New Year Gathering: A Report Part 6

Eventually, the bottle pointed at Heero. He had hoped that God would be kind and spare him the humiliation, but it appeared it was too much to hope for that kind of leniency.

"Truth." Heero stated his choice, knowing there would be more humiliation if he chose dare. He had intended to answer whatever question was thrown at him gallantly. He really did. However, in the end he chose to have the punishment instead.

There was no way he would tell how Solo made love to him in the Grand Wing's cockpit. No way. Not with Solo's re-embodiment sitting next to him and grinning expectantly. He couldn't stay silent like Odin usually did since he had to answer the question. And he couldn't shoot the girl who asked him the question since shooting would be counted as action. He had chosen answering instead of taking action. Duo's unrepentant smile made him glare at the braided boy. Heero snatched the glass filled with evil concoction and quickly swallowed it.

God, it tasted absolutely awful! Heero could feel the bile rise up to his throat. No wonder the girls darted to the bathroom after drinking it. All the girls looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to do the same. It was only his pride that made him able to sit still and not dash to the bathroom as well.

"Are you okay, Odin?" Relena asked innocently. Too innocently.

"Fine." Heero gritted his teeth as he took his place in the center and spun the bottle. It pointed to another girl. As much as Heero wanted to take revenge, his knowledge about yaoi was very inadequate. He resented that his victim got off easy but there was nothing he could do about it. The game continued again. Heero quickly took a long swallow from his glass, which he had refilled with the brew Duo and he had mixed. He felt more lightheaded than before but it was a small compensation to lessen the dire after taste in his mouth. A few more spins of the bottle and it finally pointed at Duo.

Heero tensed, feeling somehow that he would be involved. He really hoped he would be proven wrong.

Duo, being the baka he was, chose the dare. Heero could hear his inner self groaning and cursing his braided friend. He drank from his glass again in frustration.

"I dare you to propose to Odin to marry you. I want a successful proposal, aka your proposal has to be convincing enough to make Odin agree to marry you." The girl wearing a Japanese school uniform stated Duo's dare with a smile. Despite a pair of small white angel wings on her back, there was nothing angelic in her smile.

Heero stared at Duo in horror after hearing the verdict. No way was Duo going to do that. He would choose to drink that vile concoction.... Wouldn't he? The spreading grin on the braided boy's face made Heero feel his impending doom. He groaned when Duo turned to him, obviously set to carry out the dare. The braided boy raised himself into one knee and shifted so that he was kneeling in front of Heero.

"Odin, will you marry me?"

The girl cheered while Heero glared at Duo with all his might. "Omae o korosu."

Duo wasn't deterred. If anything, the baka grinned even wider. Catcalls and whistles came from the girls as an encouragement for the brave Solo Minworst.

"Use this, Solo!" Hilde cackled as she threw something at Duo.

Duo caught it deftly and shouted his thanks to the girl. Heero realized it was a flower bouquet that Hilde had thrown to Duo. It was now being presented to him by the grinning baka. Duo cunningly changed his grin into a proper solemn smile before proposing to Heero again.

"You're a cold bastard, Odin. But I love you with all my heart anyway. Please, marry me."

Lights from cameras continued to flash as the girls hungrily took pictures of their dream-come-true. The drink seemed to have lessened his inhibition and Heero found himself pulling the toy gun out of his jacket and firing at his suitor.

The girls cried out in surprise while Duo yelped as the plastic bullet hit his forehead. There was a surprise silence for all two seconds before the girls saw the humor and laughed. Duo rubbed his forehead and to Heero's horror, the braided boy was still grinning.

"That's my Odin. Spirited as always." Duo delivered the false praise. Heero saw the mischievous gleam on those violet eyes before the braided boy tackled him. One second Heero was sitting and next second he found himself flat on his back with Duo hovering over him. "I won't let you go until you agree to marry me, sweetheart."

"Omae o korosu." Heero struggled to get away but Duo's position gave the braided boy the advantage over him. The girls whistled, cooed, and catcalled around them, encouraging Duo to do more than just hover.

Heero knew a way to free himself from this mortifying situation but that didn't mean he liked doing it. With a glare and telling Duo that he was doing this under protest, Heero shouted for the girls to hear. "Fine! I'll marry you!"

Some girls cheered, some others, horny vultures that they were, let out a disappointed sigh. Duo just grinned and let Heero go. The short haired boy sat up and promptly got hugged by his successful suitor.

"I'm so happy, Odin!" Duo spoke cheerfully, acting exactly like Solo the Joker.

A smell of burnt coals, wine, and something unique to Duo assaulted Heero's nostrils as the braided boy embraced him. For a second, the noise the girls made faded into background as Heero felt warm and safe. Then the noise returned and Heero quickly pushed the braided boy away.

Duo just grinned, totally looking unrepentant of his actions. He nonchalantly took his place in the center of the ring and spun the bottle.

The glower Heero had started to build quickly disappeared when he noticed whom the bottle pointed to.

It was Relena! Heero didn't know how Duo did it. He didn't care whether the long haired boy was cheating or not. The important thing was that he'd got Relena!

"Oh Solo, be nice to me!!" Relena tried to plead nicely but her words were slurred and she couldn't sit still. She was clearly drunk.

"Don't worry, Princess!" Duo grinned while he threw a wink at Heero.

The short haired boy sat straight and watched Relena carefully. If Duo's wink meant anything, it would be a sign that Heero was going to get his revenge.

"You're going to choose a dare, aren't you?" Duo asked innocently.

Feeling that Duo was going to go easy on her, Relena nodded eagerly.

"Then I dare you dance around the circle, wearing a tutu!"

The girls giggled while Heero stared at his friend in adoration. He raised his glass in salute to the grinning Duo and emptied it in one gulp. It appeared Hilde had the tutu prepared and she put it on her drunk friend without any sympathy for her. Relena uttered a weak protest, but since it was a dare, she would have to do it. Just like Heero, the alcohol had loosened her up a little. In just a short time she had started swaying her tutu wrapped hips as she walked around the circle.

Heero couldn't be more pleased. He spent the rest of his camera's memory card just to get as many pictures of his cousin in pink tutu as possible.

"So, are you satisfied with my half baked mission?" Duo asked him as the braided boy settled back next to Heero.

Heero grinned at his best friend. "Very."

"Do I get my reward then?"

Reward? Heero blinked. Oh, the new Anime. Heero knew he would give more than that if Duo wanted. Relena in a pink tutu was priceless! Heero punched Duo's shoulder playfully. "You'll get whatever reward you want."

Duo took Heero's punch to his shoulder then grabbed his hand and grinned. "I'll hold you to that."

Heero nodded and watched as Relena completed the circle in her pink tutu. The short haired boy was too light headed to realize that Duo never let his hand go.


"I will never forget the sight of Relena in a pink tutu." Heero chuckled as he stepped into the bedroom. After Relena had finished her dance, Hilde announced that it was the end of the game. The girls were reluctant at first to end the game but they quickly agreed when Hilde told them there would be a marathon screening of yaoi Anime.

It was long past midnight, Heero figured out he would prefer sleeping than being subjected to watching yaoi movies. He made his excuses and quickly fled the scene. The alcohol he'd consumed had started to dominate his mind. He shed his jacket and threw his toy gun in his bag's direction. His walking was clumsy and the bed seemed to duplicate before his eyes. Nevertheless, he managed to find the bed. Well, he bumped into it to be more precise. Plopping down on the bed, Heero stared at the ceiling, a goofy smile on his face as he replayed Relena dancing in her pink tutu. He chuckled and squirmed around the bed happily.

"You are drunk."

Heero blinked and lifted his head to see the speaker. Duo was standing at the door, looking at him in amusement. "What are you doing here?"

"I plan to sleep here." Duo said as he closed the door and approached the bed.

Heero yawned and plopped back onto the bed. "Sleep? Aren't you going to watch the movies?"

"I want to but I have to drive tomorrow so sleep is more important to me. It's not a big deal. I've seen some of the movies anyway and I can always borrow the movies from Hilde if I want to."

"Hmm..." Heero closed his eyes. Duo's voice was quite low and soothing.

"Oh, I visited bathroom just now. The handle is broken again, Someone must have turned the lock too hard. Anyway, if you want to use the bathroom, remember to knock first from now on. If someone is in the bathroom, they will shout to let you know they are using it. Anyway, you know what is a fortunate thing? The girls are too engrossed with the movies to notice we aren't there. I didn't have to make an excuse to leave. " Duo stood next to the bed and looked down at Heero, grinning. "Besides, I would be a fool to miss a night sleeping with my fiancé."

The reply from Heero was a soft snore.

Duo blinked and chuckled lowly. "And just my luck, my fiancé is too far gone into Morpheus' world for me to take advantage of this situation. Oh well, at least you won't protest if I do this."

The braided boy settled down on the bed next to Heero and slowly took Heero into his arms. "Night, Heero." He kissed Heero's forehead and closed his eyes.

Heero sighed in his sleep and snuggled deeper into the warmth enveloping him.



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