp yank on his braid. "Itai!"

"Shut up baka! Even if I weren't sore, I would not go."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to explain how I got teeth marks and scratches over my body"

Duo blushed. "Oh...I forgot about that."

"And I plan to get my laptop while you are in PE."

"Oh, then we can get out of here. But I want play basketball so, wait for me in the gym, will ya?"


---21st September, AC 195; 11.00 AM---

Heero walked into the gym. One of his hands held his precious laptop. Now that Kanna was dead, he could take back his laptop without any problems. Heero entered the gym and noticed the game was over. Duo was sitting in the corner of the gym, waiting for him.

"Who won the game?" Heero approached Duo.

"My team, of course!" Duo grinned "I beat Archie's team and now I think he is mad at me."

"Ready to go now?"

"Anytime, koi." Duo stood up and followed Heero out of the gym.

"Duo?" A girl's voice stopped both of them.

Duo spun and saw Camille, Archie, Neil, and Aya were staring at him. "What's up, Camille?"

Camille seemed a bit nervous. "Uhmm.....where were you last night?"

//Shit, I forgot Archie was our roommate. He must have told Camille about our absence.// Duo plastered a grin on his face before answering. "Well, I went out with my lover."

"Is that so..." Camille didn't continue her words.

"How about you, Heero?" Aya looked at Heero, followed by the others.

"Hn.." Heero growled. Now that he had his laptop back, he wanted to leave this school immediately. No need to be civil.

Duo sweatdropped but he had thought Heero would do so. "Forgive him, Aya. It seems he is not in the mood to talk."

Duo realized that his friends were staring at them in a strange manner. "What's up guy? I see you got something in you minds."

The four of them exchanged glances and Neil spoke out. "Camille's mother told her that she saw a braided boy in our uniform, who was carrying a person, who was wrapped in a blanket, into the inn outside of town last night"

Duo eyes' widened and he slapped his head "Oh shit!" Meanwhile, no emotions were visible through Heero's perfect soldier's mask.

"Was it you, Duo?" Camilled stared at him, her eyes full of hope that the person her mother saw wasn't Duo.

"Camille..." Duo didn't want to hurt the girl. But he also didn't want to lie. He might run and hide but he never lied. So he answered truthfully. "Yes, it was me."

Camille's face suddenly changed from surprise to anger. She stood in front of Duo. "My mother said she couldn't see the face of the person with the blanket clearly but she could see both of her cheeks were bruised. I never thought you would do such a thing to a girl. And moreover you lied to us. You are really disgusting!"

"Duo never lies." Heero growled and moved between Duo and Camille.

Camille was fumming. "So why did he tell us that he went out with his lover? Don't try to protect him. What has he done to the girl????"

"He was with me last night and there was no girl."

"Liar! My mother saw him last night! He is a bastard to do such a thing to a girl!" Camille yelled, lost in her anger.

"Don't call him a bastard. He is telling the truth." Heero glared at the girl.

"Huh? You still defend this bastard? You two are really disgusting!" Camille eyed Heero dangerously and then she noticed that Heero's lips were a bit swollen. "Your lips....bastard, you also helped him molesting that girl, didn't you?" Without thinking, Camille slapped Heero.

The Perfect Soldier winced slightly while Duo was surprised at Camille's action. "Camille!"

Camille just stared at Heero. His now-bruised-cheek was visible. Camille looked down at her hand. It was white with powder. Duo had put the powder on Heero's cheeks before they arrived at the school so no one would question Heero about his cheeks. He had tried telling Heero that he would take his laptop and asked Heero to wait him in the car. But of course, Heero didn't want to wait. He loved his laptop, second after Duo.

"Heero, are you okay?" Duo moved next to Heero and carefully caressed his bruised cheek, oblivious to his other friends. His mind was focused on Heero.

The person Duo carried had bruised on the cheeks......Heero had been bruised on his cheek.... Camille stared at Heero in disbelief. "You......masaka....?"

Heero turned to her and glared "Yes, I'm the person whom Duo carried yesterday. Now you know he is not lying. He was with me all night, are you satisfied now?"

His glare made Camille flustered. Archie moved forward and tried to help his girl. "Okay, he was with you last night, but he lied when he said he went out with his girlfriend."

Duo turned to face Archie. He was a bit angry because Camille has slapped his koi. He didn't like hitting a girl but the girl deserved something for slapping his Heero. Duo's mind worked quickly.

"I said I went out with my lover not my girlfriend" Duo crossed his arms in front of his chest, daring the other to ask him.

"Your lover? But not your girlfriend?" Archie was confused.

"Yes, my lover. Not my girlfriend." Duo spoke in neutral tone. His right hand moved to encircle Heero's waist.

"But Heero said he was with you last night." Neil's words snapped their minds.

"Exactly." Duo smirked when he saw the realization hit his friends. Archie and Neil dropped his jaws while Aya blushed. He pulled Heero, who didn't resist at all, and hugged him from the back, resting his chin on Heero's shoulder.

Camille still stared at Duo in disbelief. "You two are lovers???"

"Ten points for you, Ojo san." Duo spoke in a mocking tone. He felt satisfied watching how shocked Camille was at the fact as he nuzzled Heero's neck.

Camille turned blue, "Impossible. How could a boy love another boy...."

Duo was slightly annoyed. "Well, in that case, let me prove it to you, Camille. ".With that, he turned Heero,s head to face his and kissed the Perfect Soldier. Right on that time, the headmaster entered the gym......

---21st September, AC 195; 11.50 AM---

//She has been speaking for forty minutes non stop. Is there any way to make her stop?// Duo really felt uncomfortable. Like Heero, Duo too wanted to leave the school immediately. But it seemed the headmaster didn't agree. She kept on lecturing the two boys about violence, homosexuality, and etiquette.

Then Duo caught some of her words. "So Maxwell, Yuy. If one day, I ever see or hear you two are kissing again, I'll banish you from this school right on that day."

Duo grinned evilly, he turned abruptly to Heero and plastered a big sloppy kiss on his startled koi's lips, leaving the headmaster in a shocked state.

---21st September, AC 195; 11.55 AM---

Duo looked at Heero, they were standing outside the school's gateway. "Finally we got rid of her. God, did you see her reaction, Heero? It was really priceless."

"Hn." The Japanese boy smirked slightly.

"This is the first time a school dumps me. Usually I am the one who dumps them."

"And you're proud of it?"

"Uh huh. I managed to get us out of the school, didn't I?" Duo smiled and glomped onto Heero.

He kissed the Japanese pilot deeply and whispered near his ear, "Let's go. We are done here. I can't wait to screw you again."

Heero pulled away. "Who said you can screw me again?"

"I am!" Duo grinned. "You are mine, remember?" He hugged Heero closer and kissed him softly.

Duo pulled the-surprisely-willing-Heero into the car and started their journey to the safe house.

Not So Necessary Epilogue:

---21st September, AC 195; 11.55 PM---

"And why did I let him take that stupid thing?" Duo sat on the bed, in the safehouse, pouting and sulking. He stared in hatred at the innocent laptop his koi was typing on. The laptop had beeped when he managed to get Heero on the bed. Of course, the Perfect Soldier couldn't ignore any mission especially when he hadn't touched his beloved laptop for two days. So Heero went to the laptop and opened the message. It turned out that Dr. J wanted the mission report immediately so Heero had to type it right away, leaving Duo alone on the bed.

"I swear someday I'll get rid of that damn laptop!!!"



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