From Far Away Part 23

Pain..... hurt ....... All his body throbbed in pain and he could feel his blood seeped out from so many holes drilled on his lifeless body.

He felt tired....

He felt sleepy.....

Maybe it was his fate to die like a monster he was......

<<Heero! Heero!!!>>

That voice..... He knew that voice...... It belonged to someone important.....

A pair of warm arms gathered his limb body, making he feel the heat of the other as he was hugged tightly. Who.......

"Heero.... Open your eyes..... Please... Don't leave me...." A hand caressed his blood soaked cheek. Duo, it was Duo..... his koi... the person he loved most....

Duo didn't want him to die.

Something wet fell on his pale face. Was Duo crying? For him?

He often wondered what Duo saw in him that Duo wanted him as his koi. He was a monster. He was cursed with his enormous Power. Wouldn't it better for Duo if he died? Duo would be free. Duo wouldn't be the Shinigami anymore. Duo could choose an ordinary person to be his koi.

He wished he was an ordinary boy. Not the scary Perfect Soldier.

But if he was an ordinary boy, would he be the Heero he was now? He might be another person, who never knew how cruel the real world could be, and most of all, he might not meet Duo. The boy who held his heart and soul, the one he loved most. Memories of his days traveling with Duo came flashing into his mind. The days with Duo were so pleasant and never boring. Duo always found topics they could talk about endlessly and sometimes they just felt contented by watching the stars or bonfire together.

How he missed those days....

If ..... If he did meet Duo as an ordinary boy, would he survive like he did now? No..... It wasn't possible for an ordinary boy to bear all he had bore.... He wouldn't make it after being attacked by groups of thieves, fighting giant spider, being held by Romefeller, being abducted by a giant bird, getting stung by a Libra Queen, being cut by Otto, and so on. No, he couldn't survive all of that if he were only an ordinary person. He might end up as Romefeller slave's or something else.

The ground he was lying on was shaking. What happened? Earthquake? No..... explosion! It was dangerous. Duo had to run or he would die!

"I won't leave you." Duo's voice penetrated his ear between the sound of falling ceiling. "As I have promised, no matter what happened, I will never leave you. Dead or alive, we will always be together."

No... not dead! Duo didn't deserve to die at his young age. He had to do something to save Duo. He had the Power. The strongest Power a human ever had. Yes, it was his Power that made him survive until now, allowing him to protect Duo. He was able to love and live with Duo until now because his Power protected both of them.

His Power...... his Power was not a bad thing. It wasn't destructive like people thought it was, instead it was proctective. He chose to use it as such. His Power wasn't bad or good. It all depended on him to use it wisely. It was him who would make the Power bad or good. It was him, the human inside this body, who would use the Power, not the Perfect Soldier. Never the Perfect Soldier. It was only a name Prophecy had given for him.

What Duo had said before? Oh yes, fuck the Prophecy.

"I love you, Heero Yuy."

Yes, he was Heero. Duo loved him as Heero Yuy. Duo loved him as who he was, not what he was. And he would prove it. He would protect Duo with his Power, not because the Perfect Soldier needed to protect Shinigami, but because he, Heero Yuy, wanted to protect the boy he loved. He would not lose to a fucking Prophecy. He would live through this.

Heero opened his eyes and saw the boy he loved. He charged his remaining Power in one point inside him with one thing in his mind.

Protecting Duo.


Bright... very bright light came from Heero.

Duo had to close his eyes as the light felt like a knife to his violet orbs. He hugged the shining boy tightly, afraid of losing him, and bent down as low as he could, protecting Heero with his body from the falling ceiling. He heard the noise cease and the ground stopped shaking as the light subsided. Duo quickly opened his eyes and widened them in surprise and shock of the sight before him.

The bloody pool had disappeared along with the explosion, and there was almost transparent barrier surrounding them, protecting them from the still falling ceiling. But those weren't the cause of Duo's surprise.

It was the white feathers before his eyes.

Feathers from a pair of angel wings on Heero's back.

Duo gasped as Heero hugged him and he felt his feet leave the ground. He was floating. He was flying! Heero's wings fluttered elegantly as they flew up, never stopping until they were high above the crumbling palace.

As they floated on the air, Duo watched the palace collapse into ruins and then they slowly descended back onto the top of the ruins. His feet finally touched the ground and Duo was about to pull away to see Heero's face when suddenly his koi slumped down. "Heero!!"

Duo quickly knelt next to the fallen boy and to his horror, he realized Heero was still bleeding from the wounds he had inflicted. Heero's angel wings had gone. Duo's own clothes had soaked with blood when Heero pasted himself on him. "Heero!" Duo frantically looked at Heero's face, wanting to check the boy and found Heero was smiling at him.

"Duo.... Koi..." A bloodied hand rose up slowly to touch Duo's cheek before falling limp on the ground.



Sank Kingdom Palace, meeting room

Relena Peacecraft sat on the head of the table and looked around her most trustful friends and guards. Sally, Hilde, and Noin sat on one side while Trowa and Quatre sat across them. Her fiancé, Chang Wufei, sat next to her. They were going to discuss about the ceasefire with OZ kingdom when suddenly out of nowhere something fell on the middle of the table.

They stood up in surprise, swords ready in their hands. As they recognized the falling thing before them, they widened their eyes in surprise. It was a braided boy they knew well.

Wufei looked in horror as how Duo was bathed in blood and then noticed the boy was sobbing and hugging something .... Someone. .....

"Duo! Heero! Oh my God, what happened to you?!" Relena's panicked voice echoed in the sudden silent room.

And all hell broke loose. Everyone frantically tried to help the bloody couple.


Warm and tender fingers caressed his forehead. Heero slowly opened his eyes and saw a pair of violet eyes looking down at him. He was lying naked on a bed with a blanket covering him while the eyes' owner, clad in black robe, was sighing in relief. "Finally you are awake."

"Duo?" Heero felt Duo's lips on his dried ones, kissing him tenderly and desperately. His memories about the battle with Treize slowly slipped back into his mind.

"I have never been so happy than at this moment to see you alive." Duo whispered when he pulled away, eyes full with unshed tears. "Don't you ever do that to me again, Heero."

"Do what?" Heero blinked.

"Suddenly falling asleep like that!" Duo almost shouted and wiped away his tears angrily. "For God's sake, I thought you were dead!! You were bleeding everwhere."

Heero remembered he felt so sleepy when he caressed Duo's cheek. "Gomen koi, I was very exhausted."

Duo sighed and then nodded understandingly. "Figured. I can see how much Power you used. You prevented the explosion, created a barrier around us and flew us out of there."

"Flew?" Heero raised one eyebrow.

"Don't you remember? You flew using your wings. A pair of white feather wings." Duo smiled.

Heero widened his eyes in surprise and disbelief. "How?"

"Well, this is just my guess. You turn into a dark creature with bat wings if you choose the dark side so it would make sense that you would turn into an angel if you choose the light side. The angel wings appeared because you chose the light side of the Power."

"Angel?" Heero was still looking at Duo in disbelief.

"An angel is a mythical creature in my world, a beautiful creature of innocence, purity, and full of love, just like you, koi."

"I'm not an angel." Heero frowned.

"Yes, you are. You're my angel." Duo kissed Heero and hugged him tightly.

Heero decided it had no point to debate with Duo and opted to melt into the kiss. When they parted, Heero noticed the day had turned to night. "Where are we?"

"We are in one of Relena's guest rooms."

"I thought we were somewhere near Treize's castle." Heero frowned, "How long have I been unconscious?"

"A couple of hours."

Heero frowned deeper. "It's impossible to travel from OZ to Sank in that short time."

"Well, you was dead to the world and I was panicked at the amount of blood you lost. The only thing in my mind at that time was getting help. I frantically thought how to get you into a healer. Sally's image flashed in my mind and the next thing I know, we are in Sank, right in front of Sally."

"How so?"

Duo shrugged. "I guess my teleport ability has improved somehow. I can teleport as far as I can and to the person I want."

Heero nodded in agreement. "Where are Relena and the others?"

"Having a meeting, I guess. I have told them everything about our battle and about the truth of the prophecy. Since that fucking Treize is dead, Relena has to decide what will happen to OZ kingdom. They will be busy for a couple of days."

"Treize is dead?" Heero blinked; he didn't remember Treize dying.

"Yeah, that bastard is dead, taking my place in my world." Duo snorted.

"Taking your place?"

"You can be a good parrot, Hee-chan." That got Duo a glare. The braided boy chuckled, feeling relaxed for the first time that day. "Yes, I'm supposed to be dead in my world. Treize took my place and died replacing me."

"How can he go to your world to replace you?"

Duo plopped down onto the bed. "It's not so important. Come on, let's sleep. It's late at night and I'm sleepy."

Heero frowned. He lay down on his side and faced Duo, locking their gaze. "I think you are hiding the facts from me."

Duo bit his lips and closed his eyes. Heero waited patiently, one hand on Duo's, kneading and encouraging his long haired lover to explain. "Tell me, Duo. I have the right to know."

Duo sighed and opened his eyes, telling Heero about the prophecy.

After Duo finished explaining, Heero was silent for some moments. The room felt so silent that it might be possible to hear a needle falling on the floor. Then Heero spoke up, surprising Duo with his words. "You are thinking that after you tell me the prophecy, I will offer you my blood so you can go back to your world, aren't you?"


"You heard me." Heero looked at Duo seriously. "Are you?"

Duo looked long at Heero before nodding hesitantly.

"Don't worry, I won't offer my blood to you." Heero smirked when Duo was surprised. "Like you said before, I have chosen the light side of the Power. My blood no longer can open the door to your world, not that I want to open it." Heero took a breath before resuming. "I don't want you to go. I have promised to use my Power to protect you now and forever."

Duo grinned and gathered Heero into his arms. "That's the best thing I've ever heard. Finally I managed to get my words through your thick skull."

Heero nodded. "We will always be together."

"Damn right." Duo kissed Heero happily and hugged him tighter.

Heero hugged back. "You're mine, Duo Maxwell."

"And you're mine as well, Heero Yuy." Duo smiled happily "Always mine." They kissed again, full of passion and love until both of them unconsciously fell into peaceful slumber, contented in each other arms.


Duo was awakened by tiny kisses all over his face. He purred and slowly opened his eyes to meet his lover, who was lying over him. Duo could see the smooth skin of his naked lover glowing softly, bathed in sunshine. Other people who saw him would never believe he had been badly wounded yesterday with so many holes on his body.

"Morning, koi." Heero smiled and nibbled Duo's throat.

"Hmm, I could get used to waking up like this. Can I ask for it every day?" Duo grinned and hugged Heero, moaning as their bare flesh brushed against each other. "Strange, I recalled we fell asleep fully clothed last night...."

"The obstacles have to be removed." Heero murmured as he trailed down to attack Duo's nipples.

Duo jerked up and moaned as Heero toyed with his nipples. He pulled Heero up and kissed him again. He then released his lover and grinned. "Obstacles? How come some simple clothes could be obstacles for you?"

Heero smirked and wiggled down seductively, eyes never breaking contact with Duo, until his face was near Duo's morning erection. "It prevents me from enjoying my breakfast." Heero quickly swallowed the hard staff, causing Duo to gasp loudly in surprise and pleasure. The short haired boy rolled his tongue and teased the cock inside his mouth while he put his hands on Duo's inner thighs, pushing them apart to allow him to engulf more of his long haired lover.

Duo was in heaven. He never thought Heero would do something like this before, well not that he minded anyway. He looked down and watched as his cock disappeared into Heero's delicate mouth, making him harder. "Heero..." Duo moaned and bucked up into Heero's mouth as Heero sucked him like a lollipop.

Heero heard his name whispered so erotically and it caused his own cock to become hard. He relaxed his throat's muscles and swallowed Duo to the hilt. That earned him a loud yell of pleasure from his long haired lover. He smiled around the cock in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down, determined to make Duo come.

"Oh... Heero..." Duo gasped and thrust up into Heero's mouth. His hands were on Heero's hair, clutching it tightly. He could feel his pleasure build up, wanting to explode. Before long Duo gave in and yelled loudly as he came in to Heero's mouth.

Heero swallowed Duo's white passion and sucked him until his cock softened. His own cock was still hard as a rock. He grabbed the oil jar he had prepared before and coated his fingers with it. Without warning, he slid one finger inside Duo's secret opening and grinned as he heard Duo's sharp intake breath. He waited until Duo's ring muscles relaxed at his intrusion before adding another finger.

Duo felt Heero's digits penetrated and prepared him. He spread his legs wider to give Heero more access. The fingers inside him soon found his prostate, causing the white pleasure to blind him as he let out a loud moan. He reached blindly and pulled Heero's face to meet him, crushing their mouths together. Duo slid his tongue inside Heero's welcoming mouth and tasted himself there. Their tongues spared while Heero's fingers worked inside Duo. When the fingers found his prostate again, Duo moaned and pulled away. "Now, Heero."

Heero nodded and poured the oil on his hard cock. He kissed Duo and slowly joined their body, never breaking the kiss. Once he felt he had been buried to the hilt, Heero pulled away and looked down at Duo, who was panting and trying to adjust to Heero's penetration. He waited till Duo's breath became steady and those violet eyes looked up to his Prussian blue ones. "You're mine."

"Yes, koi. And you're mine too." Duo smiled and put his legs around Heero's waist while his hands encircled Heero's neck. He squeezed his inner muscle, signaling to Heero he was ready.

Heero smiled back and started moving. He pulled away and thrust back into Duo, rocking within his longhaired lover. It only needed a few thrusts before Heero shouted and came, filling Duo with the proof of his passion. He then pulled away and plopped down next to Duo, sighing contently.

Duo rolled to face Heero and propped his upper body with one hand. "Wow, that's fast. I even haven't had time to come again. You use to last longer when I took you."

"Hmm....." Heero looked at Duo sheepishly from where he was lying face down on the bed. "I think I prefer the other way around."

Duo laughed and pulled his sated lover's hip to lie on his stomach. "I'll show you the other way then." He moved behind Heero and leant forward, bringing his face closer to Heero's delicate bottom.

"Duo... what.... " Heero gasped as Duo parted his cheeks and something wet touched his hidden entrance. "Oh...oh.." The wet thing brushed his entrance again, eliciting pleasure inside Heero.

Duo grinned at Heero's reaction and stuck his tongue into the boy, earning another gasp from Heero. He pulled out and licked around the entrance before sticking his tongue to pass the tight ring muscle. Heero was making incoherent sounds at his ministration, which sounded like a pleasant music for Duo's ear. He kept licking Heero's spot where their bodies would be joined, wetting it with his saliva for some blissful moment until he was satisfied. Heero was already hard once again when he pulled away.

"Enjoying it, Hee-koi?" Duo grinned as Heero made another noise, which sounded so impatient and urged him to finish whatever he was doing by wiggling his raised hip. That movement caused Duo to be harden even more.

Wanting no more except to be inside his lover, the braided boy located the oil jar Heero had used before and coated his hard cock with the oil. He then bent down and hugged Heero, slowly sliding inside his lover's warm haven. Both of them groaned and moaned at the joining. Duo kept pushing, not once stopping until he was settled all the way in inside Heero.

Duo panted and tried to hold still while Heero adjusted to him. He nibbled the back of Heero's neck while his hands reached below to tease Heero's nipple. The short haired boy arched his back up, giving his neck to Duo's mouth and surrendering his twin nubs to Duo's teasing fingers. Feeling Heero had relaxed and adjusted to him, Duo started moving within the boy, sliding in and out of the tight body whose soul he loved so much.

"Mine." Duo nibbled Heero's earlobe and then straightened himself. His hands settled on Heero's hip, pulling the boy to meet his thrust. Heero moaned as Duo's cock prodded his prostate, eliciting fire of pleasure inside him. The fire became bigger with every brush on his prostate, making him hot and almost burned with the pleasure. He moaned loudly and thrust back harder to meet Duo. The braided boy was ramming into him at the moment. Heero could hear the ragged breath behind him and felt Duo was about to come as he was.

Suddenly Duo pulled out all the way. Heero cried out at the emptiness he felt, but before he had a time to object, the braided boy flipped him to lie on his back and grabbed his erection. Heero gasped as his cock was seized and pumped. At the same time he heard Duo's voice urging him to come and the familiar hardness plunged into him once more. It penetrated him to the hilt, hitting his prostate hard. All Heero could do was yell loudly and then come hard on his stomach and Duo's hand as Duo arched up and came too, filling Heero with his hot passion.

Duo emptied himself into Heero and milked Heero's cock at the same time until both of them were completely spent. Sighing contentedly, Duo opened his eyes and looked down to meet the same contented face of his lover. He smiled and kissed the sated boy lovingly. "Good?"

"Very good." Heero panted and then whimpered slightly as Duo pulled out of him and then plopped down next to him. "How come you never told me we can join in a position like that? Like a stallion riding its mare?"

Duo rolled to face Heero and caressed his lover's cheek gently. "You can feel how wild we couple with this position. Wild and hard. We just cleared our misunderstanding about me using you. I was afraid you would think that I'm only using you if I took you in that position so soon."

"What made you take me in that position this morning then?"

Duo smiled and gathered Heero into his arms. "What made you decide to take me this morning?"

Heero frowned. "I don't know..... I just felt...... ...." Heero frowned deeper and tried to remember the reasons of his doing. "I can't remember..... it just seems so appropriate...... so right...."

"Yes, it feels right." Duo kissed Heero's forehead, wanting to erase the frown. "Don't think too hard, koi. I don't think what we feel right now can be described into words completely. All I can say that I felt it would be alright to join in that position."

"Aa, me too." Heero nodded and snuggled closer into Duo. "It feels so right to be with you....."

Duo smiled and was about to kiss Heero again when they heard commotion from the outside. They looked at each other and then got up from the bed. After putting on his clothes, Duo noticed Heero had stood near the window. He joined his lover and stuck his head out of the window to see a soldier entering the front gate and shouting in panic.



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