Ever After Part 3

After Colony 212
15th of February

"It's positive. You're two weeks pregnant." The android stood up and looked down at the Japanese boy on the bed.

Heero's already pale face became paler at android J's confirmation. "How?...... the potion should be inactive by now."

"Heero, you have been frozen for fifteen years. All your body systems stopped, including the potion's effect. It's supposed to be inactive one month after delivery. You have been functioning for one and a half month so I feel no need to tell you. However your current condition tells me you had had intercourse with Duo before the one month was up."

"Once. At the end of January." Duo said from where he was lying next to his husband. The older man had had to lie down since his healing muscles protested at yesterday's activities. He put his hand on Heero's stomach and caressed it gently. His expression was a mixture of disbelief and joy. "We are really going to have another child?"

"I think you are." Dr.J looked hesitated for a moment before he turned his gaze to the Japanese boy. "Unless you want to abort it..."

"No!" Duo gasped in horror. His arm unconsciously tightened around Heero's stomach as if trying to protect his unborn child. "I won't let you kill my child!"

Dr. J ignored Duo's outburst. "Heero?"

".....I want to have this child."

The android sighed. "You are aware of the possible consequences, aren't you?"

"What consequences?" Duo asked sharply.

Heero nodded. "I am."

"...... very well. We'll do the check up biweekly. Rest now."

"Damn it, J. What consequences?!" Duo barked as the android turned around to leave.

"Like the previous pregnancy. There's a big chance Heero will experience pain in some intervals after three month of pregnancy. I don't know whether it will be more or less painful than the first pregnancy since no man ever wanted to have a second pregnancy." J turned again and regarded Duo in scolding manner. "For your information, out of the forty men who drank the potion, only one managed to deliver his child. The rest requested abortions because they couldn't stand the pain. You might want to reconsider whether to let your spouse suffer for six more months after what he has been through. After all, for Heero, it has only been one and a half month since his first pregnancy. You should....."

"J. I want this baby." Heero interrupted.

The android closed his mouth and sighed. "I know you do." He then glared at the older man. "You take care of him this time. If I see him unhappy just once, I'll take him with me and disappear."

"No one will take Heero away from me!" Duo glared back at the android. "He is my spouse. I'll take care of and love him."

"You better." The android muttered and left the couple alone.

Duo turned Heero onto his back once the door closed behind android J. He raised his head and studied his spouse. "You don't look happy to be pregnant...."

Heero closed his eyes and put his hand over Duo's which was draped on his stomach. "I need time." He whispered, squeezing Duo's one slightly. "I do want the baby but it also feels painful to remember that I have been carrying little Solo in me a few weeks ago..."

Duo was stunned at Heero's admission. In his joy of having another child, he had forgotten that for Heero the second pregnancy was very close from his first one. It had been fifteen years for him and Solo but for Heero, it only had been one and a half month. He had read Heero's diary and knew that another pregnancy equals to torture for the Japanese boy. But at hearing he would have another child, he forgot about it. Cursing himself for his selfishness, Duo drew Heero into his embrace.


"You won't be alone this time." Duo murmured as he tugged Heero below his chin and kissed the messy hair. "I'll be with you. I'll stay by your side when the pain hits you."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me." Duo grunted. "I want to be there, Heero." The older man snuck his hand between their bodies and caressed his spouse's stomach. "I'll spoil you, be there when you deliver our child into this world and this time we will raise our child together."

"Yes." Heero's voice sounded hoarse. He shifted closer, trapping Duo's hand between their bodies. "Together."

Duo smiled and rubbed his cheek against Heero's soft messy hair. "Together."


Duo sighed and pulled up the cover over him and Heero. "Come in."

Solo entered, carrying his school bag, and looked worriedly at them. "I saw Dr. J coming out of your room. Is something wrong?"

"Other than my back is killing me and your mom threw up a few minutes ago? Nope, nothing's wrong."

"Mom threw up?" Solo hurriedly went to the bed side where Heero was. "What happened? Are you sick? Did Dad force you too much last night?"

"Hey!" Duo protested at his son's last question.

It made Heero smile though. Duo grunted and relaxed into the bed, letting Heero break the news to their son.

The Japanese boy gestured his son to sit down on the bed and took the nearest hand into his. "I'm okay and with your younger sibling."

"With my younger sibling?" Solo repeated dumbly. "But I don't have any... wait a second." Solo blinked and looked at Heero ludicrously. "You're with my younger sibling as if .... You're pregnant?"

Heero nodded. "Dr. J confirmed it."

Solo blinked and looked at his father accusingly. "Dad! You knocked mom up this fast? Don't you know how to wear a condom?"

Duo sputtered. "Con...condom. How did you know about this? You're still too young!"

"It's taught in the school, during biology class." Solo snorted. "How could you do this to mom? He is still recovering. Why the hell didn't you wear a condom in first place?"

"If you ever hear of a same sex couple who uses condoms to prevent pregnancy, do let me know." Duo said sarcastically and felt satisfied when his son sputtered in return. "Now tell your mom what you think about his pregnancy."

"What do I think?" Solo looked down at his mom in awe. "It's my dream come true. I always wished to have a sibling."

"You will now." Heero smiled slightly. "I'm glad you're happy with it."

"Are you kidding, Mom? I'm overjoyed!!" Solo looked far away as if he was imagining the future. A goofy smile appeared on his face. "I'm going to have a sibling." He then stood up eagerly. "I have got to tell the other M-five about this! I finally will have a sibling!! They will have to take care of their own siblings from now on! I'll have my own sibling to be taken care! See you later after school, Mom, Dad!!"

Duo watched the whirlwind which was his son leave their room, closing the door a little too loud for him. He chuckled and tugged his younger spouse back into his arms. "That boy has yearned for siblings for years. I sometimes felt guilty because I couldn't give him any brothers and sisters."

"We will give him one soon." Heero tugged Duo's hand and put it on his stomach.

Duo automatically went stroking the flat flesh. "Yes. Soon. How about you? Will you be happy with your pregnancy?"

"I am now." Heero smiled. "Your and Solo's happiness are mine too."

"Your happiness is my happiness too." Duo kissed his younger spouse. "I'll do my best to make this time into a very happy pregnancy time for you."


"I'm going to have a sibling!!"

"For Nataku's sake! We have heard it for n-th times. Mill, give me that cloth, I'm going to gag him."

"Calm down, Meiran. Let him be. He is very happy to finally have a sibling."

"My father is also happy with my mother's pregnancy but not as bad as this, Midii."

"That's your mother's sixth pregnancy. Of course uncle Wu could control himself better. You should see my dad. He couldn't take his hand off of my mom even for a minute. I don't think my mom will leave the bed anytime soon."

"We don't want to know about that particular fact, Solo."

"Mill is right. Now shut up, Solo or I'll really gag you."

"You can't gag me! I'm going to have a siblmph!!"

"Mill, Midii, let's throw him into the pond."



"Hmmmmmmph hmmphh hmph!!"




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