New Year Gathering: A Report Part 3

"Relena o korosu," Heero muttered as he climbed up on the chair.

"You're sounding more like Odin, you know." Duo grinned and handed him three of the full-blown balloons, two normal balloons and one special one. Special because Heero refused to call it condom balloon.

"Not only did she asked me to blow up these stupid balloons but she also expects me to hang them around." Heero snatched the balloons and attached them to the ceiling.

"Stop bitching, you only blew up one condom, I'm doing the rest of them," Duo pointed out as he steadied the chair Heero was standing on. "It's the lube that makes them slippery, causing them to be even harder to blow up and tie."

"Serves you right."

Finished with the balloons, Heero jumped down. No sooner he set his feet on the floor than Hilde walked toward Duo and him.

"Finished with the decorations? Good, lunch is ready in the Kinky Kitchen."

"Kinky Kitchen?" Duo asked the girl.

"We name every room in the cottage." Hilde grinned.

Heero didn't want to know why the kitchen was called kinky so he stayed silent. Duo had grinned at Hilde's answer. It was clear that the long haired boy wasn't in the least disturbed with the naming.

"What do you call the bathroom then?"

"Peeping Hole."

Heero blanched while Duo snickered.

"The living room?" Duo asked Hilde again.

"Pleasure Hall."


"The lower bedroom is the Orgy Suite." Hilde grinned wider, "The upper one is the Wedding Suite."

"What??!!!" Heero barked. It surely wasn't a coincidence to name the bedroom that Duo and he occupied as the Wedding Suite.

"Wedding Suite?" Duo put on a regretful face. "Too bad I've used all the condoms for decoration...."

Hilde snickered. "If I can get you some more condoms, will you let me take pictures of your wedding night?"

Heero so didn't want to hear this conversation. He growled and left the snickering twosome to get his lunch. He passed the bathroom on his walk and saw a card pasted on its door. The big letters of 'Peeping Hole' were written on it. The girls had even drawn a picture of a hole on the card. Heero wondered what his cousin had gotten him into. The girls were all crazy, Heero was sure of it.


The lunch was peaceful, much to Heero's surprise. The girls arrived, took a plate of food, and went off again. Some chattered about their still-not-finished-costumes, some worried about not being able to get the same hairstyle as their cosplay characters. They thankfully left Heero alone to enjoy his lunch. That was a relief for him to not be hounded by the girls. As he ate his lunch on the kitchen table, Heero started to think that this yaoi gathering wasn't so bad after all.

Duo came in to get his lunch then sat next to Heero. "What are you thinking about?"


"Oy, don't pull that Odin act with me." Duo pointed his fork to Heero.

"You have no shame."

"Hilde and I are just bantering." Duo grinned. "Anyway, back to my question, what are you thinking about? You looked quite happy back then."

Heero shrugged. "I'm happy the girls don't chase me around."

"That's because they are worrying about their costumes," Duo chuckled. "Wait until we wear our costumes and then you'll see their true nature."

Heero shuddered. "Maybe I shouldn't wear the costume."

"Don't worry, I'll protect my darling Odin."

Heero glared. "Omae o korosu."


After finishing their lunch, the boys were asked to set up the television and DVD system. Once that was finished, Relena asked them to light the barbecue pit. Unfortunately, the coals for the barbecue refused to be lit, no matter how hard and fast they waved their fans. Duo cursed for the sixth time while Heero wished he had Odin's laser beam to light up the coals in a blink. Still the damn coals refused to light up.

After an hour had passed with curses and glares to the innocent coals, a few girls stepped outside to help the boys. The girls had worn their costumes and chattered cheerfully among themselves. Heero's eyes were quickly drawn to the girl with light brown hair. She was wearing a red knee length coat, black undershirt, and pants that were the same color as his undershirt. Her hands were covered with white gloves and she was wearing black army boots. Her light brown hair was braided in similar style to Solo's hair but it was obviously shorter in length. It only reached slightly below the girl's neck.

What a cool costume. Heero was positive that he was drooling. When the girl turned, he could see the unique symbol on the back of the red coat and Heero instantly recognized which character the girl was impersonating. She was cosplaying as Cirle, a main character in a recent favorite Anime, which had almost similar persona as Solo in Grand Wing; not to mention their almost similar appearances as well.

"Hilde! About damn time!"

Heero was surprised at Duo's growled greeting. He looked away from the girl and saw the long haired boy staring at the same girl in obvious irritation. Heero blinked as his mind made the connection. He quickly turned to look at the approaching Cirle in disbelief. "Hilde??"

Cirle-impersonating- Hilde smiled. "Yup! What do you think of my costume?" The girl twirled to show off said costume.

"You look terrific." Heero was really impressed when he noticed that the unique black symbol on the back of the red coat was hand-sewn. Hilde must have spent a lot of time working on the costume.

Hilde smiled beamingly.

Duo strangely growled.

"Duo?" Heero looked at his long haired friend questioningly.

Duo thrust his fan to Hilde. "The coals are bitches. You can try lighting them up while we change into our costumes." With that, the long haired boy dragged Heero back into the cottage.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Heero planted his feet once they were inside the house and refused to budge.

Duo turned to him in confusion. "Where? Bathroom, of course. I need to clean up after struggling with the damn coals."

Heero looked pointedly at his arm which was held by Duo.

"Oops, sorry." Duo hurriedly released Heero's arm and smiled sheepishly. But then he grinned mischievously, "Don't you want to take a bath together?"

Heero crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared at the long haired boy. "Omae o korosu."

"Guess not. I'll go first then," Duo chuckled and went into the bathroom whistling, his good mood evidently restored. Heero was still wondering what had made Duo so irritated before when a familiar voice called out to him.

"Heero, what are you doing? Why aren't you in your costume yet!?"

Heero closed his eyes as his cousin's shrill voice came from behind. Just his luck, Relena had come to pester him again. He turned around, ready to put the fear of God to his spoiled cousin but was taken aback at her appearance. "What the....."

Heero was really utterly speechless. Relena was dressed in her costume. There was nothing special about the clothes. She was wearing white pants with a blue and white horizontal striped T-shirt. What *was* unusual was the state of her hair. It was horribly white. Horrible because Relena hadn't appeared to use white coloring spray to dye her hair. It looked more like white powder had been dumped onto her head; not to mention that her hair stuck up like ruined spikes.

"That bad, huh?" Relena looked ready to cry. She patted her horribly white hair carefully. "I thought one can of white spray would be enough but it wasn't. I need to make my entire hair white so I thought I'd use flour. I wet my hair a little and applied the flour but it turned out horrible!"

Heero opened his mouth but then closed it again. He tried, really tried, to express his condolences, but what came out was a snigger instead. Seeing Relena's teary eyes turn murderous, Heero ran up to his and Duo's room and locked the door to prevent his enraged cousin from attacking him. He then collapsed on the floor and laughed loudly. Here he was thinking about how to take revenge on his cousin when it appeared he didn't have to do anything after all. That horrible hair was a fitting punishment from God himself.

His laughter had subsided when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Heero stood up.


Heero schooled his face into his usual expression and opened the door. Duo came in, still wearing the same clothes but with his hair damp around the edges. "Why did you lock the door?"

"Relena." Heero couldn't help but twitch his mouth up at the image of his white haired cousin. He gathered his bathing necessities and headed toward the bathroom for his turn. He was still in a cheerful mood when he returned to the bedroom after his bath. Not even the paper plate with 'Wedding Suite' pasted on the front of the door could ruin his mood. He was planning to get out his camera and take a few pictures of his cousin. They would be very nice blackmail material in the future should the need arise.

That thought was swiftly forgotten when he stepped into the bedroom and came face to face with a very real life Solo Minworst. Heero stared and stared, not being able to look away from the sight in front of him. Duo had worn his Solo's costume, which consisted of tight, sleeveless red turtleneck and black leather pants. His plain necklace was now adorned with a cross. With the sleeveless turtleneck, Heero could see what the plain T-shirt had hidden before. Duo had nicely developed muscles. They were not big but they were obviously wiry. Solo's tight costume was really suitable for him and showed off his body.

"I take it you like the view?"

Heero's eyes snapped up and saw Duo grinning pleasantly at him. Shaking his admiration off, Heero hurriedly put down his bath necessities and changed into his costume. He was aware of Duo's eyes never leaving him. He had gotten used changing in the locker room with other boys around that he didn't think to ask Duo to leave before he changed his clothes. And moreover, it was too late to ask the long haired boy now so Heero finished putting on his costume quickly. He was fortunate that Odin's costume wasn't complicated. It only consisted of a green tank top with blue jeans and a jacket. Finished putting on his costume, Heero then straightened and looked at his companion.

Duo's long hair was unravelled and he was gesturing it to Heero. "You promised to help me braid my hair."

Heero liked the sight of Duo's waist length hair falling around him, but of course he wouldn't admit it to the already, pleased boy. Heero gathered Duo's long mass and was surprised to find how soft and silky it was. He had thought that all boys had rough hair just like his, but Duo appeared to take care of his hair well. Heero couldn't resist combing his fingers through the hair before he started braiding it.

"You really look like Solo," Heero said when he'd finished braiding the long hair.

"Thank you." Duo turned around and smiled widely at him. His violet eyes looked at him intensely, starting from his legs and trailed up toward his face. "And you look as delicious as Odin."

Heero hoped he didn't flush red at the praise. It was a nice thing that he had the same eye color as Odin so he didn't have to wear contact lenses to change his eye's color. Come to think of it, Duo also had the same eye color as Solo. It was really a very fortunate coincidence. Why, they'd even got the same hair color as their favorite Anime characters.

"Do you believe in reincarnation?" Duo asked suddenly.

Heero raised his eyebrows in question. "Why do you ask?"

Duo leaned against wall and waved toward both of them. "I think we are reincarnations of Solo and Odin. We have the same hair and eye color as them."

"Reincarnation doesn't mean we would retain our previous appearance," Heero countered. "And moreover, if I'm Odin reincarnated, I'd have pulled my gun to shoot Solo's reincarnation for being the same irritating nuisance."

Duo snorted. "I told you, those two are best friends." He grinned impishly. "More than friends actually."

Heero rolled his eyes. "You and your gay, biased perception."

Duo chuckled. "Fine, I won't try to convince you now. We don't have time to discuss it thoroughly and it's not as if you can pull your gun to shut me up if I want to talk about it."

"Wanna bet?" Heero took out the almost realistic toy gun from his bag. He'd had it specially made to go along with his costume

Duo blinked. "It's a toy, right? You're not going to shoot me with it, right?"

Heero just grinned nastily and pointed his gun toward his now braided friend. "Don't tempt me."

"Okay okay" Duo held up his hands in surrender. "I will be a good little gay boy for tonight."

Heero smirked in satisfaction and put his gun into the inner pocket of his jacket.

"I think it's time to go down," Duo said as he straightened from the wall. "I hope Hilde managed to light up the coals."

Oh right, the damn coals. He didn't want to ruin his costume by struggling with the coals again. Heero grunted and followed Duo out of their room.



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