Ever After Part 4

After Colony 212
27th of February

"Heero, I'm home!" Duo looked around the house, searching for his spouse. "Heero?"


Duo turned toward the voice and saw Heero entering from the door that connected to their garden. He smiled as he saw Heero's hearty expression. However his smile turned into frown when he noticed the dirt on his spouse's jeans. "Heero, you are doing the gardening again? I told you not to do that."

"Just a little bit." Heero went to the cupboard and took out a bottle of compost. "The flowers on the left corner need extra treatment and fertilizer."

Duo scowled deeper as he followed his spouse into the garden. "There's a reason why I hired Hans to be a gardener, you know."

"I know." Heero poured the compost over the intended ground. "I just want to have a hand in tending the garden a little. This work won't tire me, Duo."

"In your normal condition, it won't. But you just recovered completely from your injuries."

"I'm fine, Duo. I know my limits. How was your check up?" Heero changed the topic swiftly.

"I'm 100% recovered." Duo grinned and approached the younger man. "Now I can do this."

"Duo!" Heero shouted in surprise as the older man held him by the waist and lifted him up.

"I have wanted to do this since I found out that you are giving me a daughter." Duo spun his spouse around. "Yup, daughter. The results have come back. We're going to have a daughter. Don't act so surprised. The advanced technology nowadays had made it possible to know the gender of the child earlier. Hey, you look pale...."

"Bathroom" was all Heero could blurt out before he put his hand over his mouth.

Duo didn't need to be told twice. Holding Heero tightly, he ran toward the bathroom and put Heero down before the stool right on time. The Japanese boy emptied his breakfast while Duo rubbed his back soothingly.

"Don't ever do that again." Heero glared at his sheepish looking husband when they came out of the bathroom later.

"Gomen, I thought you have gotten over your morning sickness for today."

"It's 10:21 AM. It's still morning, baka."



After Colony 212
14th of March

"You promise you will wait till I grow up to be your bride." Gillian wailed as she hugged Heero's left thight. Her older brother was pretending not to know her and trying to leave the scene.

A hand snatching his collar prevented him from doing so though.

"Where do you think you're going?" Solo glared at his friend. "Take Gillian off of my Mom."

Milliard grimaced but then brightened suddenly. "Gillian, stop wailing. Solo will take you as your bride."

Solo's eyes widened. He heard a happy squeal and turned around right on time to catch the five year old girl who had thrown herself toward him. "Mill! Wait till I get you!" Solo shouted as Gillian wound herself around his leg.

The said blonde hurriedly ran away while Meiran rolled her eyes. Midii just giggled, Ramsey sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Duo chuckled as he watched his son trying to get rid of Gillian and chase Milliard around. He had invited them all to celebrate Maxwell Corporation's 16th anniversary. The party had gone for almost two hours. Many guests had arrived and departed and now the only guests left were his closest friends. Standing next to his husband, Duo put his arm around Heero's waist. "How are you feeling?"

"He's fine, Duo." Sally rolled her eyes. "Stop asking the same questions every ten minutes. I'm thankful that Wufei is not as bad as you." She turned to Heero. "Do you feel like kicking him?"

Heero nodded.

"Hey!" Despite his protest, Duo inched away as his husband's eyes held a strange gleam. It was best not to tempt a pregnant man.

It was dusk when all the guests left, including Gillian who had to be dragged away. Solo heaved a breath of relief and went to look for his Mom. He found him sitting on the wooden settee in the garden. "Mom!"

Heero looked up to his son. "All gone?"

Solo nodded and sat next to his Mom, holding up a small box. "Here, Grandpa Howard asked me to give it to you."

"Thanks, Solo. This is for you."

Solo blinked at the white covered book. He slowly took it from Heero's offered hands and studied it. "This is...."

"It's a diary." Heero confirmed Solo's guess. "A gift for you."

"Er.. thanks, Mom." Solo grinned sheepishly.

"I know you feel awkward. I felt exactly like you when Duo gave me one."

"At least Solo didn't point a gun on your face for giving him a diary." Duo snorted as he joined his family. "The guests are all gone. Let's go inside."

"In a minute." Heero replied and turned to Solo. "You don't have to write in the diary if you don't want to. I bought this book for you on impulse."

"The hormones again, huh?"

Heero sent a glare at his husband. Ignoring Duo's grin, he put his hand on the diary and spoke to Solo. "Its color is white, just as your life now. Pure and untainted. You can choose how to color your life, make it interesting shades of color on every pages of your life."

Solo swallowed a lump and nodded. "Thank you, Mom."

"It's good advice." Duo hugged his spouse and kissed his cheek affectionately. "What's my present? OW!" Duo rubbed his side and made a mental note that a pregnant man still can elbow quickly.

"That's for the unnecessary comment about my hormones." Heero grunted and shoved the small box he received from Solo to his husband. "Here."

Duo snatched the box eagerly and opened it. His eyes softened at the content as he held it up. It was a thin necklace with a scythe shaped pendant. A small violet gem rested on the scythe. "Let me guess, this is what you have been conspiring with Howard about?"


"What did the old man have to do with the gift?" Duo leaned forward and nuzzled Heero's hair persuasively. "Hmmm?"

"....the chain from Wing, the pendant from Deathscythe."

Duo made a mental note to ask Howard how much of their Gundams the old man had managed to salvage. "Thank you, Heero. It's very lovely." He put on the necklace and removed his old one. Looking at his husband, he smiled and held up the necklace with its worn out cross pendant.


"This is for you." He put his old necklace around Heero's neck and kissed the Japanese boy gently.

"Thank you."

"Hmm." Duo purred as he continued his kiss. "You're welcome."

"Stop pawing Mom, he needs to rest after your insatiable 'exercise' this morning." Solo's stern yet amused voice stopped Duo's wandering hands.

The older man cursed and straightened up. He glared down at his son. "How did you know about this 'exercise'?"

Solo grinned devilishly. "Mom walked with a limp this morning."


The said boy already dashed into the house, laughing happily. He would leave his Dad to handle his blushing Mom. "I'll see you at dinner, Dad, Mom!"

"Little devil...." Duo shook his head and silently thanked his son for giving him the chance to see his usually stoic husband blushing as red as a ripe tomato.

Heero gave the older man a stern look. "We're not having sex more than once a week from now on."

On second thought, he should have cut the little devil's allowance half.

Duo set to whine and plead to his moody husband to get his right of having sex freely back.



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