Author: Akuma

Rating: NC-17

Category: Angst, Sap, Lemon, Drama, AU?, OOC (just to be safe)

Pairings: 2x1

Feedback: Doesn't everyone want that?

Warning: attempted NCS and a hurt Heero but that's about it.

Disclaimer: Don't own Gundam Wing like anyone that owns it would write fanfiction.

Author's Notes: "..." : spoken word, //...// : thoughts, (...) : author's note

School Daze Part 1

---19th September, AC 195--

//I'm bored.// Surprisingly, it was Heero Yuy who was thinking like that. He looked at his braided partner who had successfully fallen asleep while the teacher was explaining the lesson.

The school they invaded focused on computer programming as the main subject. Therefore the professors asked the pilots to investigate the school. Their mission was to destroy the school if they found out the school had any connection with OZ. It would prevent OZ from gathering more programmers and hackers that could make big problems for the pilots.

Of course, this mission was given to Heero Yuy, the best hacker of all time and space. He was allowed to choose a partner in the mission and, of course, he chose Duo Maxwell; the second best hacker to himself and who just happened to be his boyfriend.

So that's why they were now sitting in the class. Heero was really bored this time. They entered the school at the same time the school opened registration for new students and unlucky them, being new students, they would start with very basic lessons which Heero probably learned when he was eight.

Duo fell asleep not long after the teacher started explaining the lesson, and now he was dreaming about Heero and himself....

"Maxwell! Yuy!" The loud baritone voice dissolved Duo's sweet dream and he cursed involuntarily.

"Good morning, Maxwell." A bald man in his mid-thirties stood beside him.

"Uh, oh, good morning, Mr. Kanna."

"Did I disturb your nice dream?"

"Uhm, yeah." Some giggles were heard while the teacher's face got red and he narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, and how is that? Did you dream about you and your lover, playing together on the beach?"

"Sensei, how did you know that? Did you hack my mind?" Duo was really surprised. Some stifled laughter was heard again and the teacher's face only got redder.

"Maxwell, stand up in front of the class!" Duo stood up, he often got into the same situation every time the mission ordered him to invade a school. So the American pilot put on his joker mask and walked to the front.

"And you too, Yuy!" That brought Duo's attention back fully. Heero had always been a perfect student every time they invaded a school. No scolding, no punishment, and always he paid attention to the teacher. Duo wondered what distracted the Perfect Soldier's attention.

The teacher ordered them to stand in the corner, face to face, one of their sides facing the class.

"Well Yuy, since I saw you like to watch Maxwell, I'll let you watch him as long as you can this time." The teacher approached and placed a triangle hat, which had the word "LAZY" scrawled in large letters on each boy's head.

Heero Yuy was punished because of watching him? Duo stared dumbfound for a second and then fought hard not to laugh while Heero proceeded in sending him his best Glare 'O' Death.

"What's wrong Maxwell?"

"Uhm nothing sensei... but he is the one who stared at me. Why do I have to stare at him too?" Not that Duo minded though. It had been his habit to watch Heero typing on his laptop for hours.

"Well, you can think him as your lover in the dream," the teacher grinned when he saw Duo blushed at his words.

Oblivious to the other students, Heero stared at the braided boy and found out the punishment he got was like a blessing for he could watch Duo blushing and fidgeting right in front of him. But it also felt like hell since he couldn't touch his braided angel. The teacher continued explaining until the class entered the teamwork session. The teacher then let them remove their hats and join their team. The team consisted of six students who were assigned according to their student ID sequentially. Since Duo's ID was next to Heero's, they were also on the same team.

There were two girls in their team; one of them greeted Duo as he sat on the chair next to her. "Mr. Kanna really enjoys punishing you, Duo. You have to be careful next time," said the blond one.

"Thank you, Camille," Duo smiled while Heero just grunted and sat on the chair next to Duo.

"You are welcome. By the way, is it true that you were dreaming about your lover?"

"Uh, yeah." Duo was blushing again. Actually they couldn't be called lovers since they hadn't consummated their relationship. They had just known each others feelings a few days before they received the mission. To tell the truth, Duo had been itching to touch, kiss, and hug Heero but never had a chance since they arrived at the school.

"I didn't know you had a lover. Where is she now?"

"Uhmmm.....ano......he..ITAIIII!" Duo felt his braid being yanked and he's definitely sure only one person would do that. "What was that for, Heero?" Duo turned to stare at Heero.

"Stop talking nonsense. Let's do the task," said Heero coldly.

"That's not nonsense thing, Heero", said the other girl who sat next to Heero. "As a friend, of course we want to know about you. So do you also have a girlfriend?" The black haired girl talked to Heero aggressively. Heero looked at Duo through the corner of his eyes and saw the boy was fidgeting. He smirked and let the words slide off.

"No." At Heero's word, the braided boy pouted. But of course, Duo couldn't blame Heero for he wasn't a girl after all.

"Really? With the handsome face you have, I believe many girls will fall for you." Duo noticed the Japanese girl moved closer to Heero.

"Well, it looks like his lack of words has driven all the girls away, Aya-chan" That made Duo receive another death glare from Heero. Well he preferred receiving death glares to watching the girl teasing *his* Heero.

"So can we start discussing the task?" The boy who sat next to Camille interrupted.

"Sure, Archie. What do we have to do?" Duo looked at Archie and sensed that the boy was staring angrily at him. Well, to be precise, Archie was jealous. His girlfriend, Camille seems to like talking with Duo more than with him.

"The task is to write down listing programs for all kinds of sorts. Camille and Aya had taken the Selection sort, Neil took the Insertion sort while I took the Bubble one. So you two have to do the Quick and Merge sort." Archie smirked. The last two sorts were the most difficult ones. He, who was fifth highest in rank, only could understand half of the program so he bet Duo and Heero would ask for his help since they didn't pay attention to the lesson today.

But to his surprise, Duo and Heero only nodded and began to work. Duo wrote down on his book while Heero took out his laptop and typed on it rapidly. Five minutes later, Duo finished the writing and tore the paper from the book while Heero printed the listing he had just made. Archie only could receive both of the papers with jaws open while Camille and Aya stared at the two boys in awe. They didn't notice the teacher has stood behind them.

"Well, Yuy. What do you have here? A laptop? I think I have said clearly that no one may use a laptop to do this task." He took the laptop from Heero "Looks like you didn't pay attention to the class at all. So as punishment, I'll confiscate your laptop. You can pick it up in teacher's office tomorrow."

Duo looked at the teacher in horror. No one, even he as Heero's lover could separate Heero from his laptop. Heero saw red; he stood up but Duo pushed him down and whispered, "Stop it Heero! You'll ruin the mission if you kill the teacher now."

The word 'mission' got brought Heero back to his senses. Sending his best glare to the teacher, he sat back to his chair. The teacher didn't see the glare; he dismissed the class and took the laptop out with him. Duo bet the teacher would never imagine what the Perfect Soldier would do once he completed the mission for Duo couldn't imagine either.

Heero stood up and walked in the dorm's direction. His expression didn't change but Duo noticed the Japanese pilot's knuckles were clenched. It was a sign that the Perfect Soldier was angry. Praying Heero would calm himself down in their room, Duo spent a few minutes talking with Camille and Aya, then walked to the dorm as well. The dorm system in this school was also different from the usual one. Here, one room was being occupied by six students so Heero and Duo couldn't do any activities in the middle of the night since it would wake up the others. (Not that 'activity'! Investigating!!! They have to investigate the school, remember?)

Duo could only hope Heero wouldn't explode in the room, and their roommates were smart enough to leave the Japanese boy alone. Now that the laptop was gone, what would the Perfect Soldier do to spend his day?

//Omae o korosu!// Only that sentence occupied Heero's mind while he walked to his room. He opened the door and found that none of his roommates were there. Usually even if they were in the room, Heero would disregard them. He would sit on his bed and begin working on his laptop. But he didn't have the laptop this time and that made him not know what to do.

Opening the door, Duo saw the Japanese pilot pacing around the room, muttering "omae o korosu" over and over again. "Uhm...Heero?" Duo sweatdropped.

"Omae o ......nani?" Heero stopped.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine! I'm just thinking of a way to get my laptop back."

"Well, it's your fault after all." Duo gulped when Heero sent another death glare to him, "It's our fault then. We should have paid attention to the teacher."


"I think it's better to let the teacher have the laptop for a day. You didn't keep any information about our mission or our identities in that laptop, did you?"

"I have programmed the laptop so if he didn't have the password, the laptop will display my data and files as an ordinary student."

"Good. Now let the laptop rest for a day. Don't think about stealing it, you might blow our cover." Duo sat on his bed.

"So what will I do now?" Heero sat next to Duo.

Duo blinked. Heero Yuy was asking what to do? It seemed the Perfect Soldier wasn't perfect without his laptop. "Well, you can think about how we are going to sneak in the headmaster's office and check the main computer since we can't go out at night without being noticed by our roommates."

"Done that. There will be a party for new students tomorrow. We can slip out from the party and sneak into the office."

"Great. All we have to do is wait for the party then." Duo stood up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Finishing the shower, he walked out to find Heero still sitting on the bed looking nowhere.



"What are you doing?"

"Spending time...."

"What??? Don't you have anything else to do? C'mon, there are so many activities you can do."

Heero's eyes flickered a moment and he stared at Duo who was only wearing his black pants. " I know one activity that you like....." He walked to the door to lock it and then walked back to Duo.

Meanwhile Archie, Neil, Camille and Aya were walking to the dorm. They wanted to ask Heero and Duo about the program they just made before. They paused in front of the boy's room, waiting as Archie, who was in the same room with Heero and Duo, took out his key. He was going to open the door when Duo's voice was heard.

"Ouch!! Heero! That hurts, you know! I know you are still angry with the teacher but mine is not like yours, so treat it more softly. Yes, like that.......lower........hmmm. Arghhh don't pull too hard!!! Here use this, don't use your fingers."

The teenagers outside the door were staring at one another at Duo's words. The boys' jaws dropped while the girls had no idea what's going on with their friends. Then they heard Duo start talking again.

"Good, it's smooth now. You can split it as usual... " Archie had had enough, he quickly opened the door and shouted, "Maxwell! Yuy! What are ........."



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