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New Year Gathering: A Report Part 9

One month later

"You have so much junk mail in your in-box," Heero tisked as he browsed Duo's e-mail application. He and Duo had visited each other's apartments several times and had become comfortable being together. They were currently in Duo's apartment. Duo was reclining in his chair next to Heero. One hand was comfortably resting around Heero's waist while the other hand was being used to hold up a novel. Heero was checking his boyfriend's computer. That was another thing that Heero and Odin had in common; their ability on the computer. Duo had asked Heero to sort out his computer so it would perform better and while Heero was on it, he also asked the short haired boy to help him with sorting out his emails.

"I will put a spam guard software on your e-mail," Heero told his boyfriend of one month. "How many mailing lists did you join? Twenty? And all of them yaoi? What a pervert!"

"Guilty as charged." Duo grinned as he kept reading his novel.

"What's this? SxOML?"

"SoloxOdin Mailing List."

"There is a whole list dedicated just to that pairing?"

"Hmm, that's the mailing list for the Solo and Odin pairing where they prefer Solo as the seme."

"....And where's the ML with Odin as the seme?"

Duo turned his attention from the novel to his boyfriend, looking at the short haired boy in amusement. "Are you jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous?" Heero snorted as he kept checking the e-mails. "Hey, there's an e-mail from Relena. The subject says '[Fic] New Year Gathering: A Report by Princess'. What does [Fic] mean?"

"Fic, you say? A report about our gathering? That's surely interesting. Let's read it." Duo put down his novel and read with his boyfriend.

Heero's eyes went wide as he read the 'report'. Relena had done a good job in writing the details of their gathering event into a story format. Why, she even started with the beginning of how she'd asked him to join the gathering, though she changed her beloved pink teddy bear to a Persian Cat. However, not all of the said report was true, especially when she reported about Duo and him. What Relena had written about them shocked him to the core. IT WAS VERY VERY WRONG!

Next to his shocked boyfriend, Duo was muttering mournfully. "I managed to have my wicked way with Heero in my car on our journey to the beach that morning? How lucky. She makes you much more compliant in this fic. Look, the next one is a blow job right before we came down in our costumes..... Hey, I only managed to kiss him for a second during that countdown not grope him thoroughly. Hmm... you get to demonstrate our favorite position in Truth or Dare. I get to kiss you after my proposal... what a nice fic. Relena erased her dancing in a pink tutu completely though. Oh, I even have my wicked way with you repeatedly after we went into our bedroom. She also made us take a bath together in the morning. Wow, it looks like Relena isn't as ignorant as we thought." Duo took the mouse from his still shocked boyfriend and scrolled down the report to read the rest of it. "After returning to the city, I get to stay in your apartment and we are fuck like bunnies for the rest of our happy life. The End."

Duo leaned back in his chair. "What a very nice and hot fic. But a fic is still a fic, a work of fiction. If only she knew the truth..." Duo grimaced and turned to his boyfriend. "How about finally letting me have my wicked way with you, love? Look, Heero and Duo in the fic did it on the first day they met. Surely one month later is more than enough time for Heero and Duo in the reality to do it as well?"

Heero finally managed to come out of his shock. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

Duo cringed. One month courting his boyfriend had seemed to make him an expert at judging the short haired boy's emotions. He stuck his fingers into his ears, knowing what would come after.



Author's Note:

*ears still ringing from Heero's shout* Okay, first things first. I state here that Relena in this fic doesn't represent me..... except for the fic writing part *runs away* ...... And look, I managed to write a long fic without any lemon in it... *turns to Hee-chan* how is it, Hee-love? Am I not kind to your ass? *ducks the toy gun*

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the story. Maybe some of you are wondering which events are real and which aren't. Well, I'm not going to tell you. *ducks rotten tomato and volatile ammunition* okay, maybe a short check lists ....
* Yes, I was in that yaoi gathering
* Yes, there were only two males among twenty fanatic females
* Yes, one of the boys is not into yaoi (guilty as charged for dragging that poor boy *chuckles evilly*)
* Yes, the boys did blow up the condom balloons (though they didn't protest...much)
* Yes, the trivia game was real (with one boy as totally clueless as Heero and the other as knowledgeable as Duo)
* Yes, Relena with her poor white hair problem was real (*ducks flour from the real girl*)
* Yes, the blackout was real (too bad I couldn't see what the two boys were doing in the dark even though I was sitting next to them....)
* Yes, the Truth or Dare game and its vile concoction were real (I tasted it *shudders*)
* Yes, Relena dancing in pink tutu was real (it was yellow tutu though *ducks flour from the real girl*)
* The rest is a mystery (*hides inside her turtleshell* If I reveal more without permission, I will get skinned alive by the real persons...)

Lastly, an answer to my little trivia. The characters mentioned that the girls cosplay:
* Relena - Yu Gi Oh Character
* Hilde - Edward Elric (read backward: cirle) from Full Metal Alchemist
* The girl called Blowfish - Swordfish from Under Grand hotel
* Two girls in the black robes - Harry Potter and Severus Snape
* The girl wearing black Japanese boy style uniform with cute white wings on her back - Kamui from X1999
* The girl with black bat ears and black mask, wearing violet robes and covered with white bandages? Assassin character from Ragnarok Online
* The girls in Tennis Supreme team - well I didn't describe them too well so they could be anyone from Prince of Tennis
* The girl with spectacles wearing a tennis costume who concocted the vile mixture? Same Anime as the girls above and this time, I think you can guess which character she represented. After all, that character had concocted the same vile mixture in the story.
* The girl with spiky blonde hair, wearing a white t-shirt with green long sleeved outer shirt and blue jeans - Yu Gi Oh Character.

I think if the boy that Heero represents ever read this fic, he will have my head. Anyway since he is not into yaoi, there is no way he is going to read it, right? (*sends warning to the other boy Duo represents* don't you dare tell him!)


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