New Year Gathering: A Report Part 7

A pounding headache and the taste of unwashed sock in his mouth greeted Heero as he woke up. The short haired boy groaned out loud at his misfortune. His head felt like exploding. What the hell had happened to him? Heero lay still, not wanting to increase his headache and trying to sort out his memory of last nights events. Okay, judging from his current condition and the amount of alcohol he had consumed, he definitely had been drunk. Remembering Relena in pink tutu certainly made him smile though. Thankfully he hadn't done anything stupid last night. Well, no more stupid than accepting a proposal from Duo.

Talking about Duo, his last memory was of Duo coming into the bedroom. Heero rolled over and looked around. He found he was alone in the bed and in the room. He didn't have time to think any more about his discovery as his stomach protested against his movement.

Heero put a hand over his mouth as his last meal threatened to come up his throat. God, he would never ever get drunk again! Not wanting to ruin the bed, Heero hurriedly left it and went out, his only goal was the toilet in the bathroom. Paying no attention to his surroundings, Heero opened the bathroom door. The toilet was located right across from the door and upon seeing it, he dashed over and poured out the contents of his stomach.

After a few minutes of retching and heaving, his stomach finally settled down. Heero sighed in relief, pushed the flush button and turned to the sink, clumsily washing out his mouth.

"Are you feeling okay now?"

Heero froze in the middle of wiping his mouth. He turned to his right where the voice came from. The shower in this cottage didn't have a curtain and Heero found out first hand how uncomfortable it could be not to have the curtain. There in the shower, was Duo. Though his head was looking at Heero, Duo's back was mostly presented to him, hiding his front. The long hair was unraveled and covered his back, but those sinuous strands couldn't hide most of the bare buttocks and legs.

Heero gasped as he realized he was looking at Duo who was buck naked and dripping wet.

"What are you doing here?!" Heero yelled in mortification.

"As you can see, I'm taking a shower," Duo said as he turned his head back toward the shower spray and rubbed the soap around his body calmly.

"Can't you wait until I've finished using the bathroom?" Heero barked, trying to cover whatever feelings he was having at the moment.

"I was using the bathroom when you came in and went directly to the toilet," Duo pointed out, not looking at Heero.

"What? But the door was unlocked! You should lock the door if you are using it!"

"I told you last night that the door couldn't be locked. I also told you that you should knock before entering."

"No way! I don't recall you saying anything about that," Heero retorted while inwardly, he cursed himself for even being in this embarrassing situation.

Duo glanced at Heero. "Well, I guess you didn't remember it then. You were drunk and half asleep when I told you."

"If you knew I was half asleep, then you should also know that I wouldn't be able to listen to you clearly!"

"I didn't know at first," Duo answered back. "Look, can we discuss this later? I think it's better to finish my shower before the girls realize that we both are here with me naked and you watching."

Heero gasped, only just realizing that they were still in the nest of hungry yaoi vultures and cursed his alcohol induced mind; he belatedly remembered that he was still staring at Duo. Feeling his face become warm with alarming speed, Heero quickly escaped from the bathroom and ran back toward the bedroom. His headache was all but forgotten.

Dear God, just kill him now. There was no way he could face Duo after this. Not only had he barged in while Duo was showering. He'd also continued watching Duo when he should have turned around instead. Heero groaned feeling totally mortified and buried his head in the pillow on the bed. If only God would be merciful and let him restart this day in a more proper way.


Of course there was no way God would let him restart his day, Heero reflected mournfully as he watched the scenery and other cars before him. He had suffered embarrassment once more when Duo had come into the bedroom, clothed and fresh from the shower. Heero had apologized with his head down, not being able to meet Duo's eyes. He'd then fled to take his own shower and had been avoiding Duo ever since. It was fortunate for him that the accident had happened early in the morning while all the girls were still deep in sleep, no doubt having sweet yaoi dreams after the movie marathon. No one had known about the embarrassing event and Heero was thankful for that.

However, he couldn't avoid Duo forever. Relena had again made him ride in Duo's car on their way back home. So here he was now, sitting next to Duo and trying very hard to ignore him. It was really hard for him to do. Heero kept remembering the wet body he had seen that morning and how those long locks had clung to the fantastic body. Heero groaned and tried to shove that memory away.

"How long are you going to pretend I'm not here?"

Heero jerked up in surprise and looked at Duo. The long haired boy had swept his hair back into a ponytail. His violet eyes were trained on the road in front of him. Heero quickly looked away before his thoughts could go further. "I'm sorry."

"You said that before," Duo said exasperatedly. "Really, Heero, it's okay. I'm not angry with you. It wasn't your fault."

Heero didn't say anything. He was glad that Duo wasn't angry with him.

"Look, I want my friend back, not someone who bows his head every time he sees me. Forget this mornings events if you must, but I would rather you didn't."

Heero blinked. He looked back at Duo who still had his eyes trained on the road. Had he just heard what Duo had said correctly? "Excuse me? You don't want me to forget?"

"Of course not," Duo grinned. "I'm proud of my body. I'll bet you've never seen a body as good as mine, have you?"

No. Heero swallowed the word back. No way he would admit that he found Duo's body beautiful. Well not only body but the rest of him as well. Duo was right, he would lose a good friend if he kept avoiding Duo like this.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Heero spoke to his friend. "I don't know. I don't make a habit of watching someone else's body like you appear to. Maybe you have the worst body. Anyway, I think I'd better forget all about that event."

"As long as I get my friend back," Duo grinned. "Friends?"

"Friends," Heero nodded. "Now, you promised to tell me what a fetish is."

Duo grinned even wider. "A fetish is something that you find arousing."

"Arousing? This is about sex again? Why I am not surprised?" Heero rolled his eyes. "The girls are all perverted."

"Don't let Hilde or Relena hear you say that."

"Do I look stupid to you?"

"No, but you're still naïve sometimes."

Heero glared at his long haired friend. "I'm not naïve!"

"If you say so," Duo grinned.

Heero harrumphed and looked outside. This time though there was a small smile on his face. The best thing he'd discovered from this gathering was that he'd gotten a friend he enjoyed very much to be with. Seeing Relena in pink tutu was the second best thing. After some time spent in a comfortable silence, Duo engaged him in another topic, which got them into a heated discussion for the rest of journey.



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