New Year Gathering: A Report Part 2

"RE.LE.NA." Heero growled threateningly. He had pounced his cousin as soon as they had arrived at Reyna Beach and dragged her into a secluded area behind the cottage.

"Uhm... Hi, Heero." Relena started backing away.

"It's true that I am not the only guy in the gathering." Heero glared at his cousin. "But you didn't mention that there would be only two guys among a pack of bloodthirsty girls."

"We are not bloodthirsty." Relena protested. "And I didn't lie to you. You have Duo as your companion."

"He is gay," Heero growled again. He would have throttled his cousin as planned if he hadn't been interrupted.

"Relena, there you are!!" Hilde shouted as she approached them. "What are you doing here? We have so many things to do! C'mon!" With that statement, the dark haired girl dragged his cousin away, leaving Heero to fume alone.

"What does me being gay have to do with my being your companion?"

Heero was startled by the sudden question. He turned around and saw Duo standing not a few feet from him. For once, the long haired boy's expression was closed. "You don't want to be friends with me just because I'm gay?"

Heero shifted feeling a little uncomfortable. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Then what did you mean?" Duo advanced. "You and I have the same interest in Anime. We talked just fine before you knew I was gay. I'll even bet you enjoyed our discussion. I thought we could be good friends. Now, just because you know I'm gay, you don't want to be my friend anymore. Is that it?"

"It's not like that," Heero protested as he backed away. "The fact that Relena tricked me into coming to this yaoi gathering, pisses me off so much so that I look for any excuses to throw at her. I like you just fine." He was forced to stop when his back hit the wall of the cottage.

Something lit up in Duo's violet eyes. The long haired boy stopped his advanced and stood only a few inches away from Heero. His eyes regarded Heero's blue eyes seriously. "So you don't mind being my friend?"

"Of course not," Heero answered. His heart was acting strangely, beating a little faster than it normally did.

"Good." Duo straightened and grinned. "It's not so bad, Heero. Most of the girls here are nice. You can discuss almost all Anime with some of them. Just don't mind their biased opinion when it comes to the male characters."

"Make that a VERY biased opinion," Heero said grumpily, feeling relieved as his heartbeat went back to normal. Nothing much he could do until he could go back home. The beach was in a rather secluded area with no public transportation. Since he couldn't drive, he wouldn't be able to get back without help. He decided to trust Duo and try to be more civil towards the other girls. Maybe he could have fun... Maybe.

Duo grinned. "Really, you should try to enjoy the gathering. It's not so different to an ordinary Anime gathering after all."

Heero said grouchily, "Since I'm stuck here, I don't see that I have any other choice. I can't drive and the driver won't take me home."

"I'll take you home tomorrow." Duo grinned wider and slung an arm around Heero's shoulder. "C'mon, let's help the girls with the preparations, shall we? I'll help you plan your revenge on Relena later, how about that?"

"Deal." Having decided to make the best of his situation, Heero followed Duo to the front of the cottage. "Do you know that you like touching people without permission, just like Solo?" Heero pointed out as he tapped Duo's arm around his shoulder.

"And you're as grouchy as Odin," Duo countered. "We will make a good couple."


The cottage, Heero found out, was quiet small and barely accommodated twenty people. It was a two story wooden building with many windows, which admitted the sea breeze. It had two bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Since it was especially designed to host the partying group, the living room took up half of the ground floor along with a small kitchen and bathroom. The living room was pretty much an empty space, decorated with one long couch and a television set. The upper floor was smaller. Other than the one bedroom, it had a small empty area where the staircases were and a balcony facing the sea.

"We have twenty people here and only two bedrooms. What was Relena thinking?" Heero commented as Duo and he exited the upper bedroom where they'd put their bags and went back down.

"Well, the gathering will be held from dusk till dawn so I don't think sleeping will be in the schedule. The bedrooms are merely a place to keep our bags. One for the girls and one for the boys." Duo grinned. "It's a good thing there are only two of us. We won't get cramped like the girls."

Heero snorted. He would bleach that pink teddy bear white if Relena even dared to suggest he share a room with the girls. And speak of the devil...

"There you are." Relena approached them. "Duo, since you are good at fixing stuff, can you take a look at the bathroom door? It won't close. I have tried to contact the cottage's owner but he isn't answering."

"Sure, Princess." Duo saluted and went to check the door to the bathroom which was located next to the stairs.

"Princess?" Heero raised an eyebrow at his cousin.

"That's my nickname," Relena explained haughtily. "We usually call each other by nicknames."

Heero managed not to roll his eyes at Relena's choice of nickname. "And what's Duo's?"


The fact that Duo had used Solo Minworst's code name as his nickname was not a surprise. After all, he himself had used Odin Lowe's code name as his nickname. Heero couldn't help but feel slightly happy. He had found someone who was as fond of Grand Wing as him.

"Since you don't have anything to do, come and help me with the decorations." Relena took his arm and dragged him away.

Heero followed because he had nothing better to do. Relena ushered him to the kitchen table and dropped a pack of flat balloons to the top. "Help me blow up these balloons until they are about head size. I'm going to see what Hilde's up to." And off the Princess went to the other side of the living room where her friend was writing on some cards with the other girls.

Heero sat down and started on the balloons. His first balloon exploded in less than a minute.

"Don't make them bigger than head size!!" Relena shouted from across the room.

Heero grunted and worked on the second balloon. It didn't explode but instead of the usual smooth round shape, the balloon was long and narrow, more like a capsule. Relena had come back to help him. She took one look at his balloon before snickering.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked his cousin.

"Nothing." Relena grinned. "Your balloon is like a banana."

Heero shrugged and went to work on the next balloon. He blew it up in the same way but the result was anything but normal. This time his balloon was like Mickey Mouse's head. Relena giggled at him. Heero threw the finished balloon to join the previous one and worked on the next one.

"Why are you giggling, Princess?" Duo asked as he approached them.

"Heero has talent with the balloons." Relena gestured to her cousin who was again producing another strange shaped balloon. "How is the bathroom door?"

"I have fixed the door, but it's an emergency repair only. Tell the others not to turn the lock forcefully or it will break."

"I'll do that." Relena stood up. "Can you give Heero a hand?"

Duo grinned and sat down, "Sure, this blowing job should be easy."

Relena laughed loudly as she left while Heero gasped. His hold on the newly made balloon weakened; and since he hadn't tied it yet, the balloon deflated rapidly, but Heero didn't care about the balloon. He was glaring at Duo. "Why the hell do you use such words?"

"What words?" Duo asked innocently.

Heero glared more fiercely, "You know what those words meant."

"Stop fighting, boys," Relena said as she approached them again. She ruined her admonishment by grinning. "It's just a joke, Heero. After those balloons, do these special balloons as well please. I'm going to check the barbecue pit outside." She put some small boxes on the table and went out of the cottage.

Heero looked down at the boxes and gaped as he recognized the contents.

"The girls are really planning to have all yaoi fun in full force." Duo grinned. He opened one of the boxes and pulled out a transparent rubber. "Condom balloons. Wicked!"

The fact that he had been asked to blow the condoms into balloons was hard to take. Heero's angry shout reverberated around the cottage. "RELENAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"



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