New Year Gathering: A Report Part 8

Heero was enjoying the newest episode of Grand Wing he had just downloaded when his phone rang.

"Hi, Yuy speaking."

"Hi, Heero. It's me."

Heero's eyes lit up as he recognized the voice. "Duo, what's up?"

"Well..." Duo hesitated. "If you have time, can you accompany me to Reyna beach tomorrow?"

Heero blinked. They'd just returned from the gathering three days ago and now Duo wanted to go back there? "What for?"

"I just found out that I left the cross I wore for the gathering in the cottage. The cross is actually Hilde's and she will skin me alive if she finds out I have lost it."

"So you need to go back to retrieve it," Heero snorted. "I don't know why you're so careless."

"Well, I'm usually not. I removed the cross before I took my shower. You know there was an accident happen while I was in the shower and it made me forget to retrieve the cross when I left the bathroom."

"I don't know what accident you're talking about," Heero said while his face flushed red.

"Oi, I forgot you'd decided to forget it." Duo chuckled. "So will you go?"

"Sure. I don't have anything else to do tomorrow."

"Cool, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 11 AM then."

"Hey, wait. Do you even know where my apartment is?" When they'd returned to the city after the gathering three days ago, Heero had asked to be dropped at the place where they had gathered first.

"Relena told me." Duo said casually. "I'll see you tomorrow. Oh yeah, bring your swimming trunks just in case."

When Duo had hung up, Heero decided he would have to have a word with his meddlesome cousin. The mention of pink tutu was a very effective way to keep Relena in line nowadays.


"Thank God the cross was still there," Duo said as he got back into his car. He dangled the said cross for Heero to see. The boy was wearing casual clothes, a gray T-shirt with black jeans. His long hair was tied into one long tail behind him. "Now I'm safe from Hilde's wrath."

"That's a good thing." Heero agreed. "Now where to?"

Duo turned on the car's engine. "Well, since we are already at the beach, I figure we can take advantage of that and swim for a while."

"Fine by me," Heero spoke calmly. His heart was different matter. It started throbbing faster when he realized he would see Duo's bare body again when they went swimming.

Duo grinned at Heero's answer. He steered the car toward the free beach two kilometers from the cottage.

Heero tried to calm his heart, but the nearer they got to the beach, the faster it began to beat. He'd told Duo that he would rather forget about the embarrassing accident. However, he never forgot.

He couldn't forget it.

Duo's long, clinging hair.

Duo's wet, sinewy body.

Duo's violet eyes gleaming with mischief.

Those images would occupy Heero's mind at least once a day.

Though they had appeared to go back to their easy friendship, Heero knew something had changed.

He had changed. He had started seeing Duo differently after that embarrassing accident.

They finally arrived at the free beach. Duo parked the car in quiet secluded place. Still in the car, the long haired boy started shedding his clothes. Heero found that he couldn't tear his eyes away. He watched as Duo's body was slowly revealed. It was the same body he had seen three days ago. Only this time it was dry instead of wet. It had a healthy golden glow that Heero's own skin couldn't achieve.

Duo finished shedding his clothes and only had his swimming trunks on now. He looked at Heero in amusement.

"Enjoying the view?"

Heero swallowed then grunted. "That's your ego talking."

Duo just chuckled. Heero turned around and started removing his own clothes. He had worn his swimming trunks beneath his clothes just like Duo had. It was the practical thing to do after all. Heero could feel Duo's eyes on him as he disrobed and felt like squirming. His heart throbbed loudly, so loud that he thought Duo would be able to hear it.

"You have a nice body."

Heero glanced back at Duo. He swallowed when he saw the appreciation shining in those violet eyes. "You're one perverted, gay boy, you know that?"

"Guilty as charged," Duo grinned. "Come on, let's swim."

Having finished removing his clothes, Heero stepped out of the car. He waited for Duo while the long haired boy locked his car then together they walked down the sands and jumped into the sea. Despite his nervousness about seeing Duo's wet body again, Heero was having fun. He loved swimming and he hadn't had time to swim during the gathering. He followed the waves and slid along them. Duo swam along side.

Heero's heart throbbed faster when he managed to get a full glimpse of Duo's bare body. But it was quickly forgotten when he got sprayed by the long haired boy. Heero of course sprayed his assailant back. That quickly turned into full blown water war.

After the water war, they went to rent sliding boards. Heero got onto his and swam further into the sea in search of big wave. The bigger the wave was, the longer he could glide along it. Of course, Duo didn't want to be left behind. Being the competitive teenage boys they were, the wave gliding turned into competition. Each of them tried to glide longer than the other. On one unfortunate turn, Duo lost his balance on the board and got turned over. Heero snickered when he saw Duo gasping for air. Of course God didn't let him enjoy the view. A big wave came from behind him and turned his board over. It was his turn to be gasping for air then.

They were in the water for two long hours before their skin started wrinkling. The sun had also begun to set. They agreed to call it a day. They still had a three hour drive back to the city after all.

They returned to where they had parked the car. Duo took out the towels he had brought and gave one to Heero.

"Thanks." Heero started drying his body. "I had a great time today."

"Me too." Duo grinned. He was drying his own body. "And for the record, I manage to glide longer than you."

"That's just pure luck," Heero snorted. He had finished drying his body and wrapped the towel around his waist. He retrieved his clothes and went to the changing rooms not far from the car. When he emerged from the changing room, Heero saw that Duo was still drying his hair. The setting sunlight fell upon his wet body, making it glisten. Heero swallowed as he felt his heart begin to pound rapidly again.

As Heero approached the bare-chested boy, Duo smiled bitterly at him. "The disadvantage of having long hair." He grimaced as he tried to comb his wet and salty hair. "I tried to remove the hair tie but it got stuck in my hair."

"Let me help." Heero stepped closer to the long haired boy and reached for the tangled hair. It felt rough because of the salt water but Heero knew it would feel silky once Duo washed and dried it properly. The tie had gotten tangled in the hair. He stepped closer, wanting to take a good look at the messy knot. It took Heero five minutes to straighten it out.

"Finally!" Heero said triumphantly as he separated the tie from Duo's hair. "Here's the troublesome tie...." Heero forgot what he was about to say when he saw Duo's violet eyes up close. He had been looking down all the time in his effort to straighten Duo's hair. Now that he looked at Duo's eyes, he found that their faces were very close. It seemed that in his efforts to remove the tie, Heero had stepped closer than he'd intended to. There was only a feet distance between their bodies. The realization that he was so close with the perfect body he had thought a lot about during the past few days caused the butterflies inside his stomach to flutter rapidly.

Duo's expression wasn't helping either. The long haired boy was looking at him fondly, as if he was enjoying what he was seeing. Heero gulped. He knew he should pull away but Duo's eyes held him in place.


Duo whispered his name huskily, sending a delighted shiver through his body. He watched as Duo's face drew closer and closer. Then all he was aware of was the feel of wet lips upon his; Duo's wet salty lips against his dry ones.

It felt nice.

Heero sighed when the kiss ended.

Duo looked at him in delight and leaned forward again. The second kiss was longer and more pleasant. He could feel his body tingle with pleasure. A wet tip brushed between his lips as if asking for entrance. Heero tentatively opened his mouth and gasped when the wet intruder slipped past it. It explored his mouth and cajoled his tongue to dance with it.

Verrrrrrry nice. Heero moaned as he leaned against Duo's bare chest.

The short haired boy was out of breath when the kiss ended. Somewhere during the kiss, Duo's arms had come up and were now trapping him between them. Not that Heero mind being trapped between those arms. A feeling of warmth and contentment enveloped him, making him sigh again. His arms came up and embraced Duo back. The happy sound Duo elicited made his lips quirk up.

Heero rested his head against Duo's, forehead against forehead, and closed his eyes. His mind was trying to take in what had happened just now. He had just kissed a boy. A gay boy. Did the fact that he liked Duo's kiss make him gay as well? He didn't feel repulsed. On contrary it was a very nice kiss. It felt right.

"Heero?" Duo asked tentatively.

The cautious tone made Heero realize that Duo was feeling unsure about what had just happened. Looking from Duo's point of view, the long haired boy had risked their friendship by initiating the kiss. If Heero had felt repulsed instead of what he was feeling right now, their friendship was pretty much ruined. But Heero didn't feel repulsed. He was feeling he was right where he wanted to be; and he just needed to let Duo know what he was feeling.

Heero tightening his embrace on Duo before he pulled his head away, allowing him to look into Duo's anxious face. Whatever the long haired boy was feeling was always evident on his face. It was very contrary to Heero. The short haired boy knew that his face still showed his neutral expression, an expression he had learned to master to make it difficult for Relena to judge his mood. Opposites attract; Heero remembered what Duo had told them. It seemed that applied not only to Odin and Solo but to Duo and him as well.

Heero allowed his neutral expression to slide into a slight smile. Duo's violet eyes shone with hope in reaction to his expression change. "Heero." His name was said with much more certainty than before.

"I liked the kiss." Heero saw no point of beating around the bush.

"I'm glad." Duo's lips curled up.

"That was my first kiss, you know."


Heero made an agreeable sound and closed his eyes, enjoying their closeness.

"I'm afraid to say that you're mistaken."

Heero blinked and opened his eyes. He saw Duo's violet eyes gleam wickedly. "What did you say?"

"This is your second kiss, I'm afraid."

"What..." Heero trailed off, remembering he had felt the same wet sensation on his lips when they had that black out right after the new year countdown. His eyes narrowed at the boy before him. "It was you that kissed me that night!"

"Guilty as charged." Duo grinned sheepishly.

Heero wanted to protest but it was a moot point. Whether Duo had kissed him or not on that night, he would still be Heero's first kiss. In the end, he punched lightly against Duo's chest to show his slight displeasure. "You should ask first before taking, you know."

"I learnt my lesson," Duo rubbed his chest, "and I'm asking now."

"Asking what?"

"Are you okay with this?" Duo put the hand he used to rub his chest around Heero's waist, tightening his embrace. "With us?"

"I don't know." Heero answered honestly. He could see Duo tense at his answer. "What I know is that your kiss feels right. I like being with you, Duo."

"That's good." Duo smiled in relief. "So are you okay with me treating you as my lover?"

"Yeah, but let's take this slowly, okay? How about being your boyfriend first?" Heero didn't want to admit it but he really was naïve. He didn't know much about being a boyfriend to a gay boy let alone being a lover.

"No problem." Duo smiled happily. The setting sun added the light to his violet eyes making them shine brightly.

Heero knew then that whatever he was feeling, it would be affected by what Duo was feeling himself. If Duo was happy, he would be happy and he believed it also applied the other way around.

Duo's smile then turned into a smirk.

Heero eyed his newly proclaimed boyfriend warily. "What are you thinking about?"

"I think the right label for you is my fiancé. After all you accepted my proposal, didn't you?"

"Omae o korosu."



Duo was sporting a big bruise to his left eye when he went to meet Hilde the next day. No matter how much Hilde persuaded and threatened (when persuasion failed), he didn't tell her what had caused the bruise. He only mumbled something about learning not to poke a sleeping tiger.


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