From Far Away Part 22

"Lord Treize"

"Yes, Une?"

"They have arrived in the city."

"Good, invite them in then." Treize turned to the blond man standing near the window. "Zechs, are you ready?"

"I can't wait to kill that boy, Treize." Zechs smirked dangerously.

"Yes Zechs, if you can kill the Perfect Soldier, you will be the strongest man in this world." Treize smiled wickedly as he watched the blonde man exit the room. Finally the long awaited day had come. Tomorrow, he would be the strongest person and ruler of the worlds.

The ginger haired man leaned back against his seat and look at the ceiling, chuckling slightly as he remembered the time his older brother told him about the secret of the prophecy. He was still a very young teenager back then when Quinze finally managed to get the complete prophecy. His brother looked very weak and shaken after that and still he looked was about to pass out anytime soon as he told Treize all he had foreseen.

Treize remembered how the truth about the Shinigami and the Perfect Soldier surprised him. His eyes widened even further when he heard the twisted reality behind the prophecy and the Shinigami's world his brother had foreseen too. He wanted to ask his brother more, but too bad Quinze had died because using all his energy to gain this knowledge. He still could remember his brother's last words clearly. At that time, the dying man had looked at him with sorrowful and pleading eyes as if he knew what Treize would do in the future. "Don't ..Treize...... ..... if he chooses the dark side....... no one ....will gain .....advantage ......"

But Treize chose to ignore the warning of the dying man. The knowledge Quinze had told him was way too precious and powerful to be ignored. Treize had felt unsatisfied with his life as a little king in his own kingdom and he was the king because his brother gave his right to him. He hated it. He wanted to get the authority by his own hands, not given. He wanted greater authority..... ..... he wanted to rule the world. His ambition, combined with his blessed Power of Manipulation, had blinded him. He planned to prove to his brother that he would gain the advantage if the Perfect Soldier chose the darkness. Thanks to Quinze, he knew the Perfect Soldier's weakness. He also knew the way to conquer the worlds. His world and Shinigami's. Yes, he knew far too much and he would use it for his own advantages.


"So we part here, Duo, Heero." Catherine and Dorothy nodded to the boys. They were at the border between capital of OZ and the outer territory of their homeland. They had reached the capital of OZ without too much trouble. As the boys had told them, they would stay in the capital of OZ.

Heero nodded while Duo smiled. "These five days with you have been a wonderful journey, Catherine, Dorothy. I hope someday we will meet again."

"If you want to meet us, feel free to come to our town." Dorothy smiled.

"We will. Maybe after we finished our business here" And survive from it, Duo added silently.

The girls smiled once more and got into their caravans. "See you someday, guys."

Duo watched until the caravans were out of his sight before addressing Heero telepathically. <<So what are we going to do know?>>

<<Find a way to enter the palace.>>

<<No rest?>>

<<You have rested more than enough for the past two days.>> Heero snorted.

<<Have any plans how to enter the palace?>>


<<Damn, it would be easier if I could teleport us inside the palace.>> Duo sighed exasperatedly. During their journeys, he had experimented with his powers' limits, helped by Dorothy and Catherine who knew the teleportation ability Sagitarius had. Like a person who owned the animal, Duo could only teleport to places he had seen before and it would only work for places around five kilometers apart from him. Since he had never seen the inside of Treize's palace, he couldn't teleport inside it.

"Excuse me, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy."

Surprised at their names being mentioned, the boys quickly whirled around to the speaker. Duo widened his eyes as he saw the woman with her hair held up to make a bun near the back of her head, standing in front them. He had seen the woman before.... At Tsuberov's castle....... <<Heero, she is Tsuberov's prophetess.>>

Heero narrowed his eyes at the woman. <<The one who pointed you as a sacrifice??>>


"What do you want?" Heero growled and placed himself between Duo and Une.

"Don't worry. I'm here not to fight with you." Une spoke up calmly. "I'm here on behalf of Lord Treize, inviting you to meet him in his palace."

<<Wow, that's an easy way to enter the palace.>>

<<Duo, you want to take the invitation?>>

<<Why not? I haven't heard anything bad about this Treize except from Relena and the others. I think I want to hear what he wants from us.>>


<<Don't worry if he has bad intention for us, we can teleport out of the palace.>>

<<.........very well.>>

"We accept." Duo spoke happily.

Une looked at the boys in surprise. She had prepared some reasons and excuses to force both of them to accept the invitation, but it appeared she had no need to use them. Schooling her face, Une turned and beckoned for them to follow her into the palace. "This way, please."

Duo looked around as they passed some rooms and halls. He had to admit the palace was very big that he could easily lose himself inside it. They descended to the lower floor and finally came into a large room. It was empty except for one man standing in the center and smiling at them. The man had ginger hair and wore formal robes. "I'm Treize Kushrenada. Welcome to my palace, Shinigami and his Perfect Soldier."

Duo gasped in surprise while Heero widened his eyes. "How did you know?" The short haired boy hissed and unsheathed his sword.

"I saw your monster form in Tsuberov's castle." Une who had stood next to Treize answered and then looked at Duo. "I have felt his great Power from the moment he entered the castle so I can guess what he is since I saw you change him back into his human form, Shinigami."

"What do you want?" Duo's eyes narrowed at Treize as he got a bad feeling when the man grinned. Suddenly the floor beneath them shook and crumbled. Duo shouted in surprise as he fell rapidly down the bottomless hole.

Heero, who was also falling, reached out his hand to grab Duo, but a force came from his right and knocked him far away from Duo. Another force came and hit him on the stomach, sending him straight to the bottom. Coughing, he stood up and looked around. He was in a very large and empty room. Four stone walls surrounded him, with no door, anywhere. The only lightning was from the torches on the wall. Duo was no where in sight.


No answer

Heero became worried. <<Duo, where are you?>>

Still no answer.

"Don't bother to look for him."

He looked up and saw someone descending from darkness above. A tall blonde man who smiled dangerously at him. "Long time no see, Perfect Soldier."

Heero widened his eyes in surprise as he recognized the man who now stood before him, holding a sword. "Zechs Marquize."

"So you remember my name." Zechs smirked.

"Where's Duo?" Heero narrowed his eyes at the man.

"I have no business with that boy." Zechs growled. "My business is with you. You have made me live in humiliation and now time to pay for it. I will kill you, Perfect Soldier or not!" With that the man attacked.


"Duo." A soft voice called to him, awaking him. "Duo, wake up." Slowly, Duo opened his eyes and saw Heero sat next to him, looking at him.


"Yes, it's me, Duo. Are you okay?"

Duo sat up slowly and looked around. They were in some kind of room that resembled one of the room in an inn. However this room had two doors on different walls, across from each other. "Where are we?"

"We are in one of Treize's guest rooms." Heero spoke up.

"What?" Duo frowned, the last time he remembered that he was falling. He had heard Heero calling for him before he blacked out.

"I beat the man and all his guards." Heero answered calmly. "We are safe now. That man doesn't dare to disturb us."

Duo blinked. He felt something wasn't right. It seemed too easy. "Have you asked him about Quinze?"

"Quinze?" Heero looked confused.

Duo frowned. Heero would never forget something as vital as that. <<Heero, are you okay?>>

<<Duo! Where are you!!!>>

Duo blinked in surprise as Heero's telepathic answer sounded so panicked while the boy in front of him only looked at him in concern. . "Duo, are you okay?"

<<Duo! Answer me!>>

"Heero..." Duo was confused. Heero was right in front of him, but yet his telepathic voice seemed so lost. <<Heero, I'm here with you.>>

<<What? Impossible. I'm fighting with Zechs, right now.>>

"WHAT???" Duo was so surprised that he said it out loud. No way, if Heero was fighting with Zechs, then who was sitting in front of him right now? A doppleganger?

"Duo, what happened? Why did you shout like that?" Duo looked at Heero who seemed so concern with him. <<Heero, are you sure you are not sitting in front of me now?>>

<<What? I even don't know where you are so how can I sit with you!>>

Duo suddenly jumped as a hand touched his arm and stood up, moving as far as he could from the stranger on his bed. "Duo, what's up?" Heero or whoever was sitting in front of him seemed to be confused.

"You are not my Heero." Duo growled and grabbed an abandoned stick near the door as his weapon.

The Heero-look-a-like seemed surprised.


"Who are you?" Duo held the stick, ready to attack the doppleganger. <<I have some business here. I'll call you later.>>

<<Okay... be careful.>>

<<You too.>>

"I never imagined you would know your pet so well." Duo was stunned when he heard the voice that came from Heero's double. It was not Heero's voice. It was heavier. And suddenly Duo realized Treize Kushrenada had replaced the doppleganger.

"So it's you." Duo growled. "What do you want?"

"Simple." Treize smiled. "I want you to open the way to your world."

"My world??" Duo asked in surprise.

"Yes, your world. The world where Shinigami came from."

"What in the hell do you want with my world? Not that I know how open a way for you to go there" Duo snorted. He knew it was most likely possible to go back to his world using his teleportation ability, but he dared not use it. The price was too high. He could lose Heero.

"Quinze foretold that your world have advanced technology that created so many deadly weapons. I want all those weapons."

Duo's eyes narrowed. He still remembered how his world lost its blue sky and green plants because of mass weapon production in every town and city. He wouldn't make Heero's world like his world. "And what will you do with those weapons?"

Treize looked at him as if the answer was obvious. "To conquer this world and then your world as well. I'm strong, but not strong enough to conquer the world. With those weapons and my power, I can build the strongest army anyone has ever seen."

"Dream on pal." Duo snorted. "You can't go to my world. And even if you could force me for an answer, I don't know it."

"Ah, don't worry about that. I know the answer." Treize smiled reassuringly which didn't reassure Duo at all.


"It's all foretold in prophecy."

"WHAT??" Duo was sure his eyes were as big as saucers.

"You are looking for Quinze to find the rest of the prophecy, right? Since dead people can't talk anymore, let me tell you then." Treize took a breath. "Out of the starlight, when the world is on the edge of destruction, the Shinigami shall step into this world and claim his Perfect Soldier, whose Power can destroy one kingdom alone within second. It's the Power, which has both dark and light side with it. Shall he choose to use the light side, together they will banish the evil and darkness enslaving peoples, opening a brave new world, with peace and contentment. But shall he choose to use the dark side, Shinigami shall kill him and use his blood to go back into the starlight, leaving this world in destruction."

Duo's blood went cold as he heard the complete prophecy.


Heero, at that time, was dodging Zechs' kick. Both of their swords had long gone, crumbling into tiny pieces after hundreds of collusions with each other. He was surprised when he found Zechs' Power had increased tenfold, making it difficult for him to beat him in short time and he was really worried about Duo.

"What are you thinking?" Zechs shouted in rage. All his attacks were perfectly blocked by this boy and this boy even hadn't been completely serious. "You better think about your almost ended life!!" The blonde man jumped up high and released hundreds of fireballs to Heero, who was still standing on the ground. Soon the floor was covered with fire and the boy was no where to be seen. Zechs reached up and planted his hand on the wall, supporting himself on the wall like a spider and looked at the burning ground in satisfaction. This time, the boy was really dead for sure.

But then to his surprise, the blonde man watched as a silver longhaired boy emerged from the fire. He had very light blue eyes, long fangs, and pointed ears and his sharp nailed hands glowed in blue. Zechs was very surprised and reacted too late to block the attack from the mysterious boy as the double lightning balls hit him. The room glowed in blue as a very painful scream echoed through the room. When the blue light disappeared, the fire had gone out, leaving the mysterious boy standing in the middle of the room. Zechs was nowhere in sight.


"No way!" Duo spat furiously. "There's no way I will do that! I won't kill Heero and I will never ever go back to my world! I won't let you make this world in chaos!"

"You love your pet so much, huh?"

"He is not my pet! He is my koi! My lover!" Duo glared at the unaffected man in front of him.

"Too bad then. I wanted to do it the easy way, but it seems you don't want to cooperate so I will have to use the hard way." Treize looked at him sharply and Duo found himself stilled where he stood. He tried to move but nothing happened to him. His body wouldn't budge any millimeters. "It's useless to struggle. I have the power to control human's body as I like. The power of Manipulation."

Duo glared at the man while at the same time he contacted his lover telepathically. <<Heero! I'm paralyzed. Treize had me.>>

The silver haired boy in the other room looked around. <<Duo.....hold...on>> The boy released fireballs onto one wall and found they had no effects on the wall. He tried on the other walls but it was all the same. It looked like someone had put barrier on the wall. The boy roared in anger and used his full Power to attack the wall, but the wall once again stood still.

<<Heero?? Heero, what's wrong??>>

<<Need... more.... power....>> The silver haired boy growled and fell down on all his fours. <<Power... more power...>> As the boy trembled, his body began to change. The walls shook as the boy's skin became dark and a horn appeared at his forehead. His hands and feet became talon and his tunic was shredded as his body was covered with scales, leaving him in his black pants only. The air around him cracked as greater Power unleashed. Suddenly the boy arched up, letting out a loud roar as a pair of bat wings emerged from his back and sent the Power around him blasted the walls in four directions.

Duo heard the sound of explosion and felt very worried about his short haired lover. He couldn't move any muscles since Treize still held him immobile. The man had said nothing and just looked at him, as if waiting for something. From the telepathic answer he received, Duo knew Heero was not fully himself. It felt similar to the time when he got kidnapped by Tsubarov.... When he saw Heero's monster form .....

"Lord Treize!" Une entered the room where Duo and Treize were, panting and sweating. "The Perfect Soldier has reached his full form and broke my barrier. He is heading here."

"Good. "Treize stood up and looked at Duo. He then walked to the other door and to Duo's horror, his petrified body moved and followed the man. He was about to shout in panicked when his body brought him into the room where Treize had disappeared into. His eyes would have widened if they could as he acknowledged the room's decoration. It was made from stone. Some manacles were attached to one side of the wall and the other wall held various weapons. It seemed like a torture room for him. Duo felt a very bad feeling as his body walked to the middle of room where Treize was standing. What was this man's intention?

Suddenly the door where he had come from was blown into pieces, destroying the wall around it as well. Duo watched as a dark creature with white hair flew into the room, flexing his big bat wings. Behind the creature, Une was lying with her neck bent in odd angle.

Heero had killed her.

"The time has come to open your world, Shinigami." Treize's voice filled the room and Duo found himself moving toward where Heero had landed. The braided boy suddenly got a glimpse of what Treize wanted him to do and that made his heart stop.

<<Heero! Run!!!>>

The now white haired boy looked at the approaching person, ready to strike when his clouded mind registered who the person was. "Du...o" His voice was harsh and very low. He watched as the person stopped in front of him. It was Duo, the person he loved so much. Why did he ask him to run? He wouldn't run if Duo wasn't coming with him.

<<No! Run!! Leave me here, Heero>>

"Du.. o" Heero reached out for his braided lover, wanting to hold him, but suddenly Duo moved very fast. A pain shot through his abdomen, causing Heero to gasp loudly and in reflex, shoving his attacker away from him.

<<No! No! No!!!>> Duo screamed as his right hand buried the concealed dagger from his boot into Heero's midsection. He had hurt Heero! Treize had made him hurt the one he most loved. Heero quickly shoved him away, but it only added his own pain since Duo's hand still held the dagger tightly. The braided boy felt his tears were about to burst when he heard Heero gasped in pain again as the dagger moved in his stomach before being pulled away, making a horizontal gap on his stomach. Blood poured out from the wound, making Heero feel weak and fall down on his knees.

Duo's traitorous body wobbled from the pushing force it received but then it managed to balance itself. <<HEERO!!>> The braided boy screamed in his free mind as his eyes fell on Heero's fallen body. His bat wings fluttered slightly, signaling he was in pain. Duo was hoping that Heero's healing ability would work soon and close the wound, but the blood seemed to flow continuously, giving no sign to stop at near time.

Duo was close to hysterical as he watched Heero's blood pooled on the floor. Damn! Couldn't the healing ability work faster?? The braided boy prayed and felt slightly happy when Heero's wound started to close. But suddenly his traitorous body moved again. This time, it grabbed a sword from the wall. <<No...No nononononono!!!>> Duo watched as he approached Heero's kneeling figure. <<Heero!! RUN!!!! LEAVE ME!!!!>>

He moved around and stood behind Heero, raising his sword. <<NO!! OH GOD, HEERO, MOVE, GET AWAY FROM HERE!!!>> Duo tried to struggle and shout, but failed. Treize's control even prevented him from teleporting himself out of the castle. <<NO! HEERO! RUN!!>>

Between his pains, Heero heard Duo's shouts. Move? Duo wanted him to move? Heero tried to get his hands and feet worked but before he could drag his wounded body, another pain shoot from his back. Heero screamed and arched his back as he felt a part of him was ripped apart forcefully.

<<NOOOOOOOO!!!>> Duo shouted in agony and felt his tears rolling down, blurring his eyes and making it difficult to see the thing in his hand. Although his eyes couldn't see the thing, Duo knew what was in his hand. It was a bat wing. He had fucking ripped Heero's wing!!! He heard Heero screaming in pain and felt his heart wrenched. However, before he was drown in his misery, Duo felt his body move again, lifting his armed hand. <<NO!! OH GOD, PLEASE STOP!!! HEERO RUN!!!>> Duo shouted desperately. He tried to struggle and teleport again, but his body didn't obey him. All he could hear was Heero's scream as his hand swung the sword, cutting his lover's other wing off.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Treize was surprised when Shinigami suddenly shouted in desperation and agony. He felt his control over the braided boy begin to unravel. It wasn't good. He needed to get more of the Perfect Soldier's blood quickly. The ginger haired man was silently grateful that his dead brother had foreseen how make a door to Shinigami's world, a door which happened to be a pool of Perfect Soldier's blood in his monster form, the effect of the dark side he chose.

Duo felt his heart stabbed by thousand needles as he watched his lover bleeding and whimpering in pain before him. Although Duo could shout, he still couldn't move his body. His tears were flowing down rapidly as his traitorous body threw Heero's bat wing as if it was a thrash. He never hated himself more than this time. Heero was in pain and he could do nothing to help him. He was even the one who hurt him!!

Duo couldn't dwell in his self hatred too long as suddenly some hands lifted up Heero's limp and bloody body. He then realized Treize had called some men to assist him. "What are you doing?! STAY AWAY FROM HIM, BASTARD! I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!" The men didn't seem to acknowledge or hear him. Their eyes were blank and Duo realized they were controlled by Treize just like the man controlled him. Duo growled and turned his head to the man in charge, who still stood in the middle of the room. Treize would pay for this. Duo swore Treize would pay it with his life!

Noting Shinigami slowly regained his control over his own body, Treize used his remaining control over Duo's body to drove the sword into Heero's thighs and arms, creating a gap for blood to flow out faster. "Bastard! You aren't human!" Duo watched enrage and in the pain at the same time as his lover's blood flew onto the floor. He still could hear Heero's weak whimper as the blood flowed out from him. "Stop! You're killing him!!! Treize, you bastard!! STOP IT!!!" Duo spat furiously, but Treize paid no attention to him. <<Heero! Answer me!>>

The shorthaired boy somehow had turned half normal. His horn was gone and his skin was lighter. His hands and feet had returned normal, but his hair was still long and white. No, not white, Heero's hair was now red, coated in his own blood. <<Du...o..>> Heero whimpered in pains. He felt his life slipping away as his blood flew out of the gaps all over his body. He heard Duo screaming and lifted his bowed head to see tears strained face of his beloved. <<Du...o..... ko..i>>

<<Heero! Don't leave me!! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!!!>> Duo was panicked and at the same time was happy that Heero was still able to answer him.

Heero grunted and released his Power, sending all the men around him, save Duo, into the wall, so hard they blacked out. However the blood had taken almost all of his energy and left him in weak condition. He even didn't have energy left to prevent himself from falling down back into the pool of his blood.

Treize noticed the Perfect Soldier had returned fully to his human form. His hair was short and brown, coated with blood. His fangs and pointed ears had long gone. He pulled the dying boy off from the pool of blood he had created by the hair and threw him to one corner of the room. He then looked back at the pool the boy had made and felt excited as the pool started to glow. The door had started to open, the door to enter the Shinigami's world.

<<Heero!! Heero!!!!>> Duo used his now free arms to drag his lower body closer to where Heero was thrown. His vision was blurred by his tears, but it wasn't enough to totally make the sight of his lover unnoticeable. Heero was lying on his side, facing Duo. The short haired boy only had his torn spandex on him and almost all of his body coated with blood and wounds. His Prussian blue eyes were closed. He was so still and his skin was white because the loss of the blood. Duo sobbed and felt his tears flow more rapidly. Heero wouldn't die! Heero wouldn't leave him alone!

"Heero..." As he arrived next to Heero's slump body, Duo gathered his silent koi into his arms. "Open your eyes.... Please.... Don't leave me..." Duo caressed Heero's blood caked face, but there was no answer or movement coming from the once strong boy.

"He is dead, Shinigami. Don't bother." Duo's head snapped up to Treize, giving the man the look that promised death for him. Treize just chuckled. Without his Perfect Soldier, Shinigami was just a normal boy. He had nothing to worry.

"As it was told in the prophecy, the Perfect Soldier's blood has made a door to your world." Treize looked at the glowing pool for a second before looking back at the enraged boy. "Quinze always told me that no one would gain the advantage from the Perfect Soldier if he chose the dark side. However, I'll prove he was wrong. I'll replace you and go back into the starlight, collecting the great weapons. I'll get so many advantages and soon be the new ruler of both worlds."

Duo glared in full hatred to the animal wearing human skin in front of him. "Fuck you! Fuck the prophecy! You will get nothing from it!" Duo really hated the prophecy. The misinterpretation of it had made the greedy peoples torture his Heero. Fuck the prophecy, Duo spat silently. It only contained pretty words that concealed the ugly meaning behind them! Fucking dark side, stupid starlight which was .... ... ...... Duo suddenly blinked as he realized another meaning from the prophecy. A very tricky and twisted meaning of it.

Too drown in his excitement and too smug in his success, Treize didn't realize the change of expression on the braided boy. He looked back at the glowing pool. Finally, he would get what he wanted. Treize was really excited as he stepped in the pool and felt he slowly sinking into it. He looked at the glowering boy and smirked. "If you're smart, you'll leave this palace before I come back. I let you live so you can witness how wrong you are."

Duo didn't answer and just glared coldly to the man, hugging his stilled koi tighter in his arms. He waited till only Treize's head visible over the pool and opened his mouth. "I'm not wrong and Quinze isn't wrong either. You'll get nothing from this. Send my regard to your brother if you ever meet him on the other side."

Treize was surprised with the words, but before he could reply, he had completely sunk into the pool. Closing his eyes to protect them from the liquid around him, Treize felt he was floating away for some moments, giving him time to think about Duo's words. But then he quickly decided that Duo was only trying to make him afraid. He wouldn't buy the boy's bluffing. He felt the liquid disappeared and his feet then touched the ground. Treize smiled, slowly opening his eyes to see Shinigami's world, but all he could see was a very big cylinder with blunt tip heading to him. That was when he realized Duo was not bluffing and screamed loudly at the last second of his life.

Duo watched as the pool suddenly got brighter and the building began to shake. Surprisingly, he could hear Treize's scream came out from the pool and smirked coldly. Treize had replaced him and went back into the starlight, into the missile's impact that sent him to Heero's world. He was supposed to have died in the explosion, but it seemed Treize had replaced him for that. The shaking building and pool that went greater made Duo realize the meaning of the last paragraph of the prophecy.

It looked like the impact of the missile entered Heero's world through the pool. In his world, the explosion could be reduced by the automatic barriers, so it would only destroy some houses near where the missile landed. But in this world, the explosion would likely destroy half of the world, leaving nothing but destruction for the people in this world.

The pool became brighter and the building shook violently, causing some pieces of ceiling fall down. Panic sounds and screaming could be heard around the palace. However, Duo didn't care. He realized it was too late to do anything though he had gotten free from Treize's manipulation. His teleportation ability couldn't reach the place half of the world away from here.

Smiling sadly, Duo looked down to his shorthaired lover, who never stirred awake after being thrown away by Treize. "I won't leave you." Duo murmured slowly as he caressed Heero's cheek. "As I have promised, no matter what happened, I will never leave you. Dead or alive, we will always be together." Duo kissed his koi's lips gently and lightly. Pulling away, he noticed the missile's explosion would reach their place in a few seconds. Still smiling, he looked at his mate's face and whispered with love and passion "I love you, Heero Yuy."

That was when he saw a pair of Prussian blue orbs opened and looked straight to him.


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