New Year Gathering: A Report Part 4

"They are coming downnnnnnnnnn!!!"

Heero heard the shrill announcement just as he came down to the living room with Duo following him. The girls had flocked around him at the announcement. Almost all of them were armed with a camera or a video camera.

"Oh my God!! Odin and Solo!!! Kill me now!!" One of the girls sighed dramatically. Heero noted she was wearing some kind of tennis uniform before her camera light flashed. It was followed by all the other cameras and he was blinded for a good minute.

"Duo, you bastard! You didn't tell me you two planned this whole thing!" Hilde's voice was heard among the girls squealing.

"Sorry Hilde," Duo answered, his tone not sounding the least bit sorry at all. Heero noted that the long haired boy's voice was very close to him. So close that could feel the breath brush against the back of his neck.

"It's Cirle! We call each other by our cosplaying characters name and behave like them during the party," Hilde pointed out. "And don't think that you can make me believe you're sorry! I'm not buying it."

"Right, Cirle. I'll make it up to you. How about we pose for you like this?" Duo spoke and suddenly Heero felt a pair of arms wind around his waist and pull him backward, causing his back to rest against Duo's front.

"What the?!" Heero struggled to get away but Duo dropped his chin onto Heero's shoulder and whispered to him.

"Better let them take the picture of us now. They will soon be satisfied. If you run now, they will chase you for the whole night."

Heero shuddered at the thought being chased for the whole night by squealing girls. He quickly decided that it was better to endure a few minutes of this rather than spend the entire night running away from the girls.

"OH YES!!! You're forgiven!!! Go Solo!" Hilde crowed, followed by louder squeals from the other girls.

More lights flashed as the girls took pictures of the boys. Heero closed his eyes, not wanting to be blinded by the lights. Of course the girls took it as his contentment of being held by Duo. They squealed and sighed even louder. Oh Duo was so going to be dead.


"Omae o korosu." Heero said as Duo and he strode out of the cottage. The blood thirsty girls were finally satisfied after a fifteen minute photo session. He had to admit that Duo was right. Now the girls were contented with the images they'd got. They even didn't follow them out.

"You don't want to do that." Duo said. "I'll help you plan a good revenge on your cousin to make this up to you."

"You'd better." Heero grunted.

They arrived at the barbecue pit and saw that the coals had turned red and blazed. Some of the girls were cooking fish, sausages, and corn on top of it.

"How?" Duo asked in bewilderment. Heero echoed the same question with his eyebrows.

"We used the fans," the girl with white tank top and blue jeans answered. Her skin was dark and her shoulder length hair was styled into curly locks. Heero was intrigued that he couldn't recognize what Anime character she was impersonating.

"We used fans as well," Duo said. "And the damn coals never lit up like they are right now."

"She is a natural at using a fan," the other girl chirped in. "So natural that we decided to call her Blowfish instead of Sw..."

"I'm not Blowfish!" The girl protested.

"Yes, you are," the other girls answered in a chorus, making the dark skinned girl pout.

"Well damn..." Duo sighed then stepped forward to help the girls with grilling their dinner.

Heero understood Duo's feelings for he was feeling the same. It was really a blow to their male ego that the girls could light the fire better than them. God really had a weird sense of humor sometimes.


The barbecue dinner party fortunately went smoothly. When other girls came and relieved them from the grilling job, Heero and Duo went inside to enjoy their dinner. But first Heero went upstairs to retrieve his camera and take some pictures of his unaware cousin. With blackmail materials in hand, Heero's mood lightened as he spooned the food onto his plate. Duo and he found an empty place on the couch and sat down.

Heero looked around as he ate their hard won dinner, the grilled fish, corn, and some sausages. The other girls were loitering around. Some were eating and some were chattering with each other. Heero noted that some of the girls had interesting costumes. He looked at the girl wearing a violet robe, wrapped with white bandages. There were black bat ears sticking from her hair and a black mask covering her mouth. It was a good costume with a complex design. However, Heero couldn't recognize to which character the costume belonged. He asked Duo who told him that it was a character from an online game on the Internet.

"So we can choose characters not just from Anime?"

"Yeah, you can choose from manga, Anime, movie, or novel, as long as the character has either yaoi hints or a pairing. Take them for example." Duo gestured his fork toward two girls with black robes, sitting on floor on the other side of the room. They were talking and swinging a wooden stick. "Those girls chose the characters from a famous children's book."

Heero picked up his corn and looked at the girls. The short haired one with round glasses was wearing a red and gold symbol on her chest with a red and gold scarf. The other one with chin length hair didn't have any symbol on her black robes. Her right hand was holding the wooden stick while the other hand was holding a small bottle containing green liquid.

Heero recognized the characters and widened his eyes. He almost dropped his corn when he turned to Duo in disbelief. "Those two characters are known to be a yaoi pairing as well?"

"Yup." Duo nodded and continued devouring his grilled fish.

"Their ages are greatly different." Heero looked back at the girls. "I bet whoever likes this pairing has inclination toward pedophilia."

"Oi, it's pedophilia if the boy is eleven years old. Most fans will increase his age to past the age of consent. They are a pretty normal pairing." Duo pointed out.

Heero just grunted. "They hate each other in the Books."

"Opposites attract." Duo grinned. He pointed to Heero and then to himself.

Heero snorted at the obvious indication of Odin and Solo's relationship. He dismissed the black robed girls and watched another girl. This one was wearing a black Japanese boy style uniform with cute white wings on her back. Heero instantly knew which character the girl was cosplaying. He had seen so many pictures of the character with wings. Some with angel wings and some with devil wings. There were so many pictures of him with wings that he had thought the character really had wings in the story. It wasn't until after he'd watched the Anime that he realized the character actually didn't have wings. Talk about misguiding pictures.....

Finished with his corn, Heero picked up his sausages and saw the dark skinned girl with white tank top walking in. She was the one her friends called Blowfish. Curious, he asked Duo which character the girl posed as.

"A character from a yaoi manga." Duo answered with a grin.

Heero decided he didn't want to know anything further about this ones character. Not when Duo's grin was positively evil.


The dinner went as smooth and as peaceful as a teenage girls dinner could go. Duo had fetched them some white wine, which Heero was sipping at the moment. He was on his second glass when Cirle, aka Hilde, stood in the middle of living room and clapped her hands for attention.

"Okay, girls," Hilde started.

"And boys," Duo added.

"And boys," Hilde grinned as the other girls, who had been outside, started crowding into the living room. "We are going to have a trivia game here. We need two teams, each consists of two people. Who wants to play?"

"Count us in!" Duo raised his hand.

"Us?" Heero raised an eyebrow in displeasure.

"Odin and Solo on a mission!" Duo grinned, "C'mon, it will be fun!" He then dragged the short haired boy into the middle of the living room where Hilde had sat down and pointed to the assigned area on her left for them to sit down.

Having nothing else to do, Heero relented and didn't grumble much as he sat down on the rugged floor. To be honest, he was intrigued by the game. There was a big possibility that the trivia would based on Anime. After all this was Anime gathering, albeit yaoi in particular.

Their opponents happened to be two girls wearing similar tennis shirts. One was wearing a cap while the other was holding a tennis racquet.

"Alright, we have Grand Wing team versus Tennis Supreme for the first round!" Hilde announced. "The game rule is simple. I will ask a question and if any of you know the answer, ring this." She gave a bell to each team, "The first team who rings its bell will have the right to answer. Each question has several answers. We have assigned certain points for a certain answer. The points range from 1 to 5. So even though you might answer more often than your opponent, that doesn't guarantee you are the winner. You have to make sure that the answer you give has the possibility for highest points. Now, since there are two members in each team, we will call them as Seme and Uke."

The girls giggled while Heero felt his face getting red at the mention of the names. He knew what those names referred to, no thanks to his cousin. He turned to Duo quickly and said, "I'm Seme, you're Uke." He added a good dose of glare when he noticed Duo was about to protest.

Duo who had been in process of opening his mouth, quickly shut it out and gave him a conceding grin.

"The questions will have to be answered by Seme and Uke alternately." Hilde continued her explanation. "If the Seme answers the first question then the second question can only be answered by the Uke and vice versa. If the answer isn't listed on the answer sheet, the opposing team will be given a chance to answer. The winner will be the one who get the highest points in the end of the game. Any questions?"

Hilde looked at the teams expectantly. When both teams shook their heads, she clapped her hands then pulled out some cards from beneath her coat. "OKAY!!! Let's begin the game! Seme will answer the first question."

The bell ready in his hand, Heero sat in anticipation of the first question.

"Question one," Hilde paused for the effect, "In manga, what character do you think is the ultimate Seme?"

Hand ready to ring the bell and mouth opened to answer, Heero blinked at the shocking question. The next thing he knew, the Seme of the opposing team had rung her bell and answered the question. Hilde gave her three points for the answer.

"Question 2!" Hilde announced. "Uke's turn!"

"Oi, give me the bell." Since Heero was still in shock, Duo had to wrestle the bell from Heero's hand. That action naturally brought Heero out of his shock. The short haired boy belatedly shut his open mouth and glared at the boy next to him.

"This is a yaoi trivia game??!" Heero hissed at his braided partner who suddenly looked way too innocent, much to his disgust.

"Of course, this is yaoi gathering after all." Duo smiled. "Now hush, I want to hear the question."

"What is the kinkiest place to have sex?" Hilde shouted the second question.

Duo managed to ring the bell before the opponent did.

"Grand Wing team! What is your answer?" Hilde asked as she pointed her hand to Duo.

Heero's eyes widened at the second question. Not only yaoi, the trivia was also about sex!!! And he was somehow dragged into joining the pervert game. Someone was going to pay for this. It was then that he noticed Relena grinning and giggling a few feet from where Hilde was seated. Heero was thinking about enlarging his cousin's horribly white hair pictures and posting them to her parents when Duo answered.

"Library," the braided boy answered with a grin.

Library?? The place where he often went for the tranquility and knowledge. Not very likely! It was impossible to have sex in library. The noise would draw the other library occupants! Heero certainly couldn't accept the answer.

However, Hilde certainly could accept it for she rewarded Grand Wing team with four points. "Okay, third question. Seme's turn."

Duo offered the bell to Heero, who reluctantly took it.

Hilde fired out the question. "Which body part is considered a fetish?"

How the hell he was supposed to know about that?? He even didn't know what a fetish was! Heero glared at his 'never-going-to ring' bell as their opponent answered the question.

"Foot?" Hilde repeated the answer. "Four points for you, girls!"

"What's a fetish?" Heero whispered his question to Duo as he gave Duo the bell.

Duo's violet eyes widened slightly then he grinned secretly. "I'll explain later."

Hilde shouted the next question and Duo snatched it right away. The patterns continued with Duo answering all the questions in each Uke's turn and Heero failing to answer any questions in each Seme's turn. No, he couldn't give any example of a BDSM toy. No, he didn't know the name of seiyuu that often filled the voices of uke characters. Being a bright and competitive person, Heero didn't like being unable to answer any of the questions, regardless that the questions were out of his league. So he tried hard to think of possible answers for the absurd questions. However, as the absurd questions went by, he still couldn't think of a decent answer.

Hilde finally yelled the last question, "What is the most famous yaoi pairing in Anime?"

In his desperation to answer, before he knew what he was doing, Heero found out he had waved the bell in his hand.

"Grand Wing team!" Hilde announced. "This is your first and last chance to answer, Odin. Don't let your uke down!"

The girls giggled at Hilde's words. Heero himself had turned to Duo during Hilde's speech. The braided boy made a subtle gesture of pointing to himself then Heero. Heero blinked at the implication.

"So what's your answer, Odin?" Hilde asked expectantly.

Turning to face Hilde, Heero decided to answer as what Duo had hinted at. "Odin and Solo"

"Smart fellow!" Hilde laughed, "Five points for Grand Wing!"

As the other girls cheered for him, Heero turned his head back to Duo. He felt quite happy to finally be able to answer a question and answer it correctly. Watching the wide happy grin on the braided boy, Heero couldn't help but quirking his mouth up slightly. Strange that he didn't mind so much it being yaoi game anymore. Duo had been right, he had had fun.

However, that didn't mean he wanted to continue the absurd game.

Hilde had announced Grand Wing as the winner of the first round and would face new opponent for the second round. Heero immediately refused and escaped the game area.

Duo followed him a minute later and walked next to him. "Hilde and the other girls are disappointed, you know."

Heero raised an eyebrow at his braided friend. "And why should I care?"

Duo chuckled and shook his head slightly. "You are one cold bastard, you know. You don't care about the female's feelings. Very similar to Odin."

Heero's mouth quirked up. "Thank you, I take that as a compliment."

Duo laughed as his own words this morning were thrown back to him.

Heero waited until Duo's laughter subsided before prompting the braided boy's promise to help him with his revenge. "As Odin's best friend, Solo will help Odin in his mission of dealing with a certain Princess, won't he?"

Duo's violet eyes flashed mischievously at the reminder. "Death at your service." He bowed down mockingly then dragged Heero into the kitchen.


....Who wanna bet that this quiz really happened in the real gathering? *grins evilly*


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