New Year Gathering: A Report Part 5

"How is it?"

"Too bitter."


"Still bitter."

"You're right. How about this?"

"Too sweet. What was that last bottle?"

"Jim Beam."

"I hope the girls are all above 18."

"Don't worry, now try this."

"Still too sweet."

Duo grabbed the last wine bottle and poured its contents into the big kettle. "Now?"

Heero took another sip from the mixture. "Perfect."

Duo grinned.

"I don't see what the relation between mixing the drinks and my revenge is though."

"Oi, revenge is best served cold." Duo poured the mixture into the ready glasses. "My plan is simple actually. Relena said she would join in the next game after the new year countdown. So we will get her a little drunk before the game starts. It's fortunate that I'm in charge of mixing these drinks."

Heero waited but then he realized that Duo didn't intend to explain further. He was feeling a bit drunk himself after repeatedly tasting the concoction, not to mention the two full glasses of white wine he had already consumed during dinner. Not that he would admit that to Duo. The braided boy had also tasted the concoction, but he looked unaffected. Heero would be damned if he would show that he couldn't hold his liquor as well as his friend.

"Then?" Heero prompted, hoping his voice wasn't slurred.

"Then you will see." Duo winked.

Heero rolled his eyes. "That's a half cocked plan that you have for my mission."

"Improvisation during the mission is my talent."

Heero snorted and finished the glass he had used to sample the brew. "If you fail this mission, omae o korosu."

"If I don't, will you reward me?"

"Huh? Reward?" Heero set down his glass on the kitchen's counter and frowned. "What reward?"

"You mentioned about some new Anime movies you have while we were on the journey here this morning."

"You want a copy of them? Sure."

Duo grinned widely. "Ninmu ryoukai."


Having finished with the trivia game, Hilde then announced that the new year's countdown would be held outside, near the barbecue pit. It would start in ten minutes. As all the girls took a stand outside, Duo started distributing the drinks. Hilde helped the braided boy while Heero concentrated on bringing the biggest glass of the mix to his cousin. Relena was delighted with his 'kindness' and thanked him.

Heero knew he should feel guilty. He was not, however.

Feeling giddy and strangely happy, Heero took a glass for himself. He stood near the cottage, a few feet away from the flock of girls. Relena was giving a speech about how happy she was with the gathering going smoothly and spoke of her resolution for the new year. The girls raised their glasses after Relena's speech and sipped their drinks. Heero sipped his as well.

"Don't get drunk before you get your revenge." Duo appeared next to him, holding a glass of the mixture as well.

Heero snorted. "I'm not drunk."

It was Hilde's turn to give a speech now. She spoke passionately about her satisfaction with the gathering and thankfully it was a short speech. The girls cheered for her as well and sipped their drinks. Heero followed suit.

"Alright, ladies," Hilde shouted. "Countdown from twenty, start now! Twenty..."

"Nineteen..." The other girls joined in the countdown. "Eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen..."

Heero smiled at the girls enthusiastic countdown.

"Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven," Relena joined in with the countdown, having finished her big glass of the concoction. She was unaware that she was being watched by two grinning boys.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six," Duo caught Heero's eye as he saluted him with his glass.

Holding Duo's gaze, Heero raised his glass and finished the contents. He then joined in with the countdown.

"Five, four," Duo downed his drink.

"Three, two,"


"ZERO!" The girls all shouted together.

Right after the last number had been counted all the lights suddenly went out. Heero found himself in total darkness.

"What happened?" Relena shouted.

"I don't know." Hilde answered.

"I think it's a blackout," another girl commented. "The lights are out in the other cottages as well."

Heero wasn't aware of the conversation though; as soon as the lights had blacked out there was something warm and soft pressed against his lips. Heero blinked in confusion and raised his hand, wanting to know what it was. However, the second he moved, that warm and soft feeling disappeared. His hand reached nothing. The sudden loss of feeling made him stagger a bit.

Then as suddenly as they'd gone out, the lights came back to life. The girls cheered in relief. Heero blinked in surprise and at the sudden brightness.

"Are you okay?"

Heero turned his head to the right and saw Duo standing a few feet away. The braided boy looked pleased about something.

"Of course. Why are you grinning like that?"

Duo just grinned wider and swung his empty glass lazily. "I'm happy with the new year."

Heero rolled his eyes and dismissed his friend. He thought about what had happened during the brief blackout. Could the soft and warm feeling against his lips have been someone's lips? Someone had been kissing him?

Heero shook his head to clear his mind from the drinks he had consumed. Kissing was impossible. It would take about five seconds for one the girls to reach him. The darkness had lasted no longer than five seconds and the only person near enough to him was Duo, who hadn't moved from where he was. No, it was impossible for it to be a kiss. Maybe he was just imagining things. The drinks certainly had confused his mind.


"Come on girls, shift around and make room for the others," Hilde instructed. After the new year countdown, they had all gathered in the living room where Hilde had then announced that they were going to play another game. This game required them all to sit in a circle. This time all of them joined in the game so it was a big circle that formed in the living room. Heero hurriedly sat down next to Duo, not wanting to be stuck between two girls.

Satisfied with the circle formation, Hilde put an empty bottle into the center of the ring and explained the game. "This game is a combination of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare."

The girls cheered.

Heero groaned.

"We will spin the bottle and the person the bottle points to will have to choose Truth or Dare. Depending on the choice, the one who spins the bottle gets to ask the question or request an action." Hilde grinned then. "To make the game more interesting, we will play the game as the characters we are cosplaying respectively. For example, if Duo here gets pointed at by the bottle, he will have to answer a question or take the dare like Solo Minworst is supposed to act. The one who questions or dares him will also have to keep in mind that they are dealing with Solo Minworst instead of Duo Maxwell. Any questions?"

A 'no' chorus was heard from the girls. Heero was feeling glad that he'd chosen Odin as his character. It was easy to act as Odin. He would just keep silent or shoot whoever dared to ask him anything. Poor Duo would have to answer the questions truthfully because Solo was known to never tell any lies.

"And of course if you refuse to do the dare or answer the question, you'll be punished." Hilde grinned evilly and gestured to the girl sitting across from her. "Our friend here has prepared a vile concoction which you will have to drink as your punishment."

Heero looked at the girl wearing the tennis costume. He wondered whether the glasses she wore were part of her costume or not. She was grinning as she raised a big bottle filled with green liquid for everyone to see. "I have mixed veggies and some spices in it. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe to drink. It's healthy actually, but I can't guarantee the taste, which is of course the purpose of this punishment."

"Trust me, you better avoid the punishment." Hilde added her two cents worth.

The girls shuddered while Heero looked at the bottle dubiously.

"Okay, let's start the game!" Relena took over. "I suggest we give the honor of spinning the bottle for the first time to Hilde who has worked so hard for this gathering."

No protest was issued for the suggestion so Hilde happily went into the center and spun the bottle. When the bottle stopped spinning, the girls laughed as the first victim was chosen. Heero thought inwardly that God must have found his sense of justice since it was the girl who'd concocted the punishment mixture who got pointed at by the bottle.

"Poor girl," Hilde ruined her words by grinning at the girl. "So truth or dare?"

The girl grimaced and chose truth.

Hilde's eyes gleamed with mischief as she delivered the question. "Tell us how you make love with your tennis racquet. In detail."

Heero was taken aback with Hilde's question. He again realized that this was a yaoi gathering, not an ordinary gathering. He should have known that the game was not as innocent as it seemed; Heero reflected mournfully as the girl stammered her answer. Her face was as red as tomato.

"She's lucky she didn't choose dare." Duo whispered from where he was seated next to Heero.

"Oh?" Heero didn't think the girl was lucky.

"Hilde could ask her to 'show' it instead of 'tell', you know."

Heero shuddered. Suddenly the girls around him looked like a pack of hungry vultures. "Is there any chance to ditch the game?" He whispered back to Duo.

The braided boy raised an eyebrow to him. "Don't tell me Perfect Odin is afraid of a harmless game?"

"Of course not," Heero quickly retorted. He then groaned and damned his pride for trapping him in this 'harmless' but humiliating game.

The spectacled girl had finished her explanation. She exchanged place with Hilde and spun the bottle. It pointed at the girl with white tank top whom Heero had heard her friends refer to as Blowfish. Since Heero didn't know her real name as well as her character name, he associated her with the only name he knew, Blowfish.

Blowfish had chosen truth. The tennis girl's eyes sparkled behind her spectacles as she asked her victim to tell them the details of an event when she'd taken the uke position for the first time.

Blowfish smirked. "Never, because I will never bottom."

Heero found out later from Duo that the Blowfish character always took the seme position in the story. Her answer was so in character that the other girls cheered. The spectacled girl grumbled as her victim escaped with her dignity unscathed.

Some girls distributed what left of the mixture Duo and Heero had made before the new year countdown. Heero poured it into his glass and sipped it as the game continued.

It was Blowfish's turn then to spin the bottle. The next victim was a girl with spiky blonde hair. She wore a white T-shirt with a green, long sleeved outer shirt and blue jeans. Heero knew the character the girl was cosplaying was from the same Anime as Relena's, but he didn't remember which character it was. The girl bravely chose a dare.

"Demonstrate how you would do a striptease for your lover." Blowfish stated her dare gleefully.

The other girls went wild hearing this. Lewd whistles could be heard as the current victim turned several shades of red. In the end, the girl decided to take punishment instead of doing the dare. The others weren't disappointed with her choice, since watching her take the punishment had been an entertainment in itself.

Heero watched the poor girl make a face as Hilde gave her a glass full of green liquid. She pinched her nose with one hand and used the other hand to pour the glasses contents into her mouth. There was a strained silence for some seconds after the girl swallowed the liquid before the poor girl dashed to the bathroom. The other girls snickered as an indescribable sound emerged from the closed bathroom's door. Heero decided it was better suffering a little humiliation than drinking that vile concoction.

They waited until the poor girl returned and the game resumed. Having been a victim, it was no surprise that the girl took her turn with vengeance. The next victim suffered the humiliation of having to tell her character's deepest desire for the character's best friend. As the game progressed, some girls could think of devious questions or dares while some were too kind to deliver such actions. So some girls got it easy while some got thoroughly flustered. Hilde was one who got it easy as she only had to answer who her character preferred as his seme. There were some other girls who had chosen to bear the punishment so Heero got to watch the scene of girls scampering to the bathroom several more times.

Eventually, the bottle pointed at Heero. He had hoped that God would be kind and spare him the humiliation, but it appeared it was too much to hope for that kind of leniency.



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