From Far Away Part 21

Catherine and Dorothy stood in front of the bar. "Where are they?" Catherine looked impatiently at the street but no signs of the boys. Suddenly two figures appeared right before them. The girls blinked in surprise as they saw Duo and Heero standing in front of them. Catherine did a double take at Heero, who was standing next to Duo and had the violet eyed boy's braid in his hand. He looked so different in his warrior robe and his face betrayed none of his feelings, nothing like the frightened boy she saw clinging onto Duo an hour ago.

"Right on time, ne?" Duo grinned. "Are we ready to go?"

"Hm, yeah. The caravan is behind the bar." Catherine gestured to the back, staring wide-eyed at the boys.

"Okay, we'll put our stuff there." Duo grinned and disappeared, taking Heero with him. He didn't hesitate to use his new Power openly. As Heero had pointed out from the beginning, it wasn't unusual for a few people in this world to possess different kinds of Power and feel free to use it in front of the others.

After the boys disappeared, silence fell between the girls until Dorothy finally spoke. "Cathy, I think we have hired one hell of a team of bodyguards."

Catherine could only nod.


Capital of OZ

In the palace garden, a tall blond man stood in front of a rock that was twice his height while a ginger haired man looked at him from the second floor window of the palace.

"Our spy said the Perfect Soldier would arrive here within a week, Lord Treize." A woman standing behind the ginger haired man spoke up.

"Thank you, Une." Treize smiled, still watching the blond man as he unsheathed his sword and cut the big rock into small pieces easily.

Une followed Treize's gaze. "Do you think he can beat the Perfect Soldier?"

"Not a chance."

Une gasped in surprise. "Excuse me my Lord, but why did you give him additional Power to make him stronger then?"

Treize smirked. "I intend for Zechs to simply stall the Perfect Soldier while I steal the Shinigami."


Duo watched as Heero put their stuff in the last wagon of the caravan, all the while holding onto Duo's braid like a lifeline. There were three wagons they had to guard and they occupied the last wagon, together with Dekim, the cook Catherine had found after asking them to be the caravan's bodyguards.

When Heero finished unpacking, Duo touched the messy haired boy and teleported them onto the roof of the bar to finish the conversation they had been putting off

<<Duo?>> Heero looked at the braided boy as Duo sat down, pulling him down as well and sitting him on his lap.

<<Ne Heero, I have promised not to leave you, haven't I?>> Duo looked straight into Heero's Prussian eyes, putting his arms around the short haired boy's waist.


<< Have I ever broken any of my promises before?>>


<<Then have faith in me, koi.>> Duo kissed his lover gently. << I don't have any place to call home, in this world or my own, except for with you, koi. You are my home, Heero.>>

Heero looked for a long time at Duo before nodding and hugging the braided boy. "I trust you." Feeling the need to say it out loud, Heero was glad to notice how calm his own voice was. Duo would not leave him. He was sure of that. "I trust you not to leave me, koi."

"Damn right! I can't live without you." Duo hugged back and rested his chin on Heero's shoulder. <<Not even death can separate us, koi.>>


They stayed in silence, feeling contented being in each other's arms until they heard Catherine calling for them. "Heero, Duo, where are you? We will depart in a minute!"

Both of the boys let out a muffled sigh and broke their embrace. <<Time to work, I guess.>>

Heero nodded and stood up, forcing Duo to stand up also since his braid was still held captive by his lover. <<Hey, you know you can let go of my braid now, Hee-chan?>>

<<I know.>>

Duo waited, but Heero made no move to release his braid. He looked at Heero and caught the teasing glint in the blue orbs. <<You know, Heero? I think you have fallen in love with my braid rather than me.>> Duo faked a sigh.

His only answer was a telepathic snort. Duo chuckled and teleported them back onto the ground, right in front of Catherine, causing the poor girl to almost have a heart attack.


The caravan departed and went through the first day without trouble, except for a small group of bandits who were wiped out easily by Heero. Catherine and Dorothy stared dumbfoundedly as the boy treated the bandits like mere toys and felt somehow lucky that the boy didn't do anything more to them than burned their hair in the past.

Night came and they camped in a rather secluded area, making a circle around the bonfire while waiting for Dekim, the cook, to prepare their dinner.

"Man, that old man is sure slow in making dinner." Duo mumbled and heard his stomach growl for the fifth time.

"You're the one with an insatiable stomach." Heero, who sat next to him, snorted and stood up. "I'm going to take a walk."

<<Where are you going, Hee-chan?>> Duo looked at Heero as he walked away from the circle into the near forest.

<<Checking the surrounding area and looking for your additional food. I know you'll still be hungry after dinner.>> Heero replied and disappeared into the forest before Duo had a chance to make a face.

"So Duo, how can you teleport without Sagittarius?" Dorothy asked the braided boy curiously.

Duo looked at the blond girl in surprise. "What?"

"Teleportation. The Power to move to a different place in a blink is called teleportation." Catherine answered.

"I know that. I'm just surprised that you know the name of my Power since Heero doesn't know about it. And what is it about Sagittarius?" Duo asked in bewilderment

"Oh, the word is taken from our tribe's ancient language. Only a few people know about the word." Dorothy explained. "As for Sagittarius, it's a name of an animal which gives the teleportation Power to its owner."

"Sagittarius......." Duo was somehow reminded about the first day he came to this world. He remembered Heero had beaten a man who can teleport and had a rat like animal on his shoulder. He described the animal to the two girls.

"Yes, that's how Sagittarius looks." Catherine nodded. "How did you know about it?"

"I once saw a man using it." Duo answered and mused over Dorothy's earlier answer. "So the word teleportation came from your ancient language ..... is there any of you who can speak this ancient language?"

Dorothy shook her head. "It has been centuries, Duo. We only know some words of it."

Duo wanted to ask more, but was distracted by Dekim who announced the dinner was ready. It seemed his hunger was stronger than his curiosity. <<Hee-chan, you better come back now or there won't be any dinner left for you.>>

<<Do it and you sleep with the horses.>>

<< Well, I don't have any problems with that. I can't screw you in the wagon since that old man Dekim is sleeping with us.>>

<<Is sex all you think of?>>

<<Uh huh.... Sex with a virgin lover, to be honest.>>

<<Omae o korosu.>>

<<Love you....too..... Hee.....>>

<<Duo?....... Duo? What happened? ..........>> Heero got a bad feeling when he heard no replies from his braided lover. He ran as fast as he could while he kept calling for Duo. <<Duo! Answer me!>>

The scene that greeted Heero when he arrived at the camping area only made him more worried. He saw everyone sprawled unconscious on the ground and ran his eyes worriedly over them to find his braided lover.

"You're looking for him?" Heero turned to the right where the voice came from and saw an unconscious Duo tied to a wagon wheel with Dekim holding a knife to his throat. "Don't move."

Heero hissed, not moving from where he was standing. "What did you do to them all?"

"I put some sleeping herbs in the dinner." Dekim grinned. "You better obey me if you want this boy to remain alive." The old man pressed the knife a little deeper to make his point.

"Don't hurt him." Heero growled angrily, wanting to tear the old man into pieces.

"Take the rope in the caravan and tie up the rest of them." Dekim gestured to the other unconscious figures.

Heero gritted his teeth and did as Dekim ordered, not wanting to risk Duo's safety. After he finished tying the last person, he turned back to face Dekim. "Why did you do this?"

Dekim laughed. "To get their money of course silly boy, what else? I had planned to put all of you to sleep with the dinner, but you left before it was ready. It's okay anyway since I had changed my plan once I saw how you have beaten those thieves easily."


"Not interested in my change of plans? Well, I doubt you will be since I decided you are too strong to be left to live." Dekim saw the boy's face hardened at his words.


Duo stirred and heard someone talking near him.

"Retrieve the black bottle near the bonfire, boy."

Whose voice was that? Duo tried to move and realized something held him immobile.

"Drink it, boy."

The braided boy found it was hard to think and his eyes felt too heavy to open. He tried to remember what happened. They were having dinner and then he'd felt sleepy and saw the others slump onto the ground.

"Drink it now or this boy will die!"

Something cold pressed against his throat at the same time as Duo recognized the voice and understood what had happened. Dekim had put something in their dinner!! His eyes flew opened at the realization and saw Heero drink from the black bottle. His lover then dropped the bottle onto the ground and wobbled. "Heero!"

Duo watched as Heero's head snapped up at his shout and for a second their eyes met before Heero hit the ground loudly and became as still as a rock. "HEERO!"

"Don't bother to call him, boy."

Duo turned to his right and saw Dekim smirking at him. "What did you tell him to drink?" He snapped at the old man.

" A strong poison that can kill a person within seconds. Your lover is dead, boy." Dekim smirked as he watched the braided boy widened his eyes in shock. "It looks like he really loved you, he was willing to drink the poison even though he knew it would kill him."

The old man waited for the boy to curse, shout, or cry, but the boy only looked at his dead lover blankly. However the silence was broken a few seconds later as Duo roared furiously. Dekim jumped back from Duo at the furious roar the boy made.

Duo didn't think. He had stopped thinking once he'd heard Heero was dead. His mind was numbed and his body acted on automatic. Roaring in despair and anger, he teleported to free himself from the rope and reappeared in front of Dekim, throwing punches at the old man. Dekim had no time to dodge the punches because he was caught off guard by Duo's Power. The braided boy was so in rage and drowning in sadness that he forgot to try contacting his sprawling lover telepathically to confirm Dekim's words

Duo kept punching, not aware of his surrounding. The only thing he heard was the sound of his fist meeting with random parts of Dekim's body. He didn't notice the movement behind him. The only thing his mind and body agreed to do was punch and punch.

Then a pair of arms came from behind him, hugging him and pulling him from the battered Dekim. Duo was ready to struggle when he heard a familiar voice murmur near his ear.

"I'm not dead yet, koi."

Duo froze. That voice... it was ....

<<I'm still alive, Duo.>>The arms tightened around his waist.

Heero! Duo turned around and saw his short haired lover smiling reassuringly at him. <<Heero! how... I thought were..... >>

<<Poisons have no effect on me, koi. I just pretended to be dead and waited for a chance to beat Dekim, but you got to him first>>

Duo blinked and remembered about Meiran and Libra. <<I remember now. I once dreamt about that bastard J forcing poisons upon poisons on you and letting you suffer....... >>

<<Don't think about it, Duo. I'm okay now. We still have work to do.>>

Suddenly, Duo realized where he was. He looked around to see the others were still out cold and then turned to Dekim only to find the battered old man unconscious, which was no wonder considering the force and number of punches he'd given to him. Duo went to awaken and free the others while Heero tied Dekim up.


Later that night, Duo flung his tired body inside his wagon. Once Catherine and the others had been freed, he had told them what had happened, skipping the part where Dekim forced Heero to drink poison, of course. He left them silently when they decided what to do with Dekim and went into his wagon, wanting to be alone for a moment.

He let his mind wander to the past, thinking about the first time he met Heero and the days they traveled together. Drowning in his memories, Duo didn't realize someone has entered the wagon, until he felt the person sit next to him. He didn't need to look up to know who the person was. The way he caressed his hair had been too familiar for him. <<Finished with the discussion, koi?>>

<<Aa, they decided to dump Dekim into jail at the first town they will pass by tomorrow.>>

<<Good idea.>> Duo sat up and found himself being offered a plate of roasted meat.

<<Delayed dinner>> Heero answered Duo's unspoken question.

<<Who cooked it?>> Duo eyed the dinner Heero held suspiciously and heard a muffled chuckle from his lover.

<<It's okay. No poison in there. I made it.>>

<<Oh?>> Duo took one piece of the meat and looked at his short haired lover. <<I take it that you made it for the others too?>>

<<Of course not. They'd all lost their appetite and decided to go straight to bed.>> Heero watched as Duo chewed the meat.

<<How about you?>>

<<Huh?>> Heero looked at his braided lover in confusion.

<<Have you had dinner?>>

Heero shook his head. <<Not hungry.>> And he soon found a piece of meat being shoved in front of his face.


<<Huh?>> Heero looked at Duo and noticed the seriousness in those violet eyes.

"Eat it, Heero." Duo's voice was deadly serious, stunning Heero. He opened his mouth to ask what was wrong, only to have the meat shoved into his mouth. "Eat, Heero."

With a piece of meat in his mouth, Heero could do nothing but comply. He chewed the meat and swallowed it, only to find another piece being held up in front of him. "Du...hmmph." The meat was shoved into his mouth, leaving Heero to chew and swallow that piece as well. It was the same when he tried to speak again, so Heero resigned himself to his fate, chewing and swallowing the offered meat. He tried to take the offered meat with his hand, only to have it shoved away by Duo.

"Just eat it, Heero." Duo's voice held no argument in it so Heero sat there and ate the meat Duo shoved into his mouth piece by piece, looking questioningly at the violet eyes before him the whole time. But Duo gave no answer and kept feeding his lover, making sure another piece was ready to be shoved in once Heero swallowed the previous one.

Heero noticed he had eaten half of the pieces on the plate and tried to snap his lover out of his strange behavior. <<Duo, I made the dinner for you....>>

Duo didn't answer, but he took a piece and shoved it in his own mouth, while still feeding Heero. They shared the rest of the pieces of the meat together in silence. Heero didn't understand why Duo did this, but he had a feeling he would know once they finished the meal.

Finally the plate was empty. Heero watched as Duo set aside the plate and looked at him for a long time. Heero looked back in confusion, not knowing what was wrong with his braided lover. He watched as Duo reached up and caressed his cheek. "Duo?" His question came in a whisper as he registered how careful and gentle Duo's fingers ran over his cheek as if caressing something that could break at any moment.

Still not answering, Duo pushed his short haired lover to lie back and crawled over him. Heero just lay still and watched as Duo bent down, closing his eyes as he felt Duo's lips on him. He noted that the kiss was different from the usual ones Duo had given him. This kiss felt like Duo wanted reassurance and proof of something he couldn't place his finger on. Heero felt his braided lover rest all his weight on him as if keeping him from escaping or flying away.

He was left panting when Duo finally pulled away from the kiss. He felt Duo straddle him and looked up to see the braided boy pulling off his clothes quickly. Once naked, Duo proceeded to strip Heero as fast as he could, batting away Heero's hands every time the boy tried to help him. Finally naked, Heero found himself being kissed from head to toe and moaned loudly in pleasure. Duo kissed and worshipped every part of him as if wanting to ensure every part of him was okay.

The braided boy gazed at Heero's face as he slowly caressed Heero's cheek with the back of his fingers, grazing the short haired boy's cheekbone and barely touching his temple with the tips of his fingers as he stared into Heero's blue eyes, searching and asking.

During the ministrations Duo did on him, Heero finally began to understand why Duo did this and thus submitted completely to Duo, letting Duo do what he wanted to do. Staring straight into the searching violet eyes, Heero reached up and touched Duo's hand, entwining their fingers together. He watched as Duo licked his suddenly dried lips and watched as those delicate lips murmured his name. He kissed their entwined hands, then released his hand from the intimate grasp and held it by his side, offering himself to Duo. No word was needed, as his action had spoken louder than words of his trust and of his answering permission to Duo's silent request for control, Duo kissed him gratefully and resumed his ministrations on him.

It felt like hours had passed as Duo caressed and kissed the short haired boy repeatedly. He knew he was torturing his lover with the ministrations he did but he couldn't help it. He needed to touch and kiss every part of Heero to ensure himself. Finally satisfied, Duo prepared Heero slowly and patiently before sliding inside the welcoming warmth only he had ever been in. Once buried to the hilt, Duo stilled and dropped his weight completely onto Heero, feeling the boy's chest rise up and down beneath him. He could also feel Heero's heartbeat racing together with his own, a clear sign that they're both alive.

Heero tried to lie as still as he could. It was difficult to do since all he wanted was for Duo to move. But he knew how it was important to let Duo do whatever he wanted this time, so Heero held still and closed his eyes, concentrating on how good being filled by Duo was. Time passed, then he felt his legs being grabbed and placed around Duo's waist, so he held them there, hugging his lover tightly.

Duo buried his head next to Heero's, inhaling his lover's scent and caressing the delicate earlobe with his tongue. He could feel Heero's inner muscles clamping him almost painfully as the boy's healing ability started to work. He rose a little and let himself feel the slight pain before doing a few small thrusts to loosen Heero again before resting his weight on Heero once more. His short haired lover was panting in need to be taken and Duo was fully aware of the trapped flesh between them digging into his belly, but Duo made no move. Instead, he murmured, "Please... let me stay like this a little longer, koi."

Heero's answer was the tightening of his legs around Duo's waist. He would let Duo stay still in him as long as he wanted. The braided boy only moved when his healing ability started working, making small thrusts into him to loosen him again before stilling deep inside him. The braided boy repeated this for some time, and Heero let him.

Finally feeling reassured, Duo started rocking, sliding in and out of his lover's warmth. He did it slowly and gently, savoring everything, each time he slid inside and withdrew from his lover. Heero's moan made him thrust faster into the boy. When he felt Heero tense, Duo pulled away completely from his lover and took his lover's need into his mouth.

Heero cried out in pleasure at the sudden warmth enveloping him. He lost control and came straight into Duo's waiting mouth. The braided boy swallowed all his come and dried his lover before releasing the softened flesh. Without giving time for Heero to take a breath, Duo slammed back into his lover, causing the short haired boy to gasp in surprise at the sudden penetration.

Duo slammed wildly into his sated lover, wanting to be deeper inside him. Harder. Deeper. Faster. He thrust and slammed into Heero's warmth over and over, not wanting it to end. "Duo..." The soft gentle voice made Duo look at the speaker and found a reassuring smile on his lover's face.

<<Let it go, Duo.>> Heero tightened his inner muscles around Duo. <<Let it go.>>

<<Heero!>> Duo let out a hoarse cry and slammed into his lover, filling him with his passions. He kept thrusting while emptying himself, feeling drained and also contented. Finally spent, Duo plopped down onto Heero and smiled as Heero hugged him, welcoming him back.

Heero caressed Duo's hair, which had come undone from the braid, while waiting for Duo to breathe normally, feeling Duo soften inside him. <<Feeling better?>>

Duo didn't move but Heero could feel soft kisses on his shoulder. <<I thought I lost you back then......>>

<<Gomen, koi..... >>

<<I can't live without you, Heero. I knew I would have killed myself after I killed that old man if you haven't stopped me.>>

<<Duo........ >>

<<For once, I am grateful you're the Perfect Soldier. If you weren't, you would have died by the poison.>> Duo yawned, feeling his eyes heavy but he didn't want to sleep.

<<.......... Sleep Duo. I won't die.>>


<<You have to trust me like I trust you to not disappear.>>

<<yeah... I trust you.>> Duo yawned again. <<Oyasumi..., Heero>>


It only took a matter of seconds for Heero to hear the steady snore from his lover. Feeling his passage contracting and returning to normal, he slowly pulled his braided lover out of him and covered him with the blanket. He stood up and noticed Duo's seed didn't leak out from him. It seemed his muscles had healed completely and became tight once again, keeping Duo's release inside him. Heero let out a small smile while putting his clothes back on, feeling happy to have a part of Duo inside him.

"Ne Duo..." Fully clothed, Heero knelt and murmured at his slumbering lover. "Even if I die you won't lose me. I love you too much to leave you. Like you said once to me.... No matter what will happen, I'll always be at your side. Dead or live." After placing a kiss on Duo's forehead, Heero walked out of the wagon, intending to guard the caravan till morning.


Heero stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the telepathic whisper, then he smiled and resumed walking. <<Aishiteru, Duo. Now go to sleep. Real sleep.>>

<<Aa...oyasumi for real this time.>>

<<Oyasumi, koi>>

Heero sat near the bonfire and looked into it, lost in his thoughts. He contemplated about the words Duo said to him about being the Perfect Soldier. Duo felt grateful..... Did he feel grateful too for having the ultimate Power? It was because of it that his mother hated him, J trained him cruelly, and the villagers looked at him in fear. But then, why didn't the others, who had seen his Power, treat him like the people did in his past? Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Relena, Hilde, Sally, and Noin were surprised and shocked with his true identity, but then he didn't see fear or anger, or even hatred in their eyes. They still thought of him as a friend. Alex Mueller knew about them, but he wasn't afraid and even thanked them. Dorothy and Catherine knew about his Power, but they didn't stay away from him. They still hired him and smiled at him.

And most of all was Duo. Duo saw him in his monster form, but he didn't show any disgusts. Duo even kissed him while he was in his monster form. Heero traced his memories of his past. The past he always refused to remember. But then again, if he weren't the Perfect Soldier, would he even be born? If he was an ordinary child back then, would he grow up happily, playing with the other children?

Heero thought of how much his Power had helped the others. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't realize his body was glowing and then returned to normal at the time Heero heard a groan that pulled him away from his thoughts. He turned to see Dekim opened his eyes and walked toward the old man. "Finally awake?"

Dekim groaned again and widened his eyes as he saw a boy standing in front of him. The boy who should have been dead! "You're dead!"

The boy just snorted. "Too bad, you're wrong."

"No, it can't be. I saw you drank the poison!" Dekim stared in horror. "You couldn't be alive after drinking that deadly poison!"

"I am alive." The boy spoke up calmly and took the black bottle, which was left on the ground after he dropped it back then. To Dekim's surprise, the boy emptied the black bottle. He waited for the boy to collapse and die, but nothing happened. The boy stood still in front of him and smirked. "Poison can't kill the Perfect Soldier."

Dekim gone pale at the boy's statement, and then stared in horror as the boy held up the black bottle and burned it into ashes before his eyes. He was so shocked by the sudden events that he blacked out once again. He never awakened again until he was thrown into prison, where he later would rant about the Perfect Soldier being a boy, which no one believed.

Heero left the unconscious old man and looked at the wagon where Duo was sleeping, murmuring to the darkness of the night. "Someday, Duo....... Maybe I will be grateful for my Power....."


hehehhe, 2x1 lemon for part 21 (God I love that number)
It may be the last lemon before the ending, so let's move on to the battle *grins*
Hee-chan : Final battle??
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